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Sona Software Workshop

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Sona Software Workshop. University of Sussex Department of Psychology. Why Sona?. Demonstrated increase in attendance/decrease in “no shows” Online sign-ups: no more scheduling emails! Instant online booking Assign credits online Pre-screen participants

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sona software workshop

Sona Software Workshop

University of Sussex

Department of Psychology

why sona
Why Sona?
  • Demonstrated increase in attendance/decrease in “no shows”
  • Online sign-ups: no more scheduling emails!
  • Instant online booking
  • Assign credits online
  • Pre-screen participants
  • Email notification of sign-ups and cancellations
  • Loads more – ask us what it can do!
logging in
Logging In (no www)

This is what you will see:

Log in with your ID and password.

pick your study type
Pick your study type

We are going to start with a standard study

catch their attention
Catch their attention!

Tell them what you would say in an email

Don’t forget logistics!

Studies are sent to the administrator for approval

Choose the contact person and lab

following up make sure they were in previous studies
Following up? Make sure they were in previous studies

Mutually exclusive studies? Avoid recruiting previous participants

Add a web link

Set info for last sign-up/cancellation& email notification

You can even add notes to yourself


On the preview page you can prescreen participants.


From the preview page you will also send a request to the administrator to make your study active.


Prescreening allows you to only show your experiment to the participants you want (e.g., males).

Prescreening is maintained by the administrator.

Contact the admini-strator to add items to the prescreening process.


On the first page, select the items on which you would like to prescreen.

On the next page, select the responses you would like to prescreen. You are selecting the response you WANT the participant to have had.

timeslots and more
Timeslots and more

You will have this information available under the information about your study.

Click on “view/administer time slots.”


You should now see this page:


If you choose to add a timeslot, this page opens:

Choosedate & time

You’ve already told the system the study duration.

Multiple subjects can be run at once!

Don’t forget to tell people where to go!


The procedure is similar if you add multiple timeslots!

Choose number of slots

Choose start date and time

Specify time btwn sessions

Add number of participants and location


This is what you should see when your timeslot is added:


You can also monitor your time slot usage:

additional features
Additional Features

The system also allows you to email participants:

additional features20
Additional Features

The system also allows you to preview your study to see what the participant sees.

what do the participants see
What do the participants see?

Participants’ start pages have less information.

But “study sign-up” is easy to find!

what do the participants see22
What do the participants see?

Study sign-ups lists the active studies in random order (this screen shot only included 1).

Participants can also see if times are available, number of credits, eligibility and your “tag line.”

what do the participants see23
What do the participants see?

Once participants click on a study….

… they can choose to view available time slots at the bottom.

what do the participants see24
What do the participants see?

Timeslots are listed like this:

The participant just clicks on a time to sign up!

The participant can still see other times after signing up, in case he/she wants to change to another time.

what do the participants see25
What do the participants see?

Sona automatically sends an email to them confirming the sign-up.

The reply-to email is the researchers!

Depending on your settings (when you set-up your study) the system will email you too!

Sona also send the participant a confirmation email the night before (~17:00).

what do the participants see26
What do the participants see?

From the main page, participants can also track their credits and calendar.

now that they signed up
Now that they signed up:

You can also click on timeslots and see who is coming.

now that they participated
Now that they participated:

When you go to “my studies” you can view your uncredited timeslots.

now that they participated29
Now that they participated:

To simply grant the standard amount of credit you specified, choose “grant credit.”

To grant a variable amount of credit, click on the timeslot. 1 credit = 15min.

now that they participated30
Now that they participated:

Sona won’t let them participate again!