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Teacher Licensing and Certification

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Teacher Licensing and Certification - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teacher Licensing and Certification . Overview . Many changes to licensing in WI. ELO – (Educator Licensing Online) Fingerprinting Time constraints . ELO Frequent Q & A’S. Electronic Licensing Online – What is the timeline for this project?

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Presentation Transcript
  • Many changes to licensing in WI.
    • ELO – (Educator Licensing Online)
    • Fingerprinting
    • Time constraints
elo frequent q a s
ELO Frequent Q & A’S
  • Electronic Licensing Online –
  • What is the timeline for this project?
  • Implementation is scheduled to occur in January 2014. Additional enhancements are planned through June 2014.
  • What is the scope of this project?
  • The scope of the project is to create a user-friendly electronic licensing system that is easy to use for all stakeholders.
  • Does this change license cycles?
  • No, they will still be July and January.
  • Will there be a fee to use the ELO system?
  • No, but the normal application fee will still apply.

ELO Frequent Q & A’S (cont’d)

  • How do I access the system?
  • There will be a link on the DPI web site.
  • There will be an ability to upload documents in the ELO system when applying for a license.
  • How will I be able to check the status of my application?
  • There will be a login process that will give you access to the status of your application.
  • How do I pay for applications?
  • ELO will use an e-payment system that is approved by the State of Wisconsin. (Credit Card; not Debit card!)
benefits of elo
Benefits of ELO
  • Track the status of your application online
  • Print your own license certificate online
  • Email reminders and notifications
  • Real-time validation of information
  • Comprehensive licensure data in one location
  • Robust security to protect sensitive data
  • Secure, user-friendly login process
  • Streamlined endorsement process for Wisconsin program completers
  • Helpful guides to direct applicants to apply for the appropriate license.
initial educator license pi 1062 is
Initial Educator License- PI 1062-IS
  • Use for: Applying for Initial Educator Teaching license.
  • Use by: Wisconsin approved program completers with institutional endorsements. 
  • Use for: Applying for Initial Educator Pupil Services license.
  • Use by: Wisconsin approved program completers with institutional endorsements. 
  • Use for: Applying for Initial Educator Library Media Specialist license.Use by: Wisconsin approved program completers with institutional endorsements. 

Reg. Elem Education

Spanish, Teaching

Mathematics, Teaching

MCEA: 1-6

ECA: K-12

EAA: 6-12

what are you applying for
What are you applying for?
  • UNDERGRADUATE MAJOR DEGREE PROGRAMS - College of Education and Human Sciences
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Art German Social Studies
  • Economics History Sociology
  • English Latin American Studies
  • Spanish French Political Science
  • Theatre Arts
  • Bachelor of Science (BS)
  • Biology Elementary Education Physical Science
  • Chemistry Geography Physics
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Kinesiology Physics-MathematicsMathematics
  • Special Education
  • Bachelor of Music Education (BME)
  • Music majors
  • Contact ebertt@uwec.edu or (715) 836-5984 with questions.
  • Grade levelsMCEA – 1-8 – Regular Elementary Education w/minor
  • EAA – 6-12 – Regular Secondary Education
  • ECA – K-12 – Birth to 21 Education (K-12)
  • Subjects
  • Regular Elem Ed
  • Language Arts – Minor;
  • SPED Cognitive Disabilities
  • SPED Learning Disabilities
  • SPED Learning Disabilities
  • MCEA 1-8 & EAA 6-12
  • Music – Instrumental
  • Music – General
  • Add-on Certification – SPEDLearning Disabilities; Cognitive Disabilities; Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities; Cross-Categorical
do you need them
Do you need them?
  • Have you worked, resided or physically attended class in any state other than WI after 17 yrs of age? NO? YOU DO NOT NEED THEM!
  • If you have worked, resided or physically attended class in a US Territory (Guam Puerto Rico etc.,); Canada or Great Britain, and not for a UWEC experience, you DO NEED THEM!!
  • Fieldprint – private vendor who offers inkless fingerprinting using Livescan technology. Submits fingerprints electronically to WI Dept of Justice and FBI. The results of the background check ran on the fingerprints will be forwarded to WI DPI.
how to get fingerprints
How to get Fingerprints
  • Go to www.fieldprintwisconsin.com
  • You will create an account on that website to schedule an appointment to get the fingerprints done.
  • You will provide a “reason code” when scheduling your appointment. The code is FPWIDPITeach.
  • Complete all required information.
  • Schedule your appointment at a location and time near to you as listed.
  • You must pay for the fingerprinting service online using a credit card, the charge is $50.
  • Print the confirmation page to take with you to your appointment.
  • You will have to provide 2 forms of ID; one picture and another.
  • Picture ID:
  • State-issued drivers license
  • State-issued ID card
  • U.S. Passport
  • Military ID
  • Work Visa with Photo
  • Foreign Passport
  • ************************
  • Secondary ID:
  • Social Security Card
  • Bank Statement
  • Utility Bill
  • Credit Card
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Birth Certificate
  • Online application http://education.state.mn.us/MDE/Teacher_Support/Educator_Licensing/index.html
  • Fingerprint cards
  • Verification form
  • Official transcript (Do not open)
  • MTLE testing
  • Possible Reading and assessment courses.
other states1
Other States
  • Contact their state licensing agency Links to other states’ licensing offices: www.uky.edu/education/tep/usacert.html
  • Verification form – endorsed by UWEC’s Certifying Officer
  • Official transcript?
time constraints
Time Constraints
  • Although you will graduate December 21, you will student teach until either January 17 or 24th.
  • You will be required to have your Gate III portfolio in to be given a final grade before the Holidays. Once the grade is given, the Registrar’s office will run their final audit on your student record to ensure your degree can be conferred. If all criteria are met, they will grant you your degree. When degrees are conferred, I will be sending down the required list to DPI indicating your certifications and applicable licensure endorsements.
time constraints cont d
Time Constraints (Cont’d)

After January 15th, (or so we think), you will be able to log into the ELO and start your application. According to sources at DPI, you will be able to complete the first two pages of the application and save it until your degree is conferred. When DPI has accepted our list of students, you will be contacted by our office via your UWEC email.

At that time, complete the application for your WI License. If you have ever even thought about getting your WI license, APPLY! DO NOT WAIT!! If you have any charges etc., that will show up on your background check (i.e. court case(s)) and have documentation regarding a case, you will have the opportunity to upload those documents with an explanation as an attachment to your license application.

time constraints cont d1
Time Constraints (Cont’d)

If you are an MCEA – Elem Ed student, a SPED – Special Ed student, or have a Special Ed minor, and do not apply for your license before January 31, 2014, you will be required to participate in and pass the WI Foundations of Reading Exam before you will be allowed to apply for a license.

This is the last semester the WI Foundations of Reading Exam will not be mandatory, so GET YOUR LICENSE! If you do not apply for your license and decide in 6 months you want it, you will be required to participate and pass the exam. When DPI has accepted your application, you will be able to print out your License/Certificate immediately. PRINT IT and save a copy for yourself, as well as saving an electronic copy!!

  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instructionhttp://dpi.wi.gov/tepdl/licguide.html
  • Minnesota Department of Educationhttp://education.state.mn.us/MDE/EdExc/Licen/index.html
  • Chart with links to all 50 states licensing offices


  • UW-Eau Claire Field Experience & Certification Office