who are the top 5 honest politicians in india n.
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Who are the top 5 honest politician in India ? PowerPoint Presentation
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Who are the top 5 honest politician in India ?

Who are the top 5 honest politician in India ?

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Who are the top 5 honest politician in India ?

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  1. Who are the top 5 honest politicians in India?

  2. Honest Politician in India I am not supporting any political party but on the basis of their work, contribution to the development of the country as per the Latest Political News in india, I want to list some politician name who truly work for the India. I think following are the skills required to be the best politician? An honest politician Should represent the people first and not the party Should fight for the common man issues all the time not just during elections. Should respect every human being without any bias Must learn to see an issue from all perspectives If You Thought Honest Politicians Are Extinct, Here Are some Honest Men who have the above quality and Will Prove You Wrong!

  3. 1. NowheraShaik A woman with real leadership and honesty-Nowherashaik, who once was an educationalist and a Philanthropist. Nowhera is a founder and CEO of Heera Group and the President of All India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP). MEP works under slogan ‘Justice for Humanity’. The main mission of the party is to ensure the safe and quality living conditions for all the citizens irrespective of gender, caste or religion. I can say Dr.Shaik is the real idol with integrity and principles and one among those leaders who have dedicated their lives for serving people. She doesn’t belong to the group of politicians who just throw their words in front of the media, she is been genuinely working on education, medical and women empowerment programs etc.

  4. She doesn’t belong to the group of politicians who just throw their words in front of the media, she is been genuinely working on education, medical and women empowerment programs etc.

  5. 2. ManoharParrikar ManoharParrikar resigned as the Defence Minister to take over the new role as Goa Chief Minister. I don’t know much about this person, but we can say that he is the best politician as due to his political acumen and strong decision-making skills. Mr. Parrikar became the CM of Goa for the first time in the year 2000. He is one of those amazing people who believe in doing their work and taking no shit. As everyone would know, Goa is a popular tourist place and has always welcomed Indian and International tourists and tourism is a major source of Goa's economy. Mr.Parrikar took up the tasks of providing good facilities and improved roads, safety and various other measures on the war footing and the changes are very easily recognizable.

  6. Coming to his personal life, he is a very simple person. He is always traveling in economy class and pays for personal calls from his own pocket. He doesn’t entertain the VVIP treatment meted out to netas. He is famous for using a rickshaw and public transport like a regular person, especially outside Goa. For a 58-year-old man, his 16-18 hour work schedule is pretty impressive.

  7. 3. ManikSarkar Honesty and Simplicity He is India's only chief minister who doesn't own a home, a car or a bank balance worth the mention. His SBI bank account had a balance of Rs 6,500 on September 17,2013. He donates his salary, Rs 12,500, to the CPI(M) party fund and gets a monthly 'wage' of Rs 5,000 in return. Being a Chief Minister for consecutive for 4times has never used the red beacon on his official car and washes his own clothes every morning. His wife, a government employee, commutes to her office by a rickshaw. 

  8. Economic development and business was hard as Tripura is a landlocked country with inhospitable terrain making it extremely difficult to connect by road with rest of India. The easiest possible way was to connect Agartala with Kolkata via Bangladesh. Since 1998, the year ManikSarkar won the first election; there has been steady and upward development in all these sectors making Tripura as one of the most peaceful and developing state of India.

  9. 4. Arjun Ram Meghwal A weaver since childhood, married in class 7, then a telephone operator - life has been tough for MP Arjun Ram Meghwal. School education was rare in his village, but despite being married, he managed to achieve a postgraduate degree. Then, he pursued an LLB while working as a Indian Post and Telegraph Department telephone operator, and simultaneously fought and won the elections for the post of General Secretary of Telephone Traffic. He then cracked the Rajasthan Administrative Services, being recruited as Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan, and eventually promoted to the Indian Administrative Services and worked as District Collector of Churu district. Then, after considering that his achievements made him a role model, he entered politics.

  10. 5. Dr TM Thomas Issac We have all said this, 'politicians make a lot of promises before the elections and then forget about it once elected'. Well that may not be the case with Dr TM Thomas Isaac, a CPI(M) candidate from Kerala. With only 1 day left for election result, Isaac began work on his first election promise, to plant as much tree saplings as the majority he gets in the election. Isaac who is widely expected to win the election from Alapuzha, by his own admission expects to plant around 15,000 trees. Isaac, a former finance minister of Kerala has been for decades a campaigner for organic farming. Since 2002, Isaac has led what many call as an 'organic farming revolution' in the state getting farmers to take the organic path and ensure the supply of fresh, chemical-free vegetable readily available in the market, for a state which largely depended on supplies from other states to meet its daily needs