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Techday 13.09.2012 Lync 2013 Preview PowerPoint Presentation
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Techday 13.09.2012 Lync 2013 Preview

Techday 13.09.2012 Lync 2013 Preview

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Techday 13.09.2012 Lync 2013 Preview

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  1. Techday 13.09.2012Lync 2013 Preview Philipp Beck Microsoft Certified Master in OCS und Lync CEO von Luware AG

  2. Agenda Teil 1 Themen (ca 60 min) • Communicate and Connect • Video and Voice • Collaboration and Meetings • Availability Across Multiple Devices • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Plug-in • Microsoft Lync At a Glance QA (ca 10 min) Pause

  3. Agenda Teil 2 Themen (ca 60 min) • Topology Changes • New Disaster Recovery and High Availability Features • New Features for External User Access • New Archiving Features • New Persistent Chat Server Features • New Scheduling Changes • Enterprise Voice Changes • Migration Scenarios QA (ca 10 min)

  4. Lync 2013 Preview Communicate and Connect

  5. One Experience Across Computers, the Web, Your Devices, and Your Phone Mac PC Browser Mobile Desk Phones

  6. Connect Anywhere in Office • Easily share Office documents in a Lync meeting • OneNote enables new ways to collaborate before, during, and after meetings • Tech notes: • PowerPoint (PPT) sharing relies on the new Office Web Application Server integration • OneNote permissions are not managed by Lync

  7. Lync Main Window • A new Chat Rooms icon replaces the Activity Feeds icon on the main Lync page. With the Chat Rooms icon, you can quickly access your chat rooms and filters • A new Full Screen icon lets you expand your Lync window to fill the screen • A new Add a contact button helps you quickly build your Contacts list

  8. Contact Card

  9. The Conversation Window

  10. New Tabbed Conversations Feature

  11. Lync 2013 Preview Video and Voice

  12. Lifelike Video Experience • Innovate in video collaboration • Integrate more closely with Office experiences • Modernize Lync user experience • Extend the reach of Lync to the web, thin clients, phones, slates, individuals, and education

  13. Enhancements in Multi-View Video “Immersive and meaningful video makes me feel like I’m there.” • I can quickly initiate immersive communication with multiple people • I know who is talking • I see how others see me • Tech notes: • High-resolution photos come from Exchange • Target is ~0.5MP (648x648); smaller photos will be scaled

  14. Lync 2013 Preview Collaborationand Meetings

  15. Office Web App Server • Using the new Web Application Companion-based Office Presentation Service, present your PowerPoint presentation in a Lync meeting • Advance through slides and animations or bring up thumbnails for quick navigation • Annotate and telepoint on the presentation • View speaker notes as you present • Adjust meeting options to control whether meeting participants can navigate through slides on their own or annotate presentations • Synchronously play embedded multimedia files in PowerPoint decks (New in Lync!) • Support for Windows Media Video (WMV), H.264, and non-native content (e.g., You Tube Video) up to 20 megabytes (MBs) • Meeting participants are automatically muted during video playback • Presenter can play, stop, and seek to a specific location • Multimedia will not be recorded at full fidelity • Integrates seamlessly with Lync 2010 clients

  16. Lync Web App

  17. Audio Conferencing, Room Systems • Lync audio conference enhancements: • Mute the audience and allow or block video sharing • Use meeting room audio controls to mute, unmute, and change device • Upload presentations with video clips and display using easy video controls • As a presenter, allow or block sending videos • Merge conversations while in a meeting • Save meeting recordings automatically • Share meeting notes with anyone or to a shared location

  18. Lync Video and Meeting Solutions Meeting room devices

  19. Lync 2013 Preview AvailabilityAcross Multiple Devices

  20. Mobile Devices

  21. Lync Devices • Choice of phones, headsets, webcams, PCs, and conference room devices • Interoperable and designed for Lync options • Telephony and UC specific solutions @ home in the office on the go

  22. Web Conferencing Tools • Web Conferencing enables users to: • Share and collaborate on documents during conferences and meetings • Collaborate using white board, meeting notes, shared notebooks, and OneNote • Share all or part of the desktop with others in real time • Experience virtual meetings as though all participants are in a single conference room • Enjoy real-time audio and video communications among attendees • Add IM, video, program sharing, desktop sharing, or web conferencing to any conversation

  23. Lync 2013 Preview VDI

  24. Lync Server 2013 VDI Plug-in Features Legend: Signaling Media PSTN IM, Presence, Data Collaboration, App Integration Audio & Video Remote Desktop Client Remote Desktop Servers

  25. Video Architecture

  26. Video Architecture

  27. Lync 2013 Preview Microsoft Lync At a Glance

  28. Brick Model Lync 2010 Pool Lync Brick Pool 8 FE + tightly coupled back end 20 FE + loosely coupled Blob store Blob Storage DB used for storing “Blobs” – persisted store SQLServer database (DB) bottleneck – business logic DB used for presence updates and subscriptions Dynamic data: Presence updates handles on FEs 1...8 FE 1…20 FE • Capacity: • 8 servers/pool • 80,000 concurrent users/pool • 400,00 provisioned users/pool • Capacity: • 20 servers/pool • 200,000 concurrent users/pool • ~1,000,000 provisioned users/pool

  29. Monitoring Improvements • Geo-availability monitoring • Monitor end-user scenarios from different geographical regions • Uses multiple System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) agents, inside or outside the data center, to run synthetic transactions at regular intervals. • End-to-end scenario availability and other reports • Using SCOM data warehouse and reporting engine • Rich error reporting for synthetic transaction failures

  30. Robust Server/Client Environment Communicating and connecting in Lync Collaborating using voice and video in Lync Lync is available virtually anytime, anywhere on almost any device • Lifelike video experience with multi-view video and higher resolutions • Web conferencing • Voice conferencing • Office integration • Find, connect, and communicate with Microsoft Office users • Connect and communicate with external users • Manage Lync IM & presence and persistent chat features • Lync is available on a variety of mobile devices • Lync is available on the web • Lync is available on room systems • Lync as a Hosted Service

  31. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure The storage and execution of a desktop workload (operating system, applications, and data) is centralized on a virtual machine in the data center Remote Desktop Servers Presentation of the UI is managed via a remote desktop protocol (such as Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or Independent Computing Architecture (ICA)) to client devices Remote Desktop Client

  32. Lync 2013 Preview Demonstration: Lync Client and how it Looks

  33. Lync 2013 Preview Part 1 Question -> Answers

  34. Lync 2013 Preview BreAK

  35. Agenda Teil 2 Themen (ca 60 min) • Topology Changes • New Disaster Recovery and High Availability Features • New Features for External User Access • New Archiving Features • New Persistent Chat Server Features • New Scheduling Changes • Enterprise Voice Changes • Migration Scenarios QA (ca 10 min)

  36. Lync 2013 Preview TopologyChanges

  37. IPv6 Support • IPv4 depletion has caused enterprises to start planning for transition to IPv6 seriously • Exponential growth of mobile devices has forced carriers to start issuing IPv6 addresses • Goals for this release : • Lync scenarios work well in a dual-stack IPv6/IPv4 environment • IPv6–capable: If IPv4 is disabled from the network, Lync should continue to work for all the basic functionalities • Recommend converting entire deployment to Lync Server 2013 before enabling IPv6, for simplifying interoperability

  38. Lync Hybrid Deployment Steps to prepare and deploy Lync Server 2013 Hybrid Environment

  39. Office Web Apps Server Perimeternetwork

  40. Director Role Changes • Director role de-emphasized • Reference topology does not include a Director, even for multiple sites/pools • Director role is only recommended if you have two zone security requirements

  41. Enterprise Voice Topology Changes Lync 2010 - 1:N OCS 2007 - 1:1 Lync 2013 - M:N GW GW MS GW GW GW MS MS MS • Supporting multiple trunks between the Monitoring Server (MS) and a gateway (GW)/session border controller (SBC) allows for: • Better resiliency – both service and on-premise scenarios • Better interworking with IP PBXs for bypass • Using Transport Layer Security (TLS) + Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) for multiple Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks to the same SBC FQDN

  42. Lync 2013 Preview Demonstration: Topology Builder and Its Changes

  43. Lync 2013 Preview New Disaster Recovery and High Availability Features

  44. Geographic Pool Disbursement • Two identical sites in two geographically disbursement data centers • Pools between two sites are paired as backup of one another in active-active mode • Each pool carries 50% of the load of the two pools • Backup service replicates data between two paired pools in real time • Users are re-routed to the backup pool when their home pool fails

  45. Front End Pooling Pairing

  46. Back End High Availability Support Matrix

  47. Lync 2013 Preview New Features for External User Access

  48. Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol Changes New for External Users: • Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) Changes • XMPP Proxy and Gateway • XMPP Federation is optional • Add contacts from XMPP-based partners for IM and Presence • Mobility Support for Mobile Clients • Using ApplieiOS, Android, Windows Phone, or Nokia mobile devices • Send and receive IM, view contacts, viewing Presence • Use Voice features: click to join, call via work, single number reach, voice mail, missed call notification.

  49. Mobility Support for Mobile Clients • Contacts • Photo contact list, contact card, enterprise search, distribution groups • Presence • My status, contact presence • Instant Messaging (IM) • Point to Point (P2P) IM, group conversations • Audio Conferencing • Meetings environment, click to join audio conference • Voice • Single number reach, call forwarding setting, voice mail • Support for on-premises and Microsoft Office 365 iOS

  50. Lync 2013 Preview New Archiving Features