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Common Solutions Group. Jan 2005 Chao Lam Product Manager, OSAF. WAC Meeting summary. Chandler is on track with last reported schedule 0.5 release is scheduled for March 2005. Goal: OSAF day-to-day calendar use.

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common solutions group

Common Solutions Group

Jan 2005

Chao Lam

Product Manager, OSAF

wac meeting summary
WAC Meeting summary
  • Chandler is on track with last reported schedule
  • 0.5 release is scheduled for March 2005. Goal: OSAF day-to-day calendar use.
  • CalDAV is gaining strong momentum. CalConnect interoperability meeting next week is a key milestone
  • With 0.5 release, brave early developers can start experimenting and contributing
    • PyCon (late March) major event to get word out
  • WAC technical meeting scheduled for April 2005 to gather next level of higher ed requirements
  • UW & UCB volunteered to be “seed” sites for early Chandler usage
  • 0.4 released end Oct 2004
  • 0.5 scheduled for Mar 2005
  • Initiated plans for separate server project
  • OSAF becomes founding member CalConnect Consortium Nov
  • CalConnect interoperability event next week (Jan 10th)
  • CalDAV IETF Draft 4
  • OSAF presentation at Educause 2004
  • OSAF to present at PyCon end Mar 2005
server product plans
Server product plans
  • Initiating a new open source project for next generation WebDAV server
    • First step towards accelerating Westwood requirements
  • Teaming up with Isamet (formerly Cyrusoft)
  • Current plan is to base server on the Apache Jakarta Slide project
  • Server product and architecture will be basis for
    • Kibble hosting service
    • CalDAV server
    • Westwood central server
  • Key next step is to hire server developer
0 5 plan
0.5 plan
  • Goal: First attempt at day-to-day OSAF calendaring use
    • Manual import/export of data. No auto-recover. Expect crashes
    • Will benchmark performance but not yet ready to set perf. goals
  • Calendar features
    • Calendar summary and detail views
    • Reminders and All day events
    • Mini-calendar browser and daily summary on sidebar
  • Collections sharing (rev 2)
    • End-to-end sharing workflow
  • Incremental infrastructure (e.g. email attachments, access controls)
  • Reliability, performance and UI improvements
  • More details at ZeroPointFivePlanning
kibble basic old world pim app features
Kibble: Basic “Old World” PIM App features
  • Comprehensive calendar functionality for small workgroups
  • Basic features for:
    • Email
    • Task
    • Notes
  • Reasonable “1.0” level:
    • Performance
    • Reliability
    • UI Polish
kibble new world features
Kibble: “New World” features
  • Stamping
  • Item Collections and Rules
  • Dashboard View and Item Triage
  • Cross “silo” searching
  • Collections Sharing & Event invitations
  • Open platform for developer extensibility
    • WebDAV objects should be interoperable with non-Chandler clients (e.g. iCalendar objects)
areas to gather next level of higher ed requirements
Areas to gather next level of Higher Ed requirements
  • Seeding Kibble in Higher Ed - What are the minimum requirements needed to start seeding Kibble in one or two workgroups?
  • Calendaring and CalDAV - making sure we meet Higher Ed requirements in the right sequence
  • Westwood Kiosk mode - discussing alternatives and understanding the next level of detail
kibble feature prioritization principles
Kibble Feature Prioritization Principles
  • Usable, collaborative calendar app comes first
  • “Dogfood” Principle: Shortest path for OSAF to use Chandler as a Calendar & Email application
  • Introduce core “new world” PIM features
  • Invest in extensibility, infrastructure and architecture intelligently
  • Provide developer platform to leverage community (“Developer Dogfood”)
  • Continuous improvements in performance, reliability and polish
top 5 risks for kibble
Top 5 Risks for Kibble
  • Repository Performance
  • Quantity of Widgets Work
  • HTTP (sharing) Performance
  • Developer Platform
  • Ensuring the Right Scope of Product