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Castle in the Attic

Castle in the Attic

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Castle in the Attic

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  1. Castle in the Attic By Elijah Ross Hatfield

  2. Setting William’s house The Castle The dark woods Alastor's Castle

  3. Characters William Mrs. Phillips Sir Simon Alastor His Mom and Dad Jason

  4. William is the Main Character in the story. His Nanny is named Mrs. Phillips She is leaving because she is home sick she misses her brother and England. William is in Gymnastics he always does better if Mrs. Phillips is there, but she says he just more focused. One day for him to remember her she gave him a big castle and a box with a knight, she said not to open right away. That was the only knight in the whole castle. That night William snuck in the attic and opened The box with the knight and looked liked he was made of silver . The knight was called the Silver Knight. When he touched him he came alive! When the Knight tolled William his story of him as a child. His father was killed by a wizard called and the knights real name was Sir Simon. When the Sir Simon was a adult he got turned to lead by Alastor . When Sir Simon was lonely he asks William if he could get a lady So William shrinks Mrs. Phillips with a magic coin and puts her in the castle.

  5. Mrs. Phillips was so angry she did not talk to William until he shrunk down to her size. William didn’t want to but he did to help Mrs. Phillips and William grow back the knight and William went on a quest to get the coin that would make them bigger again from Alastor . So they went off in a forest that made you see illusions. Sir Simon thought he saw his horse and was lead of the trail. William escaped when he was walking to Alastor’s castle he saw a old man who wanted a apple in a high apple tree he got it and gave it to him then he turned young then he saw the castle with a huge dragon. If you want to see what happens next read the book. And there is a sequel called the battle for the castle Battle for the castle book 2 

  6. About the Author Elizabeth Winthrop is the author of more than 60 works of fiction for all ages. She is the winner of the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award, the Pen Syndicated Fiction Award.  Elizabeth has written books for children of all ages (The Castle In The Attic, Counting on Grace, Dumpy La Rue), novels for adults (In My Mother’s House and Island Justice), short stories (The Golden Darters, Best American Short Stories 1992), and poetry (published in anthologies and literary reviews

  7. About The Battle for The Castle When William turns twelve, he wonders if Jason is still his best friend. In the past year, Jason has grown a foot while William is still a shrimp. When Jason challenges William to “jump the trains,” William is terrified. How else can he prove himself to Jason? William has the chance when Mrs. Phillips sends him the magic token that can once again transport him back to Sir Simon’s castle in the Middle ages, this time with Jason. There they must face a dangerous army of rats and their gigantic leader. Once William was a hero in the castle. Now it’s up to him to destroy the rats and save the kingdom in the final battle for the castle.