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Togiak Environmental Program

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Togiak Environmental Program. Alaska Tribal Multi Media Project Togiak, Alaska Jonathan Forsling, Phyllis Ayojiak Clara Ann Martin, Francesca Kamkahpak. Backhaul Recyclable Waste.

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togiak environmental program

Togiak Environmental Program

Alaska Tribal Multi Media Project

Togiak, Alaska

Jonathan Forsling, Phyllis Ayojiak

Clara Ann Martin, Francesca Kamkahpak

backhaul recyclable waste
Backhaul Recyclable Waste
  • Goal: Expand life of current landfill/protect environment and human heath from exposure to hazards in solid waste stream.
component and output
Component and Output
  • Expand the Life of our landfill by preparing scrap metals for backhaul
  • Achieve significant improvements to the quality of the environment , and our community’s management of our solid waste. Hazardous wastes will be removed from scrap metals in our landfill.
outcome and tasks
Expand Life of Landfill

Measurable Improvements

Solid Waste will no longer pose a threat to the health of community members and the environment

Task 1: Hire 2 Hazwoper Certified Laborers & Heavy Equip. Operator

Task 2: Freon Removal Training

Task 3: Train laborers ect. on properly preparing metals for backhauling/recycling

Outcome and Tasks
tasks cont
Tasks Cont.
  • Task 4: Purchase equipment-Drum Crusher, steel cutting tool, Drum lid remover, used oil burner
  • Task 5: Prepare Metals for backhauling
  • Task 6: Crush Drums, Separate Waste, Recover Chemicals (freon, oil, diesel, ect.)
  • Task 7: Backhaul Copper and E-Waste, Lead Acid Batteries
  • Task 8: Proper disposal of recovered Chemicals
  • EPA IGAP Multi Media
  • Copper Recycling (backhaul)
  • Housing Program

FUTURE Funding

  • Savings from used-oil energy

Traditional Council of TogiakP.O. Box 310Togiak, Alaska 99678PH: (907) 493-5821FAX (907) 493-5005tuyuryak@starband.netFrancesca: