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France. By: Kierra Jackson . France Capital . Paris. Population. Population (January 1, 2010 est.): 64.7 million (including overseas territories); 62.8 million . National languages & Climate. French, Norman, Occitan Catalan, Dutch, Franco-Provençal, Basque and Picard.

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By: Kierra Jackson


  • Population (January 1, 2010 est.): 64.7 million (including overseas territories); 62.8 million

National languages climate
National languages & Climate

  • French,Norman, Occitan Catalan, Dutch, Franco-Provençal, Basque and Picard.

  • France is primarily located in the southern part of the temperate zone. The country is affected by oceanic influences. The North Atlantic Drift on the west and the Mediterranean Sea in the south moderate these oceanic influences. There are four climatic types in France. In the west, a true temperate maritime climate can de found. At Brest, winters are mild. Brest experiences cool summers and frequent rainfall. Interior of France sees a mid-latitude continental climate that includes hotter summers and rigorous winters. Rainfall is not very frequent. For example, Paris sees a July temperature of 18 degrees Celsius and January temperatures of 2 degrees Celsius.

Food s music
Food’s &Music

  • They are eaten raw or broiled and served with a cream sauce. The traditional seafood platter includes oysters, clams, mussels, crawfish, crabs, shrimps, and periwinkles. They are boiled and eaten with lemons and a shallot and vinegar sauce. Along the Mediterranean, seafood is usually cooked in a bouillabaisse (boo-yah--BES), a rich stew of fish, tomatoes, wine, olive oil, and saffron. France's favorite food has to be bread, especially the long, thin loaf called baguette (ba-GET). When eaten as a sandwich, it is split in two lengthwise and filled with butter, cheese, ham, pate, or salami.

  • French pop music, French folk music, Over the years, there has been a rise of French rock, hip-hop, techno/funk and pop performers.