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UPSC exam preparation tips by IAS toppers PowerPoint Presentation
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UPSC exam preparation tips by IAS toppers

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UPSC exam preparation tips by IAS toppers
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UPSC exam preparation tips by IAS toppers

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  1. UPSC exam preparation tips by IAS toppers Every year we see new batches of students coming out with flying colours in Civil Services Exam for the recruitment of IAS/IPS/IFS/IRS etc. About 10 Lac students apply for the exam of just around 1000 positions which means, for 1 vacancy, 1000 candidates compete for the same exam. If you are wondering, how do I prepare for the UPSC exam, then wait and read with patience? To qualify as an IAS is not that easy and to become the topper, you need special dedication and effort. There is no alternative to hard work. To know how to become a topper and more about UPSC preparation tips, keep reading this blog. UPSC exam preparation tips: 1. Hard work and Dedication Yes, without hard work and dedication and support from the family, friends, and mentors it is not easy to become a topper. 2. Know the syllabus IAS aspirants must have complete knowledge on UPSC prelims and Mains syllabus. The understanding of the entire syllabus is necessary for UPSC preparation as this directs you well and also tells what to read and what not to for the civil services exam. 3. Right Guidance and Support IAS interview is a crucial part in Civil Services exam and it is a test of personality. The toppers often said in interviews that they took guidance from experts and mentors for preparation of interview preparation. 4. Practice Mock Tests A thorough practice of question papers both for the previous years and Mock test question papers would let you know about your strength and weakness.

  2. Every IAS toppers have this thing common as well as; they have taken admission in some institutes or online portal test series programmes to prepare for the exams. 5. Practice in writing UPSC Civil Services exam will see how good answers you can write. And you cannot change your style of writing all of a sudden. So you need to practice towards it. 6. Self-Notes It is wiser to have self-prepared notes, instead of referring to others answers. The best thing is that you can prepare for every subject in the syllabus. 7. Reading newspaper For the UPSC exams, one must read the Hindu newspaper without which one cannot have good knowledge of current affairs. UPSC emphasizes Current issues, in prelims, mains, an interview. You can check here for more UPSC preparation tips by toppers. 8. Rely on authentic resources The UPSC toppers said that they refer to standard textbooks and magazines for Civil Services Examination. They tend to rely more on government sources like Pib website, Yojana Magazine, AIR News analysis and Publication Division Books. 9. Revise regularly Revision is an essential aspect for IAS exam preparation. Without regular revision, one cannot become a topper. 10. Time Management

  3. To be successful in lifetime management is a must. And it is no different for becoming an IAS topper. And what matters is how well you manage your time and has a planned routine. With this, we conclude today’s blog on how to become an IAS topper. The above UPSC preparation tips for beginners would of help to both the first time applicants and those who appeared earlier but with no luck.