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  1. FEASIBILITY REPORT SALIMONU CO. NIGERIA LTD E-energy Nigeria Ltd. Advance Sustainability *Use the buttons at the top right of the screen to navigate

  2. GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT • E-ENERGY NIGERIA LTD is the brain child of Salimonu co. Nigeria Ltd. Is purpose is to venture into the oil and gas sector of the Nigeria petroleum market in order to enhance equitable distribution of petroleum product in Nigeria.. • Due to apparent insufficiency of petroleum products in the country, i.e. incessant occurrence of fuel scarcity the company hopes to enhance equitable distribution of petroleum products. • The recognition of government policy which promotes privatization. • The project was found to be commercially viable. Storage facility Storage Facility aquitane

  3. Market Consideration • A preliminary survey of marketing who buy petroleum products from the depot and it was revealed that there is a presence of large and expanding market for the demand of petroleum products. • The customers for E-energy shall be numerous petroleum markets with cash in hand who want to uplift petroleum from us at the depot. Our target area is Apapa Deport. • The major. Factors that are likely to influence the growth of the company are the availability of good and qualified personnel, ready made inflow of marketers who need the product, enormous profit that could be generated in the business.

  4. Technical Consideration • E-energy will have its branch operational office at Apapa Deport, the most largest in sales volume of petroleum products in all the depots in Lagos State. • The major inputs required for succesful operation of the project are. • Cost of the Materials • Description Cost • Way bill [12 pices] N6000 • Stamp N2000 SPG Oil & Gas Deport

  5. *other configurations also available Market Plan The estimated take –off of potential trucks is expected to be 8. The truck owners [marketers] shall be reached through the union of marketers, and through personal contact of customers at hand. Pricing Strategy In a survey conducted, it was clear that Apapa deport [Coconut] is the base of diesel and Kerosene of all the depots. Generally, marketers are willing to pay to have diesls and kerosene at their various destinations.

  6. Financial and Economic Plan. • Financing Requirement • Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), Quantity: 500.000 Lt, Price: =N=96/ Liter • Equity =N=48,000.000

  7. Sales & Profit • Product: AGO • Cost Price: =N=96/Lt • Depot: Sahara depot@lbafon • Retail Price: =N=97 Lt • Quantity: 500.000 Lt • Sales Period One week • Total Cost: =N=48,000.000 • Observation: at this period of time, the product AGO is not widely avalable. Hence, there is a likelihood of an upward review in the prices to =N=98/lt • Cost =N=48,000.000 • Sales =N=48,500.000 • Profit =N= 500.000

  8. Salimonu Group of Company SALIMONU CO. NIGERIA LTD&E- energy Nigeria Ltd Our Products

  9. Company SALIMONU IS THE LEADING PRODUCERS MARKETING, SUPPLIER OF PARKAGING PRODUCT, BRANDING IN SACHET, REFINE SPICES, ELECTRONIC, INNOVATIVE SHRINK BUNDLING SOLUTIONS FOR RETAIL AND INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS • Branding in Sachet • Packaging • Refine Spices • Cosmetic • Shrink Bundlers • Horizontal F/F/S • Tray Packing • Case Packing • Carry Handles • Label Orientation • Stretch Wrappers *Click Here to Watch Video

  10. About Us SALIMONU GROUP IS THE LEADING PRODUCERS, MARKETER REFINE SPICES INTO POWDER SUPPLIER OF INNOVATIVE SHRINK BUNDLING SOLUTIONS FOR RETAIL AND INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS • Founded in 1993 • Private Company • Still Under Original Ownership • Corporate HQ & Manufacturing Plant Located in Lagos and Ilorin, Kwara State