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E-commerce aplicaion of silver line school PowerPoint Presentation
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E-commerce aplicaion of silver line school

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E-commerce aplicaion of silver line school - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Taking check writing one step further, you can issue online payments and do away with paper checks altogether. See Book II, Chapter 5, and also take a look at Book IV, Chapter 4, which addresses Quickens Bill Pay service

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E-commerce aplicaion of silver line school

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silver line school
silver line school

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  • B2C practices also reduce labor costs through elimination of retail floor sales help, reduce the need to carry inventory at multiple retail sites (which also reduces theft from inventory), and reduce real-estate rental costs.
  • Improved matching of customers to products has two impacts on market outcomes. In some markets, e-commerce primarily lowers prices, while in others it spurs product differentiation and price discrimination.
  • Some of the economic gains from e-business stem from the creation of new products, such as those for downloaded mp3 music, electronic book sales, and software applications for smart phones.

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