violencia contra la mujer n.
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Violencia contra la mujer PowerPoint Presentation
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Violencia contra la mujer

Violencia contra la mujer

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Violencia contra la mujer

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  1. Violencia contra la mujer Violence is a deliberate and conscious behavior, which can cause bodily or mentalharm to the victim. The term comes from the Latin violentia and is linked to action that is executed with force and suddenness, and that is specific against the will or the pleasureof others.Violence against women is one that is exerted from one sex to another. In general, the concept names to violence against women, where the taxpayer is the person of thefemale gender. In this sense, also used the notions of male violence, dating violenceand domestic violence. The cases of family violence or domestic violence are often notreported because of embarrassment or fear.However, gender-based violence also include the physical and psychological changes that a woman can have on a man. Instead, the idea would not contemplate violent behavior between same sex.Given the historical problems of violence against women, some laws provide forpositive discrimination towards women, as it protects the man. There are cases whereeven the violence of women on men is not a crime.


  3. PSYCHIC: all actions that make women feel inferior and cause suffering: - Threats, • - Insults, • - Humiliation in the Public and private • - Requirement of obedience, • - Control of the outputs of the house, • - Destruction of the goods of the woman, • - Isolation, - Blaming (or attempt to convince the woman that she is guilty) of any / all problems for women ...

  4. PHYSICAL abuse are the most obvious, and refers to any act occurred in a non-accidental injury causing the woman's body:     - Slapping, • - Blows, • - Beatings, • - Cortes, • - Wounds, • - Fractures, • - Burns, • - murder ...

  5. SEX: Always obliging / order the woman to have a relationship sexually against their will. • *SOCIAL: The abused constantly receding more sa woman from her family, friends ... Ndola has to live away from them, not letting go and see them or to maintain contact with them. • * ECONOMIC: The victim has no access to money, because the abuser controls, although she is financially independent.

  6. CAUSES OF VIOLENCE • Alcoholism: a number of case records that a large percentage of women who are abused by their marital partners are under the influence of alcohol. • Strong ignorance of not knowing that there are better way to solvethings: they know that the best way to solve a social phenomena istalking and analyzing what causes it and then try to fix it. • Drug abuse: another cause of violence, many people take drugs in order to be what they are not in reality, to escape from realitycausing so much violence, if not afford to buy their product'' to'' kill and beat his own mother. • The violence stems from a lack of regard for the society we live in, if we create greater awareness of ourselves, if we consider that violence is not the best way to achieve the goals, surely our societygrow and develop

  7. Violence against women and girls, and other members of society, increasing their risk of ill health. • The consequences of violence against women may not be fatal and take the form of physical injury from minor cuts and bruises (bumps, bruises) to chronic disability or mental health problems. • Violence against women can produce an unwanted pregnancy either by rape or by affecting the ability of women to negotiate contraceptive use demétodos. • Compared with non-battered women, women who have suffered any type of violence are more likely to experience a number of serious health problems.


  9. Violenceagainstwomenisanyviolenceagainstwomenbytheirgender. Thisviolenceis a consequence of thehistorical position of women in thepatriarchalfamily, subordinatetomen, lacking full rights as person.1

  10. Violenceagainstwomen has manyfacetsrangingfromdiscrimination and contempttothephysicalorpsychological and murder. Occur in manydifferentareas (family, work, training, ..), isparticularlydramatic in thefield of family and household, annuallytensorhundreds of women are murderedbytheirpartners in differentcountries

  11.  Recommendations for people that suffer violence- The bad treatments take place in all the socioeconomic and cultural levels. They are not exclusive of the socially marginal sectors. - The consumption of alcohol and other drugs are not the cause of the bad treatments, but they unchain the situation more easily. - It is important to know that the current right protects attacked people, and that he/she can leave its home without it is considered abandonment of the home, but it should introduce the separation demand or the application of provisional measures to the judge, before 30 days. - In the event of aggression risk in the domestic environment, he/she can request the judge the adoption of provisional measures. - It can denounce as much the physical aggressions as the psychic ones. - It is very important that the person that suffers domestic violence writes down all the facts, giving data of dates, witness - He/she should keep all the medical reports of previous aggressions.