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Parcel business Opportunities for India post - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parcel business Opportunities for India post. Brainstorming. What are the parcel products available in Indiapost and explain their features Trainer to consolidate the features. Registered parcel. Ordinary Parcel. VP Parcel. Parcel services offered by DoP. Unregistered Up to 4 KG

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Parcel business Opportunities for India post


  • What are the parcel products available in Indiapost and explain their features

  • Trainer to consolidate the features

Parcel services offered by dop

Registered parcel

Ordinary Parcel

VP Parcel

Parcel services offered by DoP

  • Unregistered

  • Up to 4 KG

  • Unaccountable

  • Presented at the counter only

  • Accountable

  • Can be Insured

  • Up to 20KG

  • Tracking Facility

Sender collects the value of consignment from the addressee through post office

Ins Parcel

Business Parcel

Express Parcel

  • Accountable

  • Tracking facility

  • BOs up to Rs.600/-

  • POs up to Rs.100000/-

  • In case of currency notes Rs.20000/-

  • 2KG to 35KG

  • For corporate customers

  • Surface transmission

  • Credit facility

  • Discount facility

  • COD

  • 0.5 KG to 20KG

  • For corporate customers 35KG

  • For BOs 10KG

  • Credit facility

  • Discount Facility

  • COD

Growth outlook for the parcel industry in india

Growth outlook for the Parcel industry in India

Source:- crisil survey report

Growth outlook for the parcel industry in india1

Growth outlook for the Parcel industry in India

Parcel industry in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 17% over the next three years to Rs 17,450 crores (USD 3.5 billion) in 2014-15 from Rs 10,870 crores (USD 2.2 billion) in 2011-12.

The growth of the industry will be driven by the current major customer segments

auto components

banking & finance

Garments & pharmaceuticals

IT hardware and mobile phones.

New segments like organized retail, e-commerce and others are expected to emerge as major customer segments in the medium term.

Source:- crisil survey report

Structure of the parcel industry in india

Structure of the Parcel Industry in India

Fragmented with a large number of small and medium-sized players operating with local and regional networks.

Increasingly consolidating with the growth of a few large players who have nationwide reach.

Document shipments provide the largest volume while non-document shipments have higher share by value.

Domestic market contributes to a larger share compared to the international market.

Source:- crisil survey report

Shipment profile share of documents non document

Shipment profile – share of documents & non-document

Source:- crisil survey report

Shipment profile share of documents non document1

Shipment profile – share of documents & non-document

Non document shipments account for a smaller share of the shipment profile by volume, but in value terms (revenue) it accounts for approximately 64% of the value.

Source:- crisil survey report

Distribution of d omestic s hipments

Distribution of Domestic Shipments

Source:- crisil survey report

Source:- crisil survey report

Business parcel
Business parcel

  • It is a contractual service

  • Minimum weight 2Kg and maximum weight

  • 35Kg.

  • Surface transmission facility available

  • Door to door delivery available.

Business parcel1
Business parcel

  • Advance deposit facility and credit facility available.

  • Cash on delivery facility available uptoRs. 50000/

  • insurance of Cash on Delivery articles shall not be compulsory irrespective of amount of recovery from addressee;

  • Corporate customers are given free pickup service

Business parcel2
Business parcel


  • Insurance is optional

  • No redirection facility

  • Article can be booked in any office

  • Articles will be delivered at the doorstep

Express parcel
Express parcel

  • This facility available for both retail and corporate customers.

  • Minimum weight is 0.5 kg and maximum weight for retail 20kg and corporate 35kg.

  • Free pickup facility is available

  • Door delivery available irrespective of weight

Express parcel1
Express parcel

  • Redirection facility not available

  • Can be returned to sender

  • COD facility available and limit 5000/ for retail and 50000/ for corporate customer

  • Insurance is not compulsory irrespective of value

Express parcel2
Express parcel

  • Article will be delivered in specified locations

  • For corporate customer postage payment available through advance deposit credit facility and payment at the time of booking

Parcel industry
Parcel Industry

  • Small parcels and Freight will be shipped through Courier services, Express parcel services and Truck services

  • Customer expects value added features

    • Track and Trace

    • Express service

    • Storage

    • Packaging and labelling

Parcel services below 35 kg classification
Parcel services (Below 35 Kg) - Classification

  • Segment I – Large service providers with pan india operations. Ex: Gati, Safexpress, TCI XPS, ARC etc.,

  • Segment II – Regional travel & transport companies. Ex: KPN, VRL etc.,

  • Segment III – Smaller travel and transport companies, limited to few cities

Pattern of parcels sent epp
Pattern of parcels sent (EPP)

  • In EPP Maximum number of customers sent parcels below 5 Kg.

  • The business in parcels above 5 kg is to be tapped

Reason for customer loyalty epp
Reason for Customer loyalty (EPP)

  • More than 41% customers used EPP because of high reliability.

  • To sustain reliability, parcels should be delivered within time norms, to be handled intact

E commerce opportunity
E-Commerce- Opportunity

  • 25 million online buyers in a year

  • Expected to increase to over 100 million online buyers by 2020

  • Expected to grow at a 25 per cent compounded average growth rate

  • This growth in the industry is to be captured

    Source: Business Today

Industry expectation

Industry Expectation

The key characteristic of express delivery services are



timeline-defined service with global reach

along with shipment tracking.

The industry players also offer services like

call centres/customer service numbers to resolve queries on bookings and shipments

web-based track and trace system.

The industry also provides customized services to suit the needs of its various customers.

Industry expectation1

Industry Expectation

These are premium services guaranteeing delivery by a certain stipulated time

This industry is more customer responsive .

The slabs are designed such that better rates are offered to more voluminous shipments.

Department of Post ready to fulfill all the Industry expectation through Express Parcel and Business Parcel and with dedicated employees.


  • Trainees to list out companies/organisations involved in ecommerce business in their area, who can be a prospective customers of Indiapost

  • Trainees to list out prospective business or express parcel customers in their area who are engaged in professions like, weaving, handicraft items manufacturing, homeo/ayurvedic medicine preparations etc.,

Marketing tips
Marketing tips

  • Our staff should have thorough knowledge of all products and services.

  • Bring awareness of our new products like business and express parcel among the customer.

  • Propagate business in the market through

    other office staff and ME.

  • Maximize both internal and external marketing.

Marketing tips1
Marketing tips

  • Identify potential customers in the locality

  • Maintain their profile

  • Keep in touch with corporate customers

  • Identify the products suitable to each customer

  • Identify the current service provider

  • Inform new customers about our products

  • Educate them about the advantage we have with competitors

  • When new services are introduced intimate them

Marketing tips2
Marketing tips

  • Keep continuous liaison with the customers to ensure satisfactory after sales service

  • Maintain good relationship with all customer

  • Identify the need of customer to build confidence in the customer about service.

  • Self advertisement is more effective in marketing

  • Inform the customer about value added services

Marketing tips3
Marketing tips

  • Be aware of limitations in services

  • False assurances will have adverse effect on marketing

  • Knowledge of products and services of competitors helps in identifying the need of customer.

  • Get well acquainted with latest changes and developments in market

Marketing tips4
Marketing tips

  • Maintain liaison with head of institutions and bulk mailers.

  • Identify and tap the potential in the your area.

  • Be proactive in interacting with customers

Key factors
Key factors

  • Provide after sales service

  • Ensure that articles are not delayed or damaged

  • Ensure delivery within prescribed norms

  • Ensure customer delight to increase customer base

Group activity
Group Activity

  • Teams to prepare SWOT Analysis for following products and present

  • Express parcel

  • Business parcel

  • Speed post

  • Parcel

  • Insured post

Group activity1
Group Activity

  • Based on SWOT, trainees to prepare astrategy to be adopted to bring in new bulk and retail customers to the product and prepare a list of potential customers based on their business profile for products like speed post, Express parcel, Business parcel etc.,