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welcome. The Model. An innovative approach to delivering an integrated programme of careers education, information, advice, guidance and work related learning. sponsored by employers subsidised by social enterprise responding to the changing landscape of careers delivery

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The model
The Model

  • An innovative approach to delivering an integrated programme of careers education, information, advice, guidance and work related learning.

  • sponsored by employers

  • subsidised by social enterprise

  • responding to the changing landscape of careers delivery

  • addressing the frustrations faced by employers

  • led by the school and with full engagement by the employer

More than just a careers service

A Business Partner – By listening to you we work with you to deliver solutions. We work with your staff and support those with career responsibilities by linking them to networks, keeping them up to date with the latest development and organise training and events that support their needs.

Quality Assured– All activities are evaluated, analysed and reported back to you so you can measure the impact of our service. We actively seek your feedback and that of the students, teachers and employers we engage with to ensure all of our customers receive service excellence..

Innovation –We are leading the changes in careers learning and education and supporting schools and colleges to adapt to the new careers landscape. We deliver what you want and we’ll encourage you to explore new approaches to help students make the right choices.

Ahead partnership what are we doing
Ahead PartnershipWhat are we doing?

Developing an innovative approach to delivering a comprehensive and integrated programme of careers education, information, advice, guidance and work related learning.

Innovative in that we are developing a response to the changing landscapeof careers delivery that ........

is sponsored by employersand is subsidised by social enterprise.

responds to some of the issues expressed by employers.

has full employerengagement yet is led by the school.

Ahead partnership education programmes step ahead and make the grade
Ahead PartnershipEducation Programmes‘Step Ahead’ and ‘Make the Grade’

  • gain meaningful insights into the world of work and potential careers

  • raise their aspirations and improve motivation and attainment

  • improve employability and social skills

  • realise and develop enterprise and entrepreneurial talent

A High School Programme –

The Model in Practice

Public/Private Funding Resources



Education &

IAG (Shine)










Make the Grade Steering Group

Sponsor/Anchor businesses/school and Ahead Education



Make the Grade Team

Scope school needs

Find financial sponsors

Draw up activity programme

Recruit the businesses

Ongoing project facilitation

Run steering group

Tracking and Reporting

Promotion and PR


Engage 20+ businesses

Support 400+ pupils

Deliver 1000+ hrs support

Improve attainment

Improve attendance

Improve destinations

Reduce NEET rates



Live Enterprise





Literacy &







Support for


How does it work
How does it work?

  • Ahead identifies partner schools

  • Ahead sources the business partners and finance

  • Together we devise and plan a programme of practical business activities that meet specific school needs – secondary and primary- with the offer of dedicated Careers Guidance input from the Shine Service at Aspire i.

  • We manage delivery of the activities – logistics/training/briefings/DBS checking

  • We run a termly steering group for school and businesses

  • We track and monitor agreed outcomes

Lord Michael Heseltine – Extract from ‘No Stone Unturned. In pursuit of Growth’ – A review conducted at the request of the Prime Minister as to how economic prosperity can be improved.

Make the Grade features as part of a chapter entitled ‘Education and skills – the foundation for growth and prosperity’. Lord Heseltine concludes that ‘business engagement should be incorporated far deeper into the school curriculum in order to develop young people’s understanding of business, increase their employability, and further their understanding of career and future training options and where they might lead.’ He concludes that Ahead Partnership is ‘already facilitating this sort of engagement between schools and employers’.

Vince Barrett – President ACEG: Unturned. In pursuit of Growth’ – “I have seen governments in the past promote this kind of activity, but the funding security has never been there. This is different. The commitment to the programme is clearly there – schools want to do it at a local level, from inside the school; they actively want to participate and make sure it works.Talking to young people, all agreed that this particular academy has improved immeasurable – not just because of discipline but because there are creative ways of delivering the message like this.I’m impressed with the broad range of employers willingly getting involved. Here they are, talking about the jobs within the companies they represent – they’re well briefed and know what their responsibility is and it’s a very proactive approach. And it doesn’t just stop here; Make the Grade activities are imbued within the school as a whole”.

David Andrews: Unturned. In pursuit of Growth’ –

“What’s so right here is the linking of employer activity with careers guidance… It’s unfair to expect employers to offer guidance, but linking it into a school like this is admirable.

I’ve never seen a model like this before. There are all sorts of problem in careers guidance now that schools have responsibility for it but there are some positive good news stories and this is one of them.

Schools are rethinking their approach now that they are taking responsibility for careers guidance. However, they can’t do this in a vacuum and this is one of the choices they now have”.

Aspire i shine film wmv
Aspire- Unturned. In pursuit of Growth’ – i Shine Film.wmv

For further information
For Further Information Unturned. In pursuit of Growth’ –

  • Ahead Partnership www.aheadpartnership.org.uk

  • Aspire-i www.aspire-i.com