new way to manage complex it development programs scope manager win win win enabler for it industry n.
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NASSCOM Quality Summit, Hyderabad, 2009

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NASSCOM Quality Summit, Hyderabad, 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New way to manage complex IT development programs Scope Manager – win-win-win-enabler for IT industry. NASSCOM Quality Summit, Hyderabad, 2009. What is a Scope Manager?.

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new way to manage complex it development programs scope manager win win win enabler for it industry

New way to manage complex IT development programsScope Manager – win-win-win-enabler for IT industry

NASSCOM Quality Summit, Hyderabad, 2009

Pekka Forselius, 4SUM Partners

what is a scope manager
What is a Scope Manager?

A management and measurement expert who understands system and software requirements well, and who can foresee the impact of specified requirements to the development effort and price, and can communicate the whole picture both with the customer and the developer representatives throughout the development life-cycle, keeping all parties of the development program collaborative and conscious of the current status at any time of the development work.

Pekka Forselius, 4SUM Partners

customer supplier views
Customer & supplier views
  • A big problem is that there are very few customers who understand the size of software, even if they are good at specifying requirements. They want fixed price!
  • Due to missing FSM skills, the developers cannot measure or estimate the size of software. They want to be paid based on hours worked.

Pekka Forselius, 4SUM Partners

scope manager the equaliser
Scope manager – the equaliser
  • A scope manager is neutral software measurement specialist with good understanding of requirements and development work.
  • The customer organisation can hire a professional Scope Manager to help from early tendering phase to the end of the development life-cycle.
  • The customer and developer can use unit pricing e.g. €/fp, whenever it fits.

Pekka Forselius, 4SUM Partners

needs for scope manager services

Needs for scope manager services

Customer organizations want to avoid too large and risky development programs, but they cannot evaluate their initial ideas alone.

Quality requirements should be defined and agreed.

Customer wants to find the best suppliers (most reliable and cost-effective)

Customer and supplier have problems in their mutual communication, especially when something goes wrong

Developers should stay on track and concentrate on essential user requirements

Lessons learned should not get lost or forgotten

Pekka Forselius, 4SUM Partners

other reasons to hire a csm
Other reasons to hire a CSM
  • The IT acquisition processes are not core processes for most of the customers
  • PI takes too long and is too expensive
  • PI requires changes to organization or methods or tools

A competent Certified Scope Manager IS a change in organization and will bring in NEW methods AND tools for program management.

Pekka Forselius & Carol Dekkers, 4SUM Partners

win win winners who are they
Win-win-winners? Who are they?
  • The customer saves time and money and gets better quality.
  • The developers get paid for everything they deliver and without continuous negotiation. They get better requirements for their proposal and planning.
  • The scope manager earns her or his living in well appreciated, reasonably challenging and really interesting way.

Pekka Forselius, 4SUM Partners

the practice northernscope
The practice: northernSCOPE™?

A management concept that describes the scope manager’s work with twelve steps, covering the development life-cycle from feasibility study and initial requirements to program closure and collecting lessons learned.

See also southernSCOPE! The Australian approach from Victorian government.

Pekka Forselius, 4SUM Partners

skills and tools of a certified scope manager
Skills and tools of a Certified Scope Manager

Pekka Forselius, 4SUM Partners

who and where are scope managers today
25 CSM’s in Finland

9 charter Scope Managers in Finland

5 CSM’s in Germany

5 CSM’s in the Netherlands

1 CSM in USA

Other similar jobs in Australia, South Korea, Brazil ,and Italy.

Who and where are Scope Managers today?

Pekka Forselius 4SUM Partners

Would and should northernSCOPE™ work in India too? For whom, i.e. what kinds of winners would be here?Thank you!

Pekka Forselius, MSc, MBA, CSM


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Pekka Forselius, 4SUM Partners Oy