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Daniel R, Boyd, ing, mg Proji-contrôle inc. Tel: 514-735-3843 e-mail: dboyd@projicontrole PowerPoint Presentation
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Daniel R, Boyd, ing, mg Proji-contrôle inc. Tel: 514-735-3843 e-mail: dboyd@projicontrole

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Daniel R, Boyd, ing, mg Proji-contrôle inc. Tel: 514-735-3843 e-mail: dboyd@projicontrole - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Virtual Office Using Internet Technology for Cost Engineers and Project Management Practitioners. Daniel R, Boyd, ing, Proji-contrôle inc. Tel: 514-735-3843 e-mail: Internet stats. Estimated # of users (1998): 147,800,000 52% of these in the US

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The Virtual OfficeUsing Internet Technology for Cost Engineers and Project Management Practitioners

Daniel R, Boyd, ing,

Proji-contrôle inc.

Tel: 514-735-3843


internet stats
Internet stats...
  • Estimated # of users (1998): 147,800,000
  • 52% of these in the US
  • 760 US households/hr joining internet
  • 7.3 billion e-mail messages per day
  • Finland ranks #1 in number of Internet hosts per capita
internet stats1
Internet stats...
  • Estimated 8.2 Billion$ spent in US by consumers on Internet during 1998 holiday season
  • Bank's cost to process an in-person transaction, in dollars: 1.07
  • Bank's cost to process an Internet transaction, in dollars: 0.01
where does canada stand
Where Does Canada Stand
  • According to a survey by the Forrester institute ranked 45 countries:
  • #1 United States is the world's leading electronic commerce (Ecommerce)
  • #2Germany
  • #3 U.K.
  • #4 Japan
  • #5Canada
internet history early
Internet History - early
  • 1962: The RAND Corporation begins research into robust, distributed communication networks for military command and control.
  • 1965: DOD ARPA (Advanced Research Project Agency) sponsors research into a "cooperative network of time-sharing computers.”
  • 1967: Delegates at a symposium for the Association for Computing Machinery in Gatlingberg, TN discuss the first plans for the ARPANET.
  • 1969: Researchers at four US campuses create the first hosts of the ARPANET, connecting Stanford Research Institute, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah.
  • 1971: TheARPANET grows to 23 hosts connecting universities and government research centers around the country.
internet history 70 s and 80 s
Internet History - 70`s and 80`s
  • 1973: The ARPANET goes international with connections to University College in London, England and the Royal Radar Establishment in Norway.
  • 1975 - Internet operations transferred to the Defense Communications Agency
  • 1976 - Queen Elizabeth goes online with the first royal email message.
  • 1978 - TCP checksum design finalized
  • 1982 - The term 'Internet' is used for the first time
  • 1987-87 - Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf are key members of a team which creates TCP/IP, the common language of all Internet computers. For the first time the loose collection of networks which made up the ARPANET is seen as an "internet", and the Internet as we know it today is born
internet history late 80 s 90 s
Internet History - late 80`s , 90`s
  • 1987 - The number of Internet hosts exceeds 10,000.
  • 1988 - First virus -Internet worm unleashed
  • 1990 - A happy victim of its own unplanned, unexpected success, the ARPANET is decommissioned, leaving only the vast network-of-networks called the Internet.The number of hosts exceeds 300,000.
  • 1991 - The World Wide Web is born!
  • 1993 - Mosaic, the first graphics-based Web browser, becomes available. Traffic on the Internet expands at a 341,634% annual growth rate.
  • 1996 - Nearly 10 million hosts online. The Internet covers the globe
in the past

used primarily to send messages

e-mail received on PC

could attach files such as drawings


web sites contained mostly static information, such as a brochure

Internet was like a library, containing information on almost anything

P3 web publishing wizard

In the past ...


P3 3.0 web publishing

p3 s web publishing wizard
P3`s Web Publishing Wizard

Publish your project in HTML format for viewing with browsers.


messaging with graphics, hyperlinks to web sites, ...

update project schedules

P3 send/receive mail


dynamic web sites, often tied to database

Project Web sites

virtual office sites

Expedition Express

P3e site


Now ...


Send/Receive Mail in P3e

Primavera Webster

Expedition Express

New P3e website

p3 s send mail
P3`s Send Mail

Update your P3 schedule by sending e-mail to other team members

  • E-commerce
    • Purchase Pro
  • Dynamic web sites
  • Various thin client devices: Phones, Palm Computing, TV….
e commerce


It`s here

E-Commerce is growing !

savings from ecommerce

Savings from Ecommerce

Businesses in industrialized nations will see savings from ecommerce climb from $17.6 billion last year to $1.25 trillion in 2002

Internet increasingly will offer an efficient and effective sales

channel, as well as enabling processes such as:

-Order handling/processing

-Sell-side distribution

-Supply chain management and procurement

-Routine employee transactions (e.g., human resources)


-Customer services

(source Giga Information Group (

revenues from ecommerce for business to business
Revenues from Ecommerce (for business-to-business)
  • 1997 US$5.6 billion
  • 1998 US$16 billion
  • 2002 estimated to be at US$294 billion

(source 1998 eCommerce Report)

purchase pro
Purchase Pro

Select suppliers by SIC Code, Products & Services offered, Location, ...

purchase pro1
Purchase Pro

Send bids to multiple suppliers in an instant to gain competitive pricing

purchase pro2
Purchase Pro

Review bids and issue PO`s

e room the virtual office
E-Room - The Virtual Office

Save documents in user defined folders

E-Room looks after security, and provides tools to insert documents, initiate discussions, have surveys

e room the virtual office1
E-Room - The Virtual Office

Here, we have a user that dropped an Excel file with the Project Budget in a Budget folder

e room the virtual office2
E-Room - The Virtual Office

Open discussion threads with members of the team