born in 1743 thomas jefferson helped shape n.
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Jefferson Memorial

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  1. Текст АBorn in 1743, Thomas Jefferson helped shape the new American nation and also shaped some of the country's most famous buildings. The twentieth century architects who designed the circular Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. drew inspiration from Thomas Jefferson's architectural ideas. And from where did Jefferson get his ideas? The Pantheon in Rome! This building with its classical portico became a model that influenced Western architecture for 2,000 years. portico ['pɔːtɪkəu] = галерея, портикstairway ['stɛəweɪ] = лестницаpantheon ['pænθɪən] = Пантеон, "храм всех богов" в Древнем Риме Jefferson Memorial Pantheon in Rome

  2. 24Today people invite their relatives and families ______near to dinner LIVEto celebrate Thanksgiving. Правильный ответ - living. Пропущенное слово в тексте является определением к существительным " relativesandfamilies", а значит, от глагола “live” необходимо образовать причастие I в форме IndefiniteActive, выполняющее функцию определения, «родственники (какие?) живущие рядом».

  3. 25 Most Americans consider Independence Day and  Thanksgiving to be the  _______ GOOD public holidays of the year. Правильный ответ - best. Здесь необходимо употребить превосходную степень прилагательного, так как в предложении говорится о том, что эти праздники самые лучшие.

  4. LondonEngland (1)01/03/2015Dear Mary, (3)Thank you for your letter. I was so glad to receive it. (4)You ask me to tell you what I think about disasters. Well, I think it's awful. And (10) I'm really sorry for your aunt. Tornado is the worst thing I've ever known. (5.1) But (10) luckily I've never faced it (9). Of course, there are many disasters in our planet: floods, droughts, mudslides, earthquakes and (5.2) others. Unfortunately, we can't predict them. (9) I live in central Russia, and (10) we haven't got such awful disasters. (5.2) But (10) still sometimes we have strong wind and (10) tempest. Rules are the same I think: not to be outdoors, close all windows and doors, not to come to windows, switch off all electrical equipment.It's great that your teacher got the award. Do you like her lessons? Have you visited historical places with her? Can I see her projects? (5.3)Write back soon. (6)Best wishes, (7)Ann (8)

  5. Study the two photographs. In 1.5 minutes be ready to compare and contrast the photographs:• give a brief description of the photos (action, location)• say what the pictures have in common• say in what way the pictures are different• say which of the concepts presented in the pictures you’d prefer• explain whyYou will speak for not more than 2 minutes. You have to talk continuously.

  6. Вариант ответа:In both pictures we can see children spending time together. (1) They are playing different games. (1) In the first picture the children are outside. (1) They are playing a funny game. (1) In the second picture the children are somewhere inside. (1) It seems they are playing a computer game. (1)In both pictures we can see groups of children. (2) They are having fun together. (2) They are smiling and excited. (2) They enjoy what they are doing. (2) At the same time in the first picture we can see the children in the street, maybe in their yard. (3) In the second picture the children are in a room. (3) In the first picture we can see that it is winter time, there is much snow in the street. (3) In the second picture it is impossible to say what season it is so probably it is summer. (3) The children are wearing light clothes. (3) In the first picture the children are playing some active game. (3) In the second picture the children are sitting at the table and playing a computer game. (3)As for me I like more active games outside together with my friends.(4) I go in for sports so I enjoy doing different physical exercises.(4) I think it is healthier to spend time in the open air than to sit in front of the computer screen. (5) I like computer games too but it goes without saying that socializing with your friends in real life is more interesting (5) and no computer can replace it. (5)