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Raksha bandhan is an ancient Indian festival PowerPoint Presentation
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Raksha bandhan is an ancient Indian festival

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Raksha bandhan is an ancient Indian festival - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Raksha bandhan is an ancient Indian festival

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  1. Raksha bandhan is an ancient Indian festival This August we celebrate the raksha bandhan festival is an ancient Indian festival which is celebrated with the relationship of sister and brother. The affection between sister and brother can’t be express in words but the feelings, emotions and love can be represented and shown in one place that we call as Raksha bandhan. This raksha bandhan generally comes August on the day of Shravn, the emotions, feelings and love all are converted to one form of thread we call as Rakhi. On the day of raksha bandhan the sister ties the rakhi to her brother wrist of right hand. Why we will give more importance to prepare for raksha bandhan? By celebrating this festival the bonding or love between brother and sister will be improved and we assure the guarantee to our sister about protection from healthy way and financial way from any conditions. Their feelings can be expressed on that day in the form of rakhi gifts, by giving best gift then they will enjoy the festival with more memorable and if you want to more joy full than you need to prepare for raksha bandhan and apply plan in a smarter way. Actually the raksha bandhan comes from the History; people said that they have different stories for celebrating the raksha bandhan. The most popular stories are Chittorgarh Rani Karnavati and king of Mugal Humayum along with Krishna and draupadi also famous story behind the raksha bandhan. The story of chittorgarh Rani Karnavati and king of Mugal Humayum is at the time of widowed queen of the king of chittor the Bhadaur Shah try to announce the war on chittor, and the Rani karnavati sent the rakhi thread to the Mugal Humayum for requesting to protect the queen and kingdom, but before he reach rani and all womens had committed suicide. And the humayun saved chittogarh from the bhadaur shah and handover the kingdom to karnavati’s son. All these stories are informed the word rakhi its meaning and significance and also many stories are there to define rakhi its meaning and significance without knowing this you cant enjoy the celebration of raksha bandhan so need to know about the rakhi. Rakhi is a type of thread which is tie by emotions, love and feelings of sister to her brother. They will represent the how much love in between the brother and sister and it will indicate to her brother about his responsibilities for sister. the meaning of raksha bandhan is also be available from that way only you need to protect the sister from any situation of problem. We celebrated raksha bandhan in India in different regions each region will be celebrated in a different manner but the meaning about the festival is same over all India. The raksha bandhan initially start from north and north - west but at present in south also the raksha bandhan is more popular and equally celebrated with north side. So enjoy this ancient festival and make your sister life and your life will be more happy.