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SAF AGM 08-09 PowerPoint Presentation
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SAF AGM 08-09

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SAF AGM 08-09
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SAF AGM 08-09

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  1. SAF AGM 08-09

  2. Presentation by James La TerriereSAF Treasurer

  3. Financial Report – 2008/9 Steady State Operations • New SAF trading as intended • Networking Events and Partnerships established • Non-core activities no longer present • Change of Director but established team • Core funding secure • Southwark support maintained • Bridge House Trust support lost • Few new sources of income: SOWF, Peter Minet Trust, Public Art Commission

  4. Financial Report – 2008/9 • Still Drawing on Reserves • Unsustainable • Already taken severe action on costs. £18,000 taken out of costs y/y Revenue generation is the key going forward

  5. Presentation by Edward BirchSAF Director

  6. Buzz Words • Baseline, Benchmarking, Best Practice, Blue sky thinking, Bottom-Up, Can do culture, Capacity building, Champion, Citizen empowerment, Core developments, Core Message, Core Value, Cross-cutting, Empowerment, Enabler, Evidence Base, Functionality, Funding streams, Good practice, Horizon scanning, Income streams, Level playing field, Mainstreaming, Meaningful consultation, Meaningful dialogue, Mechanisms, Network mode, Network Place shaping Overarching, Parameter, Pathfinder, Proactive Rationalisation, Service users, Shared priority, Single point of contact, Social exclusion, Step change, Strategic priorities, Sustainable, Toolkit, Transformational, Transparency, Value-added, Vision, Wellbeing Worklessness…

  7. Current Funding Situation • Regular funding from Southwark Council • Good level of in-kind support from a range of partners • History of project funding • Tiny amounts from sponsorship, advertising and individuals • Small amount from training events (new)

  8. Funding Situation • Let’s say SAF’s annual operating costs is about £100,000 • Council funding = £50,000 • SAF needs to find £50,000 every year or reduce operating costs and output • Let’s say SAF ends the financial year with a £15,000 gap or deficit • Next year’s funding target now becomes £65,000

  9. Key Question • Can SAF attract £50,000 year on year through existing funding opportunities? • Project management (chasing the money leads to vision slippage) • Sponsorship • Advertising opportunities • Individual giving • Training courses • Advise sessions

  10. Alternative Business Models • Reduce operating costs and output • SAF is already small with part-time staff • Trustees have no desire to reduce output • Expand to attract more funding • Complex landscape to navigate • What are the benefits for Southwark? • Takes forever and a day

  11. Paid Membership Model

  12. Paid membership • Charge an annual membership fee to raise additional funds • Fee needs to generate sufficient amount to cover yearly deficit • Keep the process as simple as possible • Set a fee that remains constant

  13. Paying for information & services • Changes SAF relationship with members • Highlights the benefits of SAF membership • Highlights the need for information, advice and networking • Makes membership a ‘considered’ decision • Moves away from thinking that a ‘free’ service is a non-essential service

  14. How Much? • Fee needs to generate an income without severely reducing the membership • Low-income groups need to be protected • The membership follows the individual • Fixed level for a number of years • Amount needs to reflect level of service

  15. The Magic Figure • 38p per week • £1.67 per month • 84p per ebulletin • 56p including Creative Directions • The cost of 29 chocolate bars per year • £20 annual membership fee

  16. 3 Types of Membership • Free and available to everyone  but no bulletins or benefits  • Full membership receives all the benefits  but pays an annual fee  • People on Low-income will receive all the benefits of the full membership  and pay nothing 

  17. Ideology • Individual membership only to keep things simple • The 3 types/levels are designed to reflect the needs of the membership but keep the process as simple as possible • Online payment will be available • Requires an investment of £4,000 in web technology from SAF

  18. Presentation by Katy FattuhiSAF Communications & Marketing Manager

  19. Paid Membership Model

  20. Practicalities • Keeping it simple • Maintaining a basic/ free membership • Full SAF membership fee = £20 annually(free to those on low income/ benefits) • Fee same whether individual artist or employee • Pay through the website – Paypal£1.67/ month

  21. What SAF does for our Members • Help arts sector in Southwark be more effective • Help creative practitioners excel…meet right people…find right opportunities and support… upskill… build confidence… keep up to date and connected… • Help individuals feel part of creative community • Help arts orgs have greater impact and reach more people

  22. Basic free level membership • Listing on SAF’s searchable Directory • Access to SAF’s website • Free attendance to 1x big SAF annual networking event • Invites to SAF events –no priority booking and at full cost • No reduction on costs of training or one-to-one advice • The member does not receive SAF E-Bulletins

  23. Full (Paid) Membership • Enhanced profile on SAF’s searchable membership Directory • Profile listing on E-Bulletin when sign up • Receive 24 x E-Bulletins a year • Ability to add items to E-Bulletin • Priority booking for Networking Events and One-to-Ones • Reduced rates on any fees for events or training • Reduced rate to advertise in Creative Directions • Free advice and sign-posting via telephone and email • Exclusive access to web areas - Resources/ Googlemap / Calendar

  24. Full (Paid) Membership • Southwark art discounts e.g. * discounted theatre or exhibition tickets * discounted specialist training * discounted hire of rehearsal rooms/ technical facilities • Enter regular prize draw with the chance to win: * whole gallery space for a week* a film screening at local cinema space* your artwork displayed at The Biscuit Factory Studios* your artwork printed on the front of SAF business cards

  25. Presentation by Ioanna PapapavlouSAF Operations & Projects Officer

  26. Youth Work and Projects Link with Creative Directions and Focus events

  27. Youth Arts Networking event • Working in partnership with the Youth Services of Southwark Council and The Salmon Youth Centre. • Identified a gap in communication and exchange of information. • A need for youth workers to come together and meet, share information and benefit from networking. • Where? Salmon Youth Centre • When? Wednesday 3rd March 2010

  28. Anyone that works with young people and interested in creative ways of engaging with them. Anyone that have an interest in developing arts projects- but they do not work in this area at the moment. Youth workers Freelance artists Community workers Workshop leaders Venue managers and programmers Project co-ordinators Outreach workers Funders Who is it for? Target audiences

  29. What are the benefits? • Youth practitioners will meet and network. • Sharing of information, knowledge, best practice and experience. • Discus issues and possible solutions • Identify existing resources. • Achieve synergies in youth projects.

  30. What are the benefits? • Create and art commitment from the youth workers. • Present ways in which SAF, Salmon and other orgs can help them in developing their work. • Possible partnerships and projects will start. • Link this event with Creative Directions and build up a network. • This project will be the pilot- hopefully incorporated in SAF’s yearly activity depending on evaluation.

  31. Format and aim of the event • Case studies in relation to youth work how they managed to overcome problems and barriers. • The attendees will then be invited to discuss the barriers and identify ways of solving them with each others support. • Break down groups and interactive activities- simple ways of doing art activities with young people with very low cost. • Create a genuine interest from the youth workers- The Arts Commitment.

  32. What we would like from you? • Ask you to express interest in the project. • Hear your views. • Present your case study. • Let us know how we can help your area of work. • Talk to us about issues that should be raised and discussed Many Thanks!!!!!!!

  33. Presentation by Wendy JacksonSAF Network Manager

  34. Events Programme Proposal for 2010

  35. SE15 Creative Networking Events • Three networking events in May September December

  36. Seniors Creative Network • Networking event in April on intergenerational projects as part of Silver • Networking event in October, possibly linking in with Older People’s Day

  37. Other networking events • Boundless Networking Events • Celebrating Women Networking Event • Big Dance Networking Event • Creative Writing Networking Event

  38. 2010 Calendar of Events