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The Reasons to Avail Thailand Tour Packages PowerPoint Presentation
The Reasons to Avail Thailand Tour Packages

The Reasons to Avail Thailand Tour Packages

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  1. The Reasons to Avail Thailand Tour Packages It is not without any reason that the number of people visiting Thailand, is on an ever increasing spree. Known as the Land of Thousand Smiles, Thailand has every reason to soothe a traveler’s mind. Travelling can be due to many reasons but when it comes to choosing a place for spending some intimate times with each other just after marriage, Thailand has been always witnessing an upheaval. Thailand is known for the warm hospitality which the residents extend towards the visitors. But, this is not the sole reason why Thailand receives a huge footfall every year. The temples, Buddhist monasteries, awesome street food, the beauty of nature and many other reasons pose as the perfect excuses for paying a visit to this country on a honeymoon as well. Thus Thailand tour packages are extremely popular. Surrounded by Burma and Laos in the north and Laos and Cambodia to the east, Thailand is known for its royalty. It is still under monarchy. Thailand is experiencing a very fast economic growth because of Thailand tourism. The famous tourist destinations of Thailand are Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok. Thailand is known for the stunning natural beauty, age long Buddhist monasteries and temples and some of the most beautiful beaches of the world. Another reason why holiday packages to this place is popular is its reasonably priced tours. Looking for an affordable seaside vacation? Well, Thailand is definitely the place to be. The beaches and the various islands of this country is a perfect blend of leisure, recreation and entertainment. The most important thing about Thailand is that it has everything for all kinds of travelers. There is whole lot of Buddhist culture for people with a religious bent of mind, for nature lovers there are beaches and the Andaman Sea and for party hoppers there is an exciting night life. People in search of serenity can also visit the beautiful villages with nature at its best. Thailand is rightfully known as the land of the golden Sun, as everything seem to have a lustrous appearance. Thailand tour packages are also famous because of the hospitality of the people there as well as the exotic wildlife parksand sanctuaries. It has a specially dedicated tiger park as well.

  2. Key Places to Visit with the Help of Thailand Packages Holiday packages to Thailand should always start with a visit to Phuket, the largest island of the country. It is also the most popular in the list as it houses some of the most popular beaches. The city is known for its colorful markets and Portuguese style buildings as well. Many visitors also come here to pay homage to Lord Buddha in the Wat Chalong temple. For scenic beauty, one should definitely visit Phromthep Cape. To enjoy the nightlife and get treated to the famous Thai spa, there is Patong, the capital of the city. Krabi is the next place to visit. This place is full of natural beauty and is a visual retreat from the monotonous life. Beaches, hot springs, marine life, caves and limestone cliffs-you name it and you get it. Spending time here is one of the most popular things to do. A tour of the famous Four Islands in a colorful long-tail boat is another prime attraction. One visits Koh Poda, Koh Tub, Koh Gai and Koh Mor in this trip. Phra Nang Beach, should not be missed during this trip. Swimming into the blue waters and jumping from the cliffs into the water, tempt every visitor. Organizers of Thailand tour packages never miss a visit to Pattaya. A very short flight from Krabi will take one to Pattaya. Pattaya is again known for a bustling night life and a long stretch of coastline. Pole dancing, cheap drinks and pubs are found in plenty over here. People in search of peace can visit Koh Larn, which is replete with corals and sea life. Various water sport activities can also be enjoyed here, like snorkeling, water-scooting or paragliding. How can one forget Bangkok, which is a must visit in Thailand? The city is the prime attraction and is famous for two contrasting attributes, the nightlife and the temples. The Golden Buddha and the Reclining Buddha are the main places of interest. Want to visit Thailand for shopping? Well, Bangkok is the place to be. Trip to Thailand from India Thailand is a very favorite place to visit for Indians. Be it honeymoon or pleasure trip with family, Thailand has a lot of visitors from India. One of the reasons is that geographically, Thailand lies in close proximity to India. Thailand is also not only about beaches and temples, but something more which keeps on attracting people again and again. Thailand tour packages from Delhi, is thus a popular package. There are many travel agencies who have customized tour packages as well as pre- designated tour packages for the travelers. Often these packages are designed in a way, that one can avail the best of his visit by not missing out the important locations and also exploring some hidden gems sometimes. Some of the packages originating from Delhi look after everything, starting from airport pickup to escorting to the hotels. The journey also includes a visit to the World Gems Collection, exhibiting some of the exquisite collections of gems and jewelries from all over the world. The packages help the visitors in etching a beautiful memory for a long time, even after coming back from the city. Source: