Zambezi Portland Cement Factory Roars- 2015 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

history created by portland cement zambia in masaiti n.
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Zambezi Portland Cement Factory Roars- 2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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Zambezi Portland Cement Factory Roars- 2015

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Zambezi Portland Cement Factory Roars- 2015
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Zambezi Portland Cement Factory Roars- 2015

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  1. History Created By Portland Cement Zambia in Masaiti

  2. About - Portland cement Zambia, a ZS ISO 9001:2008 certified Factory, owned by Dr.RajanMahtani, has started its production from May 2013 in Ndola, Zambia.

  3. Increase in Annual Production Portland Cement Zambia has made history in Ndola with a surplus of 1, 00, 000 tonnes in annual cement production. The outcome has come as a result of an additional demand of cement in the Ndola Housing Project. The estimated output for this cement plant was close to 3, 60, 000 tonnes annually with a per day output of 1000 tonnes. However, the factory registered a total of 4, 73, 985 tonnes as annual production for the year ending 2014.

  4. ZPC was sanctioned to build 71 houses. The total number of houses that would be built in the Ndola Housing Project is 129. Despite facing a heavy demand of cement and with an annual estimated production of 3, 60, 000 tonnes only, ZPC took the challenge and met it duly to ensure that the development program of Masaiti is not affected.

  5. Experts believe that this is a sign of healthy development from the Zambezi Portland Cement Factory as the output was not possible if there didn’t exist teamwork, synchronization and exceptional leadership quality. The event has made the Portland Cement factory Zambia as one of the best performing heavy scale units in Africa with almost 130% result of expected output.

  6. Contribution towards FBZ Mahtani Group of Companies is an enormous association owned by Dr.RajanMahtani and has some of the most promising heavy scale units of Zambia, Africa. Recently, the cement factory found wide attention when it surpassed the estimated output by 1, 00, 000 tonnes. This has made the cement factory as one of the top performers in the heavy scale sector in Zambia.

  7. Appreciation by Dr. RajanMahtani Dr.RajanMahtani, the owner of ZPC is extremely pleased and motivated with this performance and has confirmed his continued support to various developing countries in Africa. Recently, he promised to build a fresh lime pant for Masaiti which will create an additional employment of 150 people.