long term subs vs contracted teachers l.
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Long-Term Subs vs. Contracted Teachers PowerPoint Presentation
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Long-Term Subs vs. Contracted Teachers

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Long-Term Subs vs. Contracted Teachers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Long-Term Subs vs. Contracted Teachers. Some Questions and Answers. What are the daily rates for day-to-day subs? Long term subs?. Day-to-day subs: $159.26 per day Long-term subs: $214.26 per day. When does my status change from day-to-day to long-term?.

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long term subs vs contracted teachers

Long-Term Subs vs. Contracted Teachers

Some Questions and Answers

what are the daily rates for day to day subs long term subs
What are the daily rates for day-to-day subs? Long term subs?
  • Day-to-day subs: $159.26 per day
  • Long-term subs: $214.26 per day
when does my status change from day to day to long term
When does my status change from day-to-day to long-term?
  • If you began on the first day of school in an unfilled position, you will receive the higher pay rate effective on the eleventh day worked.
  • If you began after the first day of school, you will receive the higher pay rate effective on the twenty-first day worked.
incentive plan
Incentive Plan
  • Some schools can pay their subs in unfilled positions the higher rate starting day one.
  • “Incentive Plan substitutes serve in schools of particular need, as determined by the district, and thereby qualify for the incentive pay rate” (XIX, 3.0)
  • Subs who are unavailable for 5 or more days during a semester may be dropped from the plan and ineligible for restoration to the plan for a minimum of one year.
continual rate increase
Continual Rate Increase
  • After completion of service equivalent to 130 days during the school year will receive a daily rate increase of $10 per day.
  • Gregg Solkovits, the UTLA Secondary VP, is following up with the District regarding Continual Rate Increase and Incentive Pay.
  • See Article XIX for more info regarding sub pay.
what if a long term sub calls in sick
What if a long-term sub calls in sick?
  • There is nothing in the contract that guarantees you will keep the long-term rate if you’re out sick or unavailable. You could be demoted back to day-to-day pay ($159.26).
  • Jeanne has assured us that Liechty will “work something out.”
  • Long-term subs last year retained their sub pay despite occasional illnesses.
what about auxiliaries or class coverages
What about auxiliaries or class coverages?
  • The school is NOT OBLIGATED to pay subs for auxiliary classes or coverages during conference periods.
  • Jeanne has told us that we WILL be paid; however, it will not be at the tenthly rate. It will be at your hourly sub rate.
  • Day-to-day hourly rate: $26.54
  • Long-term hourly rate: $35.71
  • Learning Teams would fall under the same category. We will be paid, but at the hourly sub rate.
Are subs expected to attend before-school faculty meetings, parent conferences, back to school night and open house?
  • Subs are not contractually obligated to attend these unpaid events.
  • HOWEVER, if you choose not to attend them, you are not endearing yourself to the administration.
  • Subs are essentially at-will employees who can easily be dropped from a school.
  • Choose your battles. Is it worth it to you to skip these events?
the latest from utla
The latest from UTLA…
  • Vivian Ekchian, the head of HR for LAUSD, told Secondary VP Gregg Solkovits that the District will certainly make deeper cuts next year, and that subs are much more easily “let go” than contracted teachers. This is why we are subbing for ourselves right now.
  • The projected budget for the 2010/11 school year assumes 29 students in K-3 classrooms.
  • Permanent multiple subject teachers should be prepared to receive RIFs.
what can we do
What can we do?
  • GO TO UTLA MEETINGS AND MAKE THIS AN ISSUE! We are the most impacted school! Many UTLA members are not aware of our situation.
  • TALK TO PARENTS! They have a right to know about the instability at their schools.
  • GET SUPPLEMENTAL CREDENTIALS! Special Ed, Math and Science are high-need areas. Even English is a slightly safer bet than Multiple Subject.