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Raheja Developers DDA Contract_Raheja EWS Kathaputli Size Reduced PowerPoint Presentation
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Raheja Developers DDA Contract_Raheja EWS Kathaputli Size Reduced

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Raheja Developers DDA Contract_Raheja EWS Kathaputli Size Reduced - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Raheja Developers DDA Contract_Raheja EWS Kathaputli size reduced original papers

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Raheja Developers DDA Contract_Raheja EWS Kathaputli Size Reduced

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    2. @ PVT LT!i For RAHEJA DEVELoPERS a CONTENI NO CONTENTS PAGE NO t. 2. Speial Conditions (AmexuE-A) l. Mininus Acc€prible Specincldons for EwS Flals (Civil woft) Alnexure B 5. 50 6. lnt€r:l Electrifi catior lnshllation 54 Ext€mal Electiical lnstallarion 3. 58 + .- wata Supply, Se{@ge elc, 59 rom of Pdfommce secuity Bnnl Gudantee Bond 6t 12. s.v EE(|JQ)NZ SE(I) INZ sd. s(V sd/- AqP) sd/- EdwD-5 sd- cE(NZ) S.EJCC-? FoT RAHEJA oEVELoPERS PVT. LTD, PVI. LIIJ DEVELOPERS FOI RAHEJA "\J." {

    3. |JJll!t----Y PVT' LTO FOI RAHEJA DE1/ELOPERS PROJECT OUTLINE Thc pioject js for cd$rudion of 2300 lD!s$ for reseilenmt or slum dwdle^ $i!h specined covftd ma md specificdions and naxinun numbd of 1?0 hig! cdegdry houss (fi:ee sle houset along vitn d*elopmenr ofrhe sites for vadous ficitiries requned for botb rh6e i}!s olGidenrial devdopneDt s ps speciFed noms on . lotxl projecr rca of 5.22 hetr*. 2.1 ,lbe site naned as Kdputli colony G locded oo Patel bid on nonh ne Shadipu Depo. A oetF liie pr$* roNrnls dre nonh prnllel io Prtl rcad. nre sne rbuB ses. The sirc is sldound€d by o mix of.divitics lrd llnd us6, vliclr offei o diresc naluE to rhe site En&e Patl rosd bas a comsci.l i,biliiy oltlie site. A f,ow incone housing n ned Pdel nrsr is situacd tov,ids ersr chartcr&, which ponh)6 rhc commerciil Ite siie h alno* fld wirh minor undnlarions. A( pr6m1 rhe sire is a.@*jble rhroush Parel rold lowmds donl! Ths nercs Bus remiial is Shadipur. The siie; situated beseen rm Deto sadoB nanely rdel Nasai Mdo iaiion Alt tbe inreml/extenrrrmk old chcdlrcarioi csbl6 dc. shall be provided by 'e Developer. sdics such s rder supply. ssmgq som s s dnins, ' NurbdorHousg 2300 Mn )0s.q n LndLdng ommor,e1r MdidMarc.9sq. m. - Odeoor OnE - MinihM der 6 5 sq. n. nuldpuposo roon Ole Ktrcheo - MiniDUm rft, 3 3 sq. n. On.barh Mnimm !16 L2 sq. d. Oocw.C. MitriEum r.a 0.osq. m. Cler efiediv. widd olsbircase 1200Dn Ris6 175 mm mx. Trcad 250 bb nin. - - . ' - - 3.1.1 Tnc lws hous/flft d ro b€ Flmned in r high ns patren. 'I]le Dlvdops vill bc rcquircd to consnrct houss wirh o coNenlional R.C.C lnm€d shcft vith specificdiG is eircn in ihe dooneni. How*s, he will be fiee to adopr be(< &chnolo8y to g@d and ft rcquird ro submi! rhe d.uils of su.h r..hnolo8y lor apprcvrl of DDA. Ll.2 rrovGion of liftrh mdldarory. P T, DEVELOPERS FOI RANEJA P!L Fd RAFEJA DEVELOPES5

    4. <:,/ FOI RAHEJA DEVELOPERS ^.lPu."*,,",,". PVT, L;-i l.l.l fte Dereloptr will ensnre d,ar houes d. cosrudcd as ps buildios by-las and Shcfural codes d md adettMte open sprc* 3r provided. ne f.cililies to bc provid.i witn resitlement housinc i.1.1 Th. folloving nul.i-facilny c.n b. clubb€d i) Muldpurpose commiiy hall in a composir. lacility Cenre vit AEa for ssiliial rerril oudeb e.s. Dairy, I3n Pjice srDp, Kerolene shop eb. nay be prcvidc'l .long siih 6 ro 3 shops .and somc facilny lor inlomal shdppios. vii0 HoushsaH Playground/r.{eishbodood Not.: AE ofpdk aod plaxround can be pm ded in more dun onc lmation 115 ?,kd ptrkiq rt 3 noninrl6re 0f0.5 ECS pd 100 sq. n. of overed aca will hrve to be loviJ.d!0d qillbc rc(ommod.,.edon i. rf,ce $e only. rob€ lolroyed lor houses,a mdosed a A qnf .8,. 3.1.6 Ddiihd sp€cilicaiioff 1.r.7 nr Developfl wirl be ieqnnrd ro co$flcr ltE blitdires of faciliri6 Buch is Mulri purlose hdl, Bmri vi*s K6&n, Halrh Centre, Shishu \&tikr a p€r design to he zppmred by Chi.f 'l!e broid specincadons for thse faciliri.e hesids thce rcquircd as pe 3hctual d.sign will BROAD SPECIF]CATIONS i) ii) iii) 40 n'n rick CC flodng Kota Sron. noonig 52 bm lhick CC nmrins wirh concreie hidm* Inlemal Finhh on Walls: Wtite rnsh vi6lime Exremf,l Finish on wrlls: wdhed srir pliser ol approred dsi€r/pdren. colou of er turk ro be appoved by chief Archiled ofDDA. Ddo Tiles work Ccdnic colouEd gl.zed ril6 (NITCO, SOMANry. KAJARIA or equialed! n*e), !p ro lintel level. colour ro be as per desigt dnwins. Stel wdk Ptusal ieel door nams. Wood Work 30 m $ick nush dmr. T:\T'a, i) ii) iii) c) d)

    5. 4,. ' @dT-"ff/ pvr. oEvELoiEFs For RAHETA Aulho*edsil 'nre siles for faciliris such s senior secondlry sch@1 3nd pdnary sch@l' rclisios sitc police iarion, et. will b. rtvcn d back io DDA foi dEn conshctio dbp6'l ro rhe cdncmed sgency aner dd.loping lre iand ]l s MsxiBUn nuDbd ofhouss - 170 Mrxinum builr - 194?l sq. n. up ara Maimm gomd - 1242 sq. n. .owEge Numbd of $oreys - As per .hoice af the Develop* Blsenent - Aeording ro bye h* *cl8ivelv for pakin! md sqvics . Frce s1e dmdcial lopl" of available FAR $ pd Master plm 2021 oonpone 3.2.1 Spein.dioDs: ,\s per choice or $e Develotei Hovever, consruclion should cootam ro buildingby lsM ald stucNnlcods A applicahlc of cotred orea sill tavc ro be pnvided md can bc Pdkjni @ 2 ECS pd 1OO sq, ! accommodded in bAenen(9 rid d surhce 1.2.3 Codmuniiy mon wilh sme orhtr rcqeational conponenb con b. developed, Erained and minoined by D*elopq/A$ocieiion of de frce sde housins for csiins a healtbv livin8 mvircnnei! in the compld. Th; s!.c6snrl bidder wil bc !.qdrcd io pEp.r a conpftftdivc la]olt plzn of rte schmc incorloFring $e requftemmb s givo in ?an 3 above. He will also get paplEd (ne detailed deigls of hNe and otlter buildiolt whlch ,f to be con$octed bv niras p.r prctsjom lnid dowtr io rhese phns 1'ie Dswloper wi ll be 6e ro dg.i iz rhe spaces tiftin the site ltoswct, n is 'dvisable ro hiw grc.n pockeb between housii8 block!. It qll,lso oe $. 'srod'b lyo rbe Dp.lorft 'o coos -fl a,i ' 'ioerdL'ordr' h) the s@i.a nd or'e;nd r,,rB. tm .il s;h r'n" ' arm ore ov lo',1 rhe. t' Siro of eGctic subihrion I rcqnned by ih. .oocmed agency wjll harc b b.lovided vithin rh. siie. Coosftdion of.lcdic sub{bliods oi mv parrent ro b. made in (nis reg.rd to ine concm.d sgdcy vill be th. respoaibility of rh. Dmlopn fh. ud-s'ouDd qto hnks ro 'lomsr. $do s pp v so'ri. ltu( @lr- "na 6re frghhg as rqliftd by lne concemed ag.ncie vi1 6e plotred and conshct.d bv rhe D*elopd *dll, .horkid{ hub .nd dw.lopmeni ofpdl6, phvfields and odtt of rhe D*olopcr Cdshcrion ofbmdiry horidlture *ork eill aho he rhe Bpdsibilly 'nr. D.velop€r will ensure ihar sumcieni ombd ol res and shdbs de plated and a@ pnposed for ptrks and .€ d*.loped a gr6sv laIN Pvp FoI RA|EJA DEVELOPERS o*-$\.

    6. PVI LTD' OEVELOPERS For RAI1EJA c" ndelo!{ vill ed $e lsYout i.i"" *ur* * *' '*'"- hs$';'J".ifl ;;$$,ljH:*ix*r'"Llr"ilr The D.velols sll'lso be respoirbk for gert'is n€'e$arJ de coocdcd DepmrmenE ":i:i":!'-:i'ii:*?s;it";f"':$':T**fl1 sgeoci?5 tros tll d'med -:HH"J,"'J.'.il:'"";; mvironDdbl clemnc6 ftoE 5.1 a\-, ,;t$ / n,,"

    7. @l!r-"-ff aor RAHEJA DEVELOPERS pW. LTD. DEWLOPMFNT ACRIEMENI THiS AGRIEMENI IS MADE ON 11I$ Aurhority, a sttNrory aurhdry ondirlr.d lbdd tte Delhi D*elopnenr Acr' Delbi Dd.lopndt 1957 rhrcush ib Vice CbaioD (hercinind Ef.rr.d lo ss lne "Auddiry) qpdio ulss o1ndi6. r.Du8n! ro rhe con*t heEin shll nein .nd includ. its sceson. of rhe Fist Pd, {hich {Heainantr refcfted io s rbe Dev.lope?') ofde orhd pat WHEREAS 6. Alth@q G d*nds of d*lopme lor rehabilihrid project rr Karpndi Colony, includins otrbctio slum dwellas. eich comprisinE ore @q a nuhlpurpos. room, *i(h kjehcn, ba$, W C., balconv (iocludiig $0irc09, besides development ol &c sn6 for dll ri'purpose Comnuni rv H.U, B * K-nda. Tligos s'e,ad io rhe sDe ot wo.k 6 melro ?d in C ,pF | (ftoR' O-rl:oe\ dbclrd qi ' do-,menr to $u Agf'mer. or it tull bmr[r ' \m cbs]idliuofql"hrl'eDe '.oc.,l D.en LFo 'o Du.ld.nd otroo'ol rppr\ l70Fe$le L'.with!rcol mr' !n "ove'ed rc. of 1q4?l sq. mr. (ttaeinaner Efded to 6 ilre trojecf). Thc D*elopd qould llso develop hads .nd p.riph'al series ftqun d fo the Prcjec( sn6 as p.r latee MCD/DJB noms \WIEREAS lnB Dcv.lop.r slter inspeciion of rhe pojei sie, hs shoM his id@i in $e srid pbject otr nurusl bm.6t sbriDs basis by eiving rhe hiEhen bid .nd rhe Anhoritv has acceltcd itc sane of ib ladd 1o lhe extent of about 5 22 lEcbrts of 2300 h ss 6r rs.trlesoi of Vika eopo NOW THIS AGREEMET.T WTTNESSETH AS FOLLOWS: l In rhe Conhct ias ndinaner d.lioed) rhe lollowing wds and exsdsiois sh,ll hNc fie frcmirss hcEby ssisned to 6d, *cep! wberc $e msl G) (D l.l orxcflEe requrcs: .Audisiry mcids rh. D.lhi Developmsr A!$odty acri.g Ltdugh i6 Vice Ch.imln or 3ny ofiicq duly adbonad by 6e Vice Ch.iman. (ii) "Develope nezs rh. p.Eon uhNe bid hff bem lcceptd bv $e Aurbdiv rvirb r€pdi ro rhe eid project. (D Developer on ri. - day of (il) Speciricariotr" nm (h. spsincadms of (h. Works included in $e 56!. of Wo*/Contad and dv nodilicaiion $ftof de Developa on sla io inshdioor or pmissior nom ibe Aurbority (iii)" man all d6*in$, calculatids.nd tehnical inlomarion ofli*. natu. provided hy ln. D.velop.r nnd{ lne Cont d aid all &a*ings, colcularions, sispl6, palrcDs, mdeh, op€onon aod na cnancc o,ouds md odEr iechniel iofomaiion of li*. n.tu submiiied 6y rhe Developd !!d aFprored by (he aplropiiae ruthoiri* no( finned b Delhi Jil Boanl, McD, Elerric s4pling ismcy concemed, Delhi Fnc Senics. DUAC, lhe envircnd.ntl rsdcid ol rhc Srale md Cenhl GoMdot, andDrird ofic.6 lho aft dnly .uthorizcd to gle iPpbeal m behall of rbe ''Conhd" ne.ns ibis A8renerrt .xecut.d b€twen the (b) or addilid rhqeio nade bv Authontv or s of tbe bid convevld bv (il) "Le(6 of Ac.epbnce" na6 $. loimal rceptue lle Adbonty to rho snccqsfin bidd.r '"rine lor Conplcrion'reaN rh. rim. $ipulared in rhft Agreemed ihr completing ihe execurion of wo.k and pasing rhe Tsb oo Cobpl.rion ol (i) k) 5 PVT' DEVELOPERI] I RAHEJA /il// ^*

    8. FVT LTD For RAHEJA DEVELOPERS pai rhseof s ,hted '. &e c.ntacr (or s of lne Cmt.cD Ihe Wotu or ary scrio or exraded udd* th. rms .ilcular.d iiom $e (i) s.risfaclorycobpldio. ofprojed i! conpliaoce wilb lne Fovisions rns onpl.rion olthe Delecr LiahilnyPsiod by rhc (ti) "Pnisimll Occup.ncy C.nificare (POC)' ne's rhg .enincale is$.d by lhc An&oiqon srisficbry cddpl.ion orthe plojsrh€lore Li ability Pe6od md befoe i$uance of Compkiion trnd "Cmpldion Cdificac" mems the cdificde i$!.d by rh. Alrhnry of Cont.c. Developei o'iplerid ofDefcc! Cdilicde. 2. h considenrion of rhe bid anour! d@osiled 'nn lne Authfriry and in coNidemtion or &e Devclop* con$nctins 2800 nib fdr thc re{.1d.mmt of rhe dm dvdl*. one room, one nulrl-plrldc joonj wi$ kiichen, bdh, w.c., balcony (indudins nzncme), d welr as d*elqmd of onshorion sib of Multi-pu4os comnnniry Hdl, Bad vikas Kendm, Relisious site, Police Srarion, H.alrh Cdb, Pa*/Sbishu Vdik aid othd e$entisl rcrail ourles lhhh lic spsincally nentioDed in the $o!e of w* m per I I 4 piSe 2 dd in coosidsdion of hyiig roads and senies s prcvid.d inlhe slid Ch'pler, the Developa shall haw lhenshiinitizllytoe d lpon fte sildhnd lor lne puaos of dryelopnsnr .dd consh.tion ol firt (2300 EWS + 1?0 |le sale flab) A provided in rhis r\e&d.d (includins ronexur.s or any oihtr docummt fomiiS pM or lnn Agr*msl) specincadoos ippol.d by rhe Auhoriry. After $e compleriod ol th. 2300 Ews nah b de ethlrction ol de An$oriiy, rh. Aurhoii(y sbau coNey a n.rifun 1be D.veloDs, on reehold basis, aod the Ddclopq will be edided to dGpose ofi $e l?0 flats build rhscon on rre.hold b*is i. rhe opm barket for rhe considemrion (o be detmincd by ea.h compdsibg of cntire land 's ps aEa of 0.97 heraB to Nodidg iFlhb Aerencnr sball be coddepl aid conshded A a demis uoder li{ of rhc s d pise of land so N o gve b thc $id Developd lny nghl n . or i.recr rh.rein od' $,' $e ish conlded lndd rhh &r.emenl nris asremeo( shall ilso noi be consid*d as de'nise under 1N ol the podion of l.dd Bss$nc 0.97 hedim for !h. colshdiotr ol170 flls herby aseed io be deni*d and .he sncc*stul compldion of rbe Prcjed by $e Dev.lopsN,sred in d*e peent. The D*eloper sball nor acquire aiy ri€hl tirle, lilri d inec. .irher in rhe wor*s caried mt by him uoder rhis Agemdr oruq,lhing appuilna or au.chcd th@.o 5nd his claim:h:11 be linited only ro the atst of hnd not sore lhm 0.97 hecb6 along vith 170 rltrb built rheMn and 4joynent ol connon fdcnnies by lh. .sidenb of those hous6 rhd loo an6 conpletid of !h. d.v.loptud and @rtudion of the edn. psject io L're sarisfaction of thc Anihorny G provi&d in ihis Ageddr. l3 O|ns nod.liri6 (a) The Develops shill bc ctuidcd to accept bookiogs fron E pnblic in epecr of his quoh of 170 liee sle td' Howw.r, pemission shall be obbiftd liod the Autidiy 6y rhc D.v.lopd for cr$ing fie lan roon ol tbc liee sde d*11ing roib .nd conpleti4 $e .onrddion ofieehlemeor drveuing Dtis. 1lt Fhy$ical posssion of lhe nab b nte l'osprcti€ buyd .h.ll nor be given by rhe Developq lill rbe Antbority giv.s PFvisional Occup,ncy Ceiiligte b rh. D.veloptr ul ch shill be gild only alter msurins thc constucrion oldte x00 nab for dM dw.ll.E ro ihe satisladion of dre Au$oity ]ne EImarioi of rhe dhring dun drelle6 (lbout 2300 in numbet will be crded ou( by the Aurhorily 3fter the fl,b for rhose slum d*ell.s aie coBpl.rcd. Th{Ensn crnp rquird to be builr for shirli'rg rhe EWS honsins should ., ilu^ DEvELoPERsp;go' ^",[il""*'"n For RAHETA A/

    9. PVT LTD' For RAhEJA DEVELOPERS Authdced sisialorv b. devel.p by (he developer 3nd $. land rcquircd fo h. lane sill be pmvided by (b) Any bookirs of tne bonss or any pNnjsc ede by tne Dryeloper lo rhe prcspecriv. bu)€B shall not b! bindin8 upon rhe Aurhonry aDd &. Developtr shaU sp.ci6c.tly include d,is ctausc in n: Aseement virt the pup.criv. buyqs *hich sha11 a9p6vcd by rhe Audonry. The Developer lhall be t spdsibl. for earch and {rd of rbe 2300 n8 conshced by hin for rhe h&orily rill rbe Deleci Liability Perion is ovd or rill !h. defEcb i"dicded by $. Aurhori(y ire renore{ whichever is lari Th.! all the comnon laciliri4 including roa&, ftbil ddeh, prk, porice shrion, rclieious sire, intsnal roads, .dMidr Fla,€round, comuniry hall, etc. which are developed by rh. D*elops shzll be *clusively o*rcd by the Au$onty xnd rhe Develop* sh.ll hare io righr d ritle owr dre $ne, d&?r eijolbenr of rhes facilities by rhe ruiddb be (d) shoppins eoter, pnn!ry schoot sire, of 170 flds of Thc pmi*ion obbined by rhe Develor4 ar irs om con aod expense and rhe Devclop* shall be rcspodsibl€ ro oblain rhe sid pemissiotr. reErdins curing of ke |lom rhe cdDcmed Nrhoriiis shdl be L ASSIGNMENT AND SUBCONTRACTINC The D*elops shall nol msign rhe Conrdcr or any pmr rhdof, or any benefit or in!e6! Ex.epr wnere orhenise prcvidcd lndfi Ihc Coftacr, (he D*lops pin ol the Work witlDut rh. pnor wi@D coo*nr of the AurhoriO,, Any such coBen( shall nor howevq, rclicv he D*eloper iion my liabiliiy or obrisario! nidn rh. Conrad ard n shal br'6pon iblc fo, rl . .--. deiru. s 3nd n(dh6ofdnr Sub.D$rtope i'.1s-ns,.ensnsor workden as ft1ly as if r]ley uerc ln. octs, dcfaulrs or ncglcd! of rhe Devetop€r irsetr. Ptovided (hd lne Dewlopr shall not be FqniEd ro bke such conseni lor i snrl nor snb.onlrad any (b) hdase Contac( d slbconftdirs of 0ny psir of rh. works lor *hich rhc sut-Develops is raned in rhe of mderiils {hicb are n accordrme willl rhe slardrd Aecifred in rhe (c) Arsignm6r of Sub-D*.lopelsObligarios Id rhe *m( of i Snb Dorclota having uodedaken my obligarior rowtrds rhc Dcv.topd in sp.ct of rh. work! doorcd, d eoods, nardalq ptanrs or sflice supplied, by such Sub- DcveloFr, iny conrinuins oblisdioi *riding abihy Peiod sdtr n\e Colrad, th. Dedop* sh.ll ffier lne expirdion of such Pdod asigD ro die Audrorly, rbc bdenr of$ch obligarion lor rhe un*pjFd duhrion (hercof ll for a priod erc€diq rlur of tbe beld CONTMCT DOCUMENTS Inielprcbiion of Co.rad Docummb Tn. d*umdc fomins rhe conhc!,€ !o bur i! crss of rmbignirie or dkc€p.ncid lhall be fi!0r and biidirg on rhe panis. b. o*d * mutuaily explandory ol one anoths, rhqein, rhe i erprebrion siven by re Aurhtriry . \*l nr ^#--'*,,",":' -t. \ /,{

    10. PV ' L !' DEVEIOPERS Fd FAHEJA ArlroAedSrs dl' cuftdy ,nd Slpply of Drawines, Specifi.odos md o&r Do.menb 'Ine dnvings and lp.cifi.ations of coonrucion ,id orhd conshciion rclrted do@nenc shdl rdain in the cusody ol rhe Aurhdiry, bur copies lnemf shstl b. Oovided to rhe Developtr free ol chmge. Th. sxid docummrs sha[ nor, wir]Dlr rhe wi(m consot of dF Audrolity, b. connudiered ro a dird ptrdy by lI. Developcr Tbe Developa shall supply !o $. Auftonty copis of aU dmwinss, speincadons ud orher ddmerb subnirred by rhe Develop* md appror€d by iie aurhdries incruding Debi Jal Botrd, M,c.D., Etecrdc suppling asmcy concem.d, Dethi fte s*ices, DUAC, lne .nvnonosral .geoci* ofdre Stale ad Cdrrul Covemned, Aurbonry or ns anthorizcd ofi@6 lho d. duly runtorized ro giv. lpplov.l on behilfof Ine Aurhorit one coly of rhs Diwings d aloeaid sh.ll be l@r by rhe DevelopE on $e piojed sne and rh. sne :h'll at a1l fsonabl. tin4 te ailable for inspecrid a.d ue by rhe Au$onty sM by any o.hq pc6on au$onzed by $e Authodiy ii wiing. Respoosibilily ofDewloper ro ger vanos ipprovals aod cleanices of dd*ings md for obbinins otlEr .No The D$elopq sldl b. responsible lor ltpod Objscridn Cdilicars" ftor dr rypropnao aurhdiris and Depaturens no! linired ro MCD. Delhi lal Board, Elednc suppling igmcy concemed. svnomedd lgenci6 of lne Sbte and Cental Govmndr, ofl].ed {ho m duly audorized ro giv. apDovat on b€hrfof rhe Aurhodry. Delhi Fnc Sqvic$, DUAC, rhe Aurhoniy or ns authodzrd 6.2 Tte dehy i. subnission ol applicariotrs, drawincs, co.shclion pla$ lnd conpliaoce of$e obseMtio.s shall be rh. rdpoNibilny ol dE Developd, ,nd lny dcl.y in slanr of appoats by the afor€said Cove'menr bodies shatl no! cti* ft spoisibilities und* $e Conhc! rhe Developd of ,ny of ib Dev.lopd s Ghr.l RcpoNibifties ftc Dcvcloper shall d6isn, *sui. .mc and dililence rnd renedy lny def€b rherein, in rbc worlc of rhe said project nilh duc &mrdrrce wi& rh. prcvisions df dre nd ,ll ?.2 site Op.ntions and Medods ol Conshdion Thc Dcvelopd rhall bke tuI1 rcspoisibilfiy for rhc odcqlicn sfery and i,bihy opdations and nerbods of corshctidn. Whqc rhe Coftact expBsly ploidcs lhar .ny pin of tbe Pmanenr wotu shdl b. signed ty rhe D*cloper, it sh3tt bo tulty Gponsibte for ihai pan ofsuch works, nosithshnding 96r oflny oppovrl by rhe Au(hdiry. of alt sire Tbe Devclopq sh.ll, if called npon io do so, eitd inro and cxcclre rhe Agremenr, ro be !r9d.d and complded d dre coe of lhe Aurhdirn as may te oece$ry, wnnin ? dalr ot lhc dar. of (he issue of 6. Lcld of Ac.epraoce. failitrs vhictr its bid noy be Ejected by tne S. Po{oBince Seonir Tne DeveloF€r sholl b€ liable to rends/dcposir pedomne Crorc which shall be in &e nduc of . bink Eutunree in m Dproved lom. The i.dilurion fumishjns sch seconty shall bc sutjccr ro dre appmval of rhe sane by rhe Aurhority. The cod of complins widi rhe rqunhenb of $k clause shall be b.n. by rh. Dertoper unl* rhe Cortad orhqwisc plovid6. ftis Prlmance Sryity will be dbcbrged / rdned aner rhe S.onty b dc rune of Rs.. l0 Pi LrD8 oEVELOPisif DEVELoPERS F.r Auihoised RAHEJA For RAHEJA !'/ ... \1"^ siqidorv ^ Y D"

    11. /-\(-:y PVI ll0' DEVELOPERS For FAHEIA issue of Provisional Ocopancy Cqllicac (POC) *cqr ro rhe exled! of Rs. I Crore rhjch *tll be rerained d11$e*pnyol6e DeledLiabitiryP{iod i.e one y@. Perfoman c Guranree Botrd 'Ihe coikrcror rha1l submit an incvocibte Pa-fonnance 6u$n!e outr depos s nenriomd elsewhere in dre .oddcr lor his prop{ perfomlncc of rhe conbrcr agreme noNi.h$indins and/tr wilhour pFjudie ro my ofter rbvision in rtE cortrrcr siihin 15 dalr of issue olrerer or i.rcnr.-this p{ion can be tunhq cieDd.d by die Ensitred- upro Daximun p*iod of 7 days or wnren r.qucs of rhe consnfto. $ding the €asn tor delrys n' plocuring tbe Brnk GuEnrcc, ro fte *rhfacrion or rh. Enainer-itr 'I'rr nr, uutranee i. I d- rh. rm or coi sr d1f6 or Lx?d deDo- r;-e'DE or GDannrcc Botrd of rny schedulcd Bank or 6e sra€ B,dr of tMia. in accodance si$ {hc lom ann*ed h* ro (Adnexu€ E) in c,se r fixed dcposr receipr of aoy brrk is tunishcd by th. cont cror to (he DDA, as a pmr of rhe perfonrance sw0nrce ind rhe bank is uMble ro bake prlnenr aeaiNr dr a d lixed depsir rcceipr, coDsuld and rr,e.msutrr.r shan fonhvirh on deDmd irmished rddniomt sccurirv ro rhe DDA ro nlkc good rhedeficn I0 Croa in addnion !o dre lo$.iused hdeby sh. ft on 1be 10.1 V.lidityolPerronMi.cSc.urny subjed ro rhc provisio's taid doyn ii p4r 9 rhe pdfom.nce sesrirt, sh. br vatid unri|lbc Developd hN *ecured md .ompleled r Works aM rere.Ucd rny deGds therrr. 6 !o'.td our by rhe ofiice6 of rhc Atrrhoriiy or orlie^tsc h &codi.ce virh ihe c.nrnd, rilt llle nsuice of rhc Complerion Ceriticde Tbe Dev.toper sln hrnhd be li,bie for Emoval ot iny derech during rhe Defecr Llabiiiry Pc od.lte Deter Liabitiry pedod.ftd hindins ovq of EwS hous will be lor r Fciod of 1 r€m or 2 ni'ry seasois ryhich*{ is tarer afld Bsuance of tl'e Prc*:oi.l Occupancy Cefificde {POCI Such s.cunryshr be rclun.d b rheDevelopervirhii23da)Bdf rheis .of rh.slidCohptedonCdificdd I02 Cl,ims under Pqlormri ce S ecun ry Pnor ro miking a cLrn udn rhs peribnnance seconly lhd Aurhonry sh. in cvery .*e noriry rhe Developer ediie the ndDre ol rh. d.hDtr ir rcspcd of shich dr chih is soush ro br '11'e inrorndioi connencement or rlre work rccaiding vrriou mp€cb of ihe std pojed, including $e Developr shall be demed to hrrc iNpccrcd rh. sn..nd i6 sunoundiogsnnd available i. connedion rhffiirb checked rhe and io hrle sri!ficd nself betoE dr rom aid ndure theEor, ircluding rhe subsurface condiiioDs $e bdroloeicrl ,nd clindic condnioG the exten( and ndlre of rvork and ndeials ne.e$dy for (he exsuiion and @nplcrion ofrhe Work and rhc temedyiig ofany defeds &deitr, and rbo na.s of icces rnd conmunicdion ro rhe Sne md $e accondodarion reqfted by tlt Developd rnd in sseml shrll be dered ro hav! obbined all ree$ary i.fomdion.sto sks, conrilgeicicsrnd orhscncurdarces whi.h mry inUucncc {a) {b) (c) or rl.l sufficiercyofrifofrdion nre D.velopc shi| bedeemed lh. an ns obliglriois under drc conracr, i ncludins d.aliis Nilh rhc conccDed ro tEv. sdsticd iiscltotrhe cotrednss xid3rmcicncyofill

    12. -- !- l- F l- l.L l_ l ' ... .q.orP P. L\o For RAHETA ur"-.: F e Senceq DUAC, tbe dvironnetrral ogencies of 1be Shre and Chtal Cover.menr, Audonry or its aulhtri@d officen who are duly aulhorized ro eive approval on bsldl ot dte Aurhdty d its oM cosi .nd *ndsq as re1l is all dis .onting{cns dringr n@ssary lor the prcper execu tion .nd coDpletion of the poj Ect .trd rhe renedying or lry delecb 6'ej', befo'e rle $brilirg d,a isdr. undsrood rhar ro requsr for charSc iD ihc tms ,'d coDdirions of rhc cotrttrcr slDll be eten.trcd at ,,iy d,ge dD ant 8n!nd whdso*{ Tn. Derelopd bas aseed and Psjecr contol sslcm the Dcvcloper shrU provide 'n iDregnled conrol sFrem (i'chding tr Prosamm. of Wo!k) io ecordi e \irL it rtsFnsibilitics by preparing a coordnDhd sequence for cering n..c$ry rppmuls, cleaddcs etc, titm rhs differed rudondes $d reerdiog conndcement of wor* wiihin *ven dr,: of the issnam ol rhe Ldtr of Accepbncc, and submit rhe slne tbr .Dprcval of rhc Nrhonry' This ryler sMll Gnq appmval of Audiorjt, form pdr of d'e a;d-" ^q-mm. md 0 DeF 'eLl^, 'nd.ndu.t 1qne. Developer nor subnidrs iny nodified sy*m *mrin the prcscibed iime p6iod. rhe suege{ed Projecr Contol Syden sh.ll be decnd ro be$ ..c$red bv rhe Developd and sh.ll remio binding oi n l2.l ' eli'_ 'o non.ordnddd. i e del \ '' de 'rvo' In ne!..r'ol Le 12.2 Prcs,mnerobe3ub'ni ed TL;Dcv.lopff shrli, Drovide io ihe Aud$rirv a Msrc Co.dnclion Schednle volkparkages 8rd condtuslion mihsone alonB wirh Ddailed Consndion Schedrks wift icrivides oI shop dnwings, $nples, comnissiming lnd r.cepboce. ln rhc Scl,edule of Cotencdon, consrucrjon or ft senhnmt holsinp stmuld hkc€ ovd Frce_sale Housing At anv $i!c of tine beforc $c --pl;ion or rh" pdj;d d. "o*t^cdon ir conp?nson ro Free Sale-HousiiB. sho*ing iU of E{enlmmt honsiB will ba in in advmce iis' 12.3 Revsed Proldnse Il d ,ny rim. i! should rppear to lhc Androniv rhd dt &tual progre$ coifon io rha progrume appov.d undtr Sub Clsuse l2l. aDmoval oldr Au(honry for rcvising thc aed proE.nn. sloxirs the modincriio's to such p;sahne *hich .re ee$sty b eNuc complelion of rhe work *ithin rh' rime nipuliEd ior conplerion. The sisd progianme shall idclude i wi(h .xeedins rhe sli'mted tme. rhe D'velop{ shall $ek dplitrdion on ochriies 12.4 Proele$ Revies Meeiingj Pogres rcvis neeinss sh.ll be held lron 1in. to tim. d the rine a d.cidcd bv dre Au$orny. The progEs of {orks ind olhfl ma(ds neding cladfi€liois/ decisios ;ill be dkcu$ad dlntrs rhese necangs fte Aud'ariiv shall re'dd the niNts rhese needngs, which shall be acc.pEd md sigled bv a!(hodzed iepresenhliks or the of SuP.i i Endsce ll.l Developrr's lhe DlaoD-.ftjlo' !'o_ "lnrc tro" o!h.?",k:, Developer\ obligdioN undtr rbc Coitad The Develop€r' or a comp -";Ln.'-iheD" ..i.nrr er'h" .!r of ,.n,.;.me,o, ' 'e-'onofrh'wo'l eDapqr'lr 1o' ,h(Atror'/ r. un'o-t.e eofrh" ""0, .oro1r-bv neAr'onv(in nippo\' ni bc \irl'd''n p{nnr"no"' eo 'hewok c'. iu o/ed rr69 P PVT ITD DEVELOPER5 For RAHEIA DEVELoPER9 FoT RAHEJA

    13. PVT' LTD' FOI RANEIA DEVELOPERg rp6en6nve shlll re.eive instudiotr lrom rhe Adhonry. lf apptuvil of lhe Epresenrarirc h widdmM by $e Au$oiiy, rhe Deveropq Gs soon as ir is piacricat hrviiS E$rd ro !r ftqtnmd of replacirg it s bdciMna mmlioded) .ns rceiving nodce of such withdn*al 6om (he Authoriry shall renove $e reprdenhlnr lron $e Wo*s md shall not rhdeafte! e'npby n rsain oi lnc wo*s id rny capacily {lfboev6 and shall be bound b repbce ir by lNths rctrcseiurive .pproyed by the Anrhority. ll2 Develop€as TheD*dopersbdl b.rspoisible to Ploljdc on rhc site Ir conrcclion yirh 6e *ecurion ind conpkrion ot rhe works and rhe medli's olany defecb theEn : only such rechnical asisbnN as me skilledand rDd leadn'g hands * rie corpere to provide pDF* sup*inlendmce of the Wo*s: and (b) $ch ski ed, Eniskilled rnd nisklkd labou as r€ nece$lry for rhe popq lnd rinelytulfi llingof DcrclopelsobligarioDs E nployts expe.ienced in $en resperire crllings (") undr rh. Conticl. The Developer shrll ihronghou! rhe erecurioi ldd coDphrion ol rhe works ind thc rmcdylng of any ol $e deLds rbcrcin: (a) hrve tull .esaid for rhe sarery or rLl peMns endtled ro be.pon site Go ri,r x tu sme is utrdtr hs cotrroD fud 'he works Go far s d,e sane ,ie no' .onpl.rcd or occupied by $e Anrhonty) in.n ord*ly nde m m.] bB requiEd fo. ivoidanceof danseri nsksro$rhpesoDs. (b) prcdde a.d nrinbin d irs osD co$ rll kmpomry lockable doon (lor mons rhere ulurble equlpned oi fruin$ mc insalkd) liglB, guards, f.iciig, saming siSns and wdching, Lvh.. and whftc nc.cs.ry or requncd b! rhc,4u.hodty or any dlly cosrihred ftoity, lor the proccrion of tha Wo*s or rhe sxldy and co'renimce of bke an rcasoi$le $eps ro proter the hvnoioe damige or nuhanca ro p{sons or ro propeny ofrhe public or orheB ansins m a .oB.qucn.c of ib me{bodsolopenrioni rnd nor ro de'nolish. remove or slrer my of rhe .ristirs lnduB vith rhe exisring anenriq Nherhc on and ofi the Sire and ro avoid or c,use i'tdeience l5.l Arrhonq\Resposibiliries 'Ihe An ron'y sbll prcvide pnj.c lirisarion dc. Tbe Axfionry vd €hobiljtore th. slun dwllffi and mk. $. site alailable for dcvclopne N soon as sufficidt nunbd ol ilac de .dplcred and nade .vailablc for l6.l Respodsibiliry If xny los or damge ecus to ihe ,r'o* or any pan rheFoi durins ihe period lor vhich the Developtr is responsible rtr th. c,€ rb*oi ton any crue whabo*er shlu d irs o\h .o$ rcdify slch danage so rlF dF Pmane works col'|om in every respsl Rirh the pmvGioDs of the Contad to tLe $iisfaction of the Authonry. Tne Develop* ro rccrity los or Damagc ourbylt lorrhc purposcolconplingwith is obliga ons opeFtionscatried DEvEToPEPuilaD-', r Fo, RAHETA ! Auihoised siq i dorv

    14. - F !-- L{ r" 'ri 'nF'LLoPfRst " l' i- t- S. l S a' - "P t-Dfleloos 'lJlc.rrlo' ...g..r"nd.'."1 o pre'e'+'nthF..ouredosiod..nle*p..cnoJliom doiorrlei.eonicco.nrorloR.Mrjeu(ci'aN .'rmea'edh"E rji qdlo ir'i.-'\'d\e_m'Fdeliedo .0or' o mJr,l or --q ed ooea o'.i"il a '' ="..," .'."',. do'b],\.rvhmsnv.u1._tuF o_-u-ervi-k lomh.omou.onon.'ru'l,r.dro,..iveruicerpo:"sooral's?dous o'oRne.or 'nlerDlosi.enr'd o nu.'r o mD-'rheeor. ro 'io. "om no':on o' oio(e. u k du" e,o,\oriesiJP.oj.'-rdlrhecok.'rqrb. r bto\' nod. dvA.d.a oro'eicn_r' S- I F.: I 'ol l\ '6 's ro F tloee o e Delel ofl n Damrge,o lj#lii"Ji:";j''i*,.;:Ji,''"';.i'.1'"'""'"'""'"\o r"r i.,-ri -.,"'r . -r p**" - Lb, lor or ds 'b' lor or ds a"e o r^c i r'r on , d 'h. Ted. .s of -ny Jcfc !|f.e: treainn a1l claim:., d.mrgs, c Pson(.nd Prop{,y Ll U I -- tl *'rd"mir'lb" - i - r'd ! poLlcy rake our apprcpdak iDsunnce The D*eloptrshrll without limidngih rtsponsibiliries, in rhc joinr nlres or t]]e Developd ! to inypiopdry misirg od orrhe pe Aurhonty,agiinnliabiliriesforlosoflifeordamrse Minimun amonnt of lDsurnce sr'\ 'n. nnt-, ova ndl bF b-a l-r. 5e brd 1. o . I l9l Thei'sDgncepolicysMI|i'jclUdeados|iabi]ilyclauscsuch1h0tlheic $a DeveloperaDd Authonlys h.vingbeen seprdely isured 211 Accidenr The Authonry shall noi be liable lor or in Espcd of !try d.nr3* or con'pensarion payable ro any workmi or odE pa6or in rhe esplqment of rhe Developd or 8ny Sub Developa. 'l.Iie Develop{ shrll indemoify dd *eq, indcmnified'the Authority tgrin( all such damgB rnd conp.nsatidn (orhs than lhosc for shich the Aurhority k liable as ifodaid) ad leoinn all ckims, prcceedinss. drmages, cosb, chaiges .nd .xpcnses vhrrso$er in Bp€d thereolor in or lnjury b Workmen ),2.1 Id"urrn(e rC,ii{ ..iden' lo lvorr.ncn The Developd sha ll r.ko nc.c$ary insnn nce policy lor coven ns the risk of tccidenE erc to die wo*nen employed by it and shrll keep rhe sid i'Nnnnce ulid rnd alive dudng rhc mftc penod lor {hich rhe wotlnen rc enployed by n oi rhc slid pojer. any lrbor ces paFble under Building & odrr comhdion Wd**\ Welfar. Ce$ Act, 1996 sh.ll be ?aylblc cxcllsjvely by rlre Developd. Palne.t ol VAT, pxrable urd* Delhi v.lde Added Tax (D 1 T) Ac!, 2004 shall bc boure t2 Fu'r"'EJAi' \ L. PVT' LID' OEVELOPERS FOI RAHEJA

    15. - E t-: ' S . o, o!rE. q DrvELoor cq pvr -,o !- E,'Jene tid T*m\ oflnsurrnrs Tre D.cloD{.hdllo'ov de $ d-.. ro ' _ A-i onrJ pnorro r_s"n ol{od r r'e S]eInlt 1-1.' ".rr_u'ed-nda ge.onk.rh$eoeme-e.kd..rlsbillwrn'n Id&Do(re (o.metuen.n D'", h.!" "i $'Jeok., - rh poh r' ;'h' au o'r' .ne DdLloprr do s'" p' ". .,5. r'i.hi,r'- 'or or..r'. od n em..porc\enbv'lrAuf oi\. ll.l a Ionv *$"o p'osdios \ndl noDN -_ Aurhonry - or e c-" nu'dnrpo issh'llbc o4Nen' {itbthede.a rml "sred .u" 0f M 1e.- or AeDL.e.fiD.veop'n,lr'"e,'Jli-Lnn.e +: I fo' i: l- -De.eoplr1l' prslnncro $ee^€..r."n0.4trw or o'5 hrncaed..kdin'lennu!.c{o ll- alepoh vr'd h. I & o'dd "!i'hrh"ren of'h€Conr'3 'e...'.n^,.rr +r- I hein -',nr,dJlune, ' - roleJna.he sd.h....c,{,rrprd ""DL'o'neft,meno'1..urdo,-n. ( omprirn.! - irh srriuks R.Burnion, 'l,eDeeopd 5.1 o.t.o' ' I.,, qo "rike,',.hnrp.,..'m " :.tYT,";,':.?i",":';:"i::','."t',:,;l'..:fl:'T,:':,';'":;i:',it: \osol'n!siirPwrisndrr'.elrn6orJ1.defr.-n..'n,nl b) y be afieded in any rvay by rh. worlc, aM dre D*dops Auftonry i'dennified rEaini all penilries lnd lilbilny or erery kind lor of rny such povision l- l-- I i-: F S- rl -1r ol go 'll o'_ dd e 'n ndb/hrgv !l 'lne Ruls ind Rq$ktions ofall public bodies *hose pmpeny or nghc 'rt,ffecred - sbill kee! lhc r l1 fo$ik, loins, dicles of v,lne or Niquny i,rd srucrua ,nd odE re'nds ol dings of seologicil or rch.coloeicll idft$ discovered d the Sits sll.ll, s b.trveetr rhe Au$ority and rhe Developer, be deemed ro bc rhc ibsolurc popaty of the Aurhon(y. The D.v.loptr slMll bke rcsoMble pRaulions ro Drcvdr irs volk'nen or rny o ,er peEons iion d.naging or rdnovhc:ny s(h adicle or rhins i.d shall, idnediarely upon discovery Emov.l, &qlainr lhe Anrhoniy of such dkcovery and crry o $e Auttdtyt for de.ling *irh rh. sne Ir, by rcAotr ol such inirucdons, rhc Ddeloptr sutres delay in execuiion olde work ind / or incr3 ost lhen llle Adhod(v shi and due Msulurion wirh rhe Developer allov *1e6ion ol rinc for conpl.rion ol lne vorks. thdcof.nd befoe iffmctioos 27.1 Interflrln.r *ilhTrrfiic rnd Adjoining Prcpdliel Al1 opmlions nec.srry lor the exmdon rnd conphriod ol rhe \{or*s and drc remedyidg of any defecs therein shau, so far s conpliance wirh the rcquirments or be canied on so a not Io inre dc unneesarlly or inprcperlyvith rhc cmved.lce io &e pnblic, or (b) ihe acces ro, use .rd ocdndion of public aDd pnvarc lolds and loorpdh3 (o or of propdries b lhc po$c*ior ol rhc A 'llre dereloper shill savc hamles rid iidemit proceedi',es. drnEges, cons, chmsca and *FeNes {hds€v* ,try such natt6 in so hr as the DevElopd is r$ponsible &ereof. .- \u)#., rbc Aulhdiy in Msios Pvl ! u For RAHEJA DEVELoPERS

    16. P']T' LTD' FM i]AEJA DEVELOPERS siqnabry ALlho'ised 13.l Cl!,rr!.eorSiteonCodtletion UDon rhe issumce of the Provisional Oc.upaicy Cenincde (Poc), $e Derdops sl'au cler aMy and Imow lion thd pzd of the Site all D*dopr's Equipnen! Suolus macrial, rubbish rnd rempo€ry works of any kitrd, .rd lerre such pan of rhe Wo*s and Site clean ald in a rorkrnanlike condirion to rhe sdfifaction of the Aurhonry provid.d rh{ rhe Devcloper shrll be endrled to rehio on Sirq unil the end of the Deted Liabiliry ?{iod, su.h hd*ial, Devclopefs fquipnen! rnd tcmporary work rs me ftquned by ir ror lne p4ose oltuliilling ib oblisations duing the Delsr l-iabiliiy Penod. 29.1 Engag.nenrorstrffrndL*our The Developer shrLl, Dake all necs$ry etrglgeDenb for .ll its iafaand lrbor, local or orh6, and for rhen paJmht, housing,lecdinglid hnsponrlotr dc TheDcVelopslha1l'nakensoMaftngcne|tslolensniiiglvrikbi vaGr for the endE developmem Rork and coninEtion aclivities. The Develop( slmll csrre tull complnnce \irl, rlI prolisioDs undq lll hbour hws lnd resnlaion sudr as ParDeni or wag* ^cr (ler6), Minimrn wages Ac( (19a8), o\Bi\ Li,bihy Acr 0e33). workmen\ conpeie'ion Act (1ez), lndusuirl Dispds Ad (1e41, Mdcfrny Broetu Acr {1961), codtrr' L.bor (Recnlriion rnd Aboliiion) Act (1e70), ladories Ad (1913), InreFsrate Migrn( lvo*ncn (Rsglhtion ol Enploymcit .nd condnioDs of seRice) Ad ( 1979), child f,abonr (Prohibirion Model Rrlq fnmed by rhe Covmneri or local bodid Fon ihall!$une r.spoisibilily lor oiyindmniry ft ADrboriry p4meDt by remon of tbe applicdion ofany Labour Lars, Acb, Rules or Regll.tio* *ndrg and Resllarion) Acr (1936) Ind - I rBrine 3ll *pense,liibi y or ln rcspecr of alL labour, dn.dly or ind;cdly cfrploy.J by rhe D.velopd oi rbe works, dr. Develop{:brL1d i6 oM expens amnge lor *rict obsenanceofall InEd ni $e salery code of$e c.P.w.D, aM B.r.s., $e ElednciiFAd, 6e Mines Acr .nd thtr Acb as may b€ ,pplicable. Snch pEaurions shall be the mininun neae*ary ind shaU no! secludc thc Dcveloptr raking dditioml safery pdruliois is n.y be *in.n@d |or the pdnicuhr qlc or wolk or situ snch Frecauiiotrs shdl not absolvc i]]e Develops of hG liability in ctre of los d d.ni8e 10 prcpstyorinjuyroordsdhofnnyp6ononorldsiisoutoftheworks. Ilinlne opinionol the Aurhonq, 6c Devolopd fiih ro Fdvide nlequde safely on $. wdk, d'e Autl'o iyshall tt edided io do so 'nd recover lne csb tlierof, fiom any rmounl dne or ro bcconc duc ro the Dcvclopq md rhe Alrhon.y shall nodfy rhe Developd accodinsly. lhe $fcry proviriois.s l lr Developer shall rppoint at dre site rn officr for 6c purposB ofesniing the salery md ptot€dion aglii$ accidsts ofallns $otr md l,bou. The sid oficer shall be duly q.rlified fdr lhe said job and shall hiv.rhcsurhonq ro issue necesry i mdcr and hke proGdi'e ne?su6 s nay be so r.quned b Pa.nt a

    17. .--."^--fr,.,/- tv -@ 33.1 M.rsu.6 .gaimi Sh.k.,I Tb. Dcwlopq shall bk€ pEoutiom lo piokcl all srafl and labou mplot€d on lhe Sile asaid smkes, isecb, raN, $d odrs psb ard rd!c. lhe tuisan* o€ilioned by !h. sani 'ftc Dev.loper sball pldide irs 36fi and kbou Niin :libble prophtactica lor the F*enrion of dise*es / iunesss like nalari., dmguc .tq Tbe Developd shall comply si$ an dre rcgdatioc of lne loc.l bcaltn dutaridB in (nis Egfd and sholl, in pafriolz4 dangc to spFy lhoionshly 'iIn approv.d! lll hnildinss ecred on lhc Sire sucb teabeoi stall b. c.fti.d oi ai lsi oo€ r yar oi s ii:hded by lre Alrhonr/' or 0s pe ]1le Developd shall, so fd s is rasoDably lracticabl., having Fsa'd ro 1o€l cddirios, proide m thc Sirc, adequde snpply of diinhng and othe! wrs fd the cosuoption and se of ils saff md bbou. 35.1 Child l,botr. The Developq shall not .sploy @ the Wo*t iny teson b.low I 3 yaB of ags If &mdc eo&ds are dsased, lne Developd shall povide d ib om expds, all nsssarv ploviioN for safs$arding md pntectins childEd of such lcnde vo&es dd kecping rhen awv lion $e Wo is / CEhe. 16.1 E.S.l. .nd ?.L Obligrtions The Develop* shall net all obliSations lnder the Enployca Stre lnsmnce Act aDd rhe Povid. Fund Ad md shall folld tll flls and Esulatidns requiFd lndtr $e satd Acb is ay b€ in 'w M r-. 'o rine. All.nplotss qssg"a opotr $. wdke+'llb_6\tr.d und- 6e cheme and rbe Fq,us d-N_h shall be d.96 ed o ems of$r $:d S hmb dimdv $th &e oocmed aunrorilia, All €ords in 6m6!on pbp*ly naindined by $e Developd and produced for scruriny of rhc Aulnorirv whscver E / ui$ $e sare shill hc 37.1 Mrirtenmce ofReolds by the Develop€r }eDevelopgshallmint!idal$csiie3lllabourecor&'likewg.sli Egisd of patDmt md fines ets. as ftquircd under local laboor lNs and shall i&temifv the Aulnorit .*rin$ my citl or pmrl icrion * . Elnlt ol liilw ' if requn.dbytb.Au$oritrdeliwrarcMindebil,insuchf{mada.sEhintdilsa$e Au$onry nay pr6qib€, sboqio8 the srafi and thc nmb.r of dc easl tom tibe.op tine mployed by rh. Dadopd on dr. side md 3bb infomano' tgadiDA Develops s Equipms! s lba Author y nay reqlit. 10 do $ Th. Ddelopd shrll. cld*$ of labou l3.l RepoiingofA@idenrs ]ne Dd.lopd shall rc!.i ro rhe A$nority deraih of ey occiddr * sM e po$ible. ID cre of fabl or sdd3 injury, th. Dweloptr shall notit rh. Auhonry shout the ste imediorclv b $o quickBr orailable IHs. Sampls ind M@k-ups 'fte D.velorq shall 6mish datdi.l somplca and nmk-tps for rhe applo%l ol (he Aurhoriiv- lXe Dddop* shau pF d. nock-lF :ticrly jn accordance virh Sp.cincations atrd to dre desnen sbnddd of vo*nmship 39.1 Mrbd dd Mm! 9p: PvT Lrl 401 cosrors,dFles For RAHEIA DEVELOPERS t5 LTD.

    18. silnarcr) Aulhoised F u ]\ll $mds add n6k ups shrll be provided by .he Develops ar irs orvn coi if rlt slptly rherofhcle y inrnded by or pro The cos of.ordDcrin8 all tbe reb sha11 bB bomc by $e Developer' 4l.l lnspcclon or Opmriotr Th. Auftoniy, ,nd .ny pqson authorired by i!, shall d all reasonrble tins h3ve acces ro th. siG and ro .ll worlTlacq and {here m Prepmd for $e Wo*s lnd rhe Developer sball .fford evdy lacility lor and *ery.*hhncc in obbiiiie tlle nshr 10 $ch 1l.l l$p.crion aM Te$ing Lhe authonly snd is olfices shrll be entithd, duitre operarioN, ro iospcd lid .ee d'e mbials undq rh. Coiftcr. Ir d,e Drdenat iie bcing n'nnracbred of prepared in vorkshops oi plac6 odrer than rhos. of lhe Developtr, rhe D*eloper shall obhi ,4udonry to caffy out such inspsrion and kstitE in thos {otuhopr lid places s$h inspedion or r$liog shall not rcli*e rhe De{.lopei rn'n rny of ib ob1i8i(ions und( tlt. Dabs for Inspecdon Thc Dcveloper shall concur wirh rhc Au.horny of rhe tine md place for rhe insDedion or rcdid8 of any mai.nah or Plant rs pbvided jn rhe Coftacr. The Aurhonry shall eive rhe D*dopr nor 16r rhan 24 houE norice ofns ioldrion !o carry o $ei rhe rsr. Il Ihe Aurhdiy, or irs dDly au&orized fpresedr.dls, tre ni$le io atend on rbc dare so agreed-$e D*elopr my (nnle$ orhwise idtucted by the Au6onry) proceed widr rhe hr, whirh shallin d,e $id *eot be demcd ro have beetr conducred rhe aurborily. The Dcveloper dull loinvnn loNard ro rhe Aurhoriry dtrly c{rified copid of dre re$ rtpons :nd in rhc evcn! of rhe Aud,oiiry havins nor sreided rhe andTeting in lhe pr6cnce of ll a( rhe dme and phe rgred rbc mdeiak rc no! r€dy lor insPeciion or tiing: or if 6 ! enlr ol the inspedon or G*ine rcfd.d to in 6e sid chusn dr. Audrority finds thd lne ndelals ue delectirc or d$6vise no. ir acordrnce vith $e spccinc{ids piovided under 6e conricr, rh. Au&oiry nay rcjed $e and shall nori& Ihe Dwdopd rheiof imediarely The noti.e shall {atc the Authodty\ objo.lions widr re,sons ft. Develops shall rh6 promptly rediry (he def.cs tr ensnrc lnd rhe rejecred ndcrials re replrced. lf the Audonry so r.q!esb, rhe tsb olrjecred mdEdals, shall be nade or repearcd uider rh. sne ienN and condnioos. All osrs inffed by the Aurhorily io rel,rion ro repedtion ol (he Isb shall, aner due consulr.dd wirh rhc Adnoity rnd ihe Dewlopr, b Au6onrv and shall be rsovmble from the Developer rnd mry be dcd!.red ftom atrv rnount dne or Io lEonc d!. od par?ble b $e Dcvclopq by tl'e adnoniy 46 1 Inde?hdmr lNp.ction The An(hority m.y ispecrion rnd tsdD8 of nd.nlk b .o 'ndependent Notue orsuch appoinhe.r (nol being lss tun I dryt shall bc given b ag6.t PVI' LTD' RAHElA OEVELOPEFS P DEVELoPER9 Fd RAHEiA

    19. PvT LTo to. FAIEIA OEIELOPERS s$naroty Aurhorised 47.1 Examirdid of Wo& bclorc Cokdng W No pd of the WodG sha[ be cdverd up d lut olt ol ie\v vilnot ibe apPbv of th. aulhdt and th. Ddclopa shall rffod ftll opponuny b the aurhonty b cxomin lnd naff any such pan df tne woc. *hicb tu .bout to be covffd up d pur our of vie{ rnd b 4did. foundliions belw lny pad of $e ltork is pl.ccd rhdm. The Developer shll sive rori.. ro thc Allhoriry {hcnevtr any snch p3d of rbe fouDddion d w& is or !e Eady for exmimrion and (he au$onty shall, qithout lnredonable delay (uote$ it co$idcd i. trmeGs,ry md advis* the Develop' aeordi4ly), stdds die sane for rhe purpo$ of d.ninin8 Dd meNudng such pd ofde wo*i or for .xominins such l@ndahon. 48, Uncoring 3nd Makjng Opdi4s 'I11. Dcwloper shsll umB rhe Auihoity my 6on rine to rime ituhct and shall reinsbb md mke good .ny such p.n. lf lny such p3n has bea co!trd up or put out of view anq complirnc. wi(n tne reqfiemot of Sub-Clause 17. I dd h found to be exeured in accordance eih rhe Conmcq lhe An$odty shall, .Ad due .onsulbdon $irh lhc Developer, detemine thc anounr ol the Dclelop*'s cosrs in respecr of such unwsinS, tukjng opminEs in or rhmud, rein$dins and makiis good rhc s!sc, shich shall b. dded ro rbe Contad Con, did sboll noliry ihe D*elop{ iccodinsly. In an' other c*e all 6es sh3ll be bome by (he Developd. any prr of lne Wdk d nake openitgs ir c thoueh rtE same s 49.1 Rmovll ol imprcp* wo& md Mdenab The Authodty shall hav. rhe dsht to nse innodions Eoh rin. ro tine for (a) dre rnokl fftb rhc Snc within such time or rimes d may b. splcilicd inshcrions, of ay mreri:ls accordan.. vih the contmct, rh. sub$inrdon ofpropq md suitable mtftials, and dr. Emoval md lropd re{x.dtion, noNi$srmdi'g iny sevious lcsl thtaf i.terin palmeoi derefim, of iny edk, in asped or (i) mrdjsls or uorh sbip, or (ii) opinion of rhc Althoriiy, in ,ccor.iame wnh tne Cont'ct. i.h, in rbe oFidon or tbe Aulnonty e G) or ) desig! by ftc D*.loptr or lor which it is resposibh and which s nol jn d'e SUSPENSION olthe Adhonry slspcdd th. ptugi€s The Dseloper sh.ll, on rbe i$hctio6 any pan th@ofin rhc opinion of rhc Anlnorily (o) X G nsessry by Est Dcveloptr 6 fo! which n i! rspoNibl., d (t) X ir nccesry byrcson ofcliDrric co irioos on Sne or (c) It is necss[y for $c proper ex.ddon of &e Works or for &e $fery any pad &ereof. df sone d.&ult c br@ch of Contacr on COMMINCEMENT AXD DEI,AYS Comnelanmt ol Work Thd D.vcloFcr shall com.r. sid elTst by rhe Aurhditt *peditiouly and -id@i dehy. 5l.l $e Wo!k! uilnin l5 d.ys of meipt ol 3 norjce by ir ro rbe Thq6nq, $e Der€lopd shall pr@dd wiln lne Works ;2. Way l*v6 ond Faciliiig 'fie D*.lopd sbtl bd all ccis and .horg6 lor special or rempoiary {ay l6ve €qlird by lin in cdoecdoo wiln ibe ac6s io the Sne ft. D.veloptr shtl a1e proride at ib owi cos .ny addirional facililie o!tside $e Sire rettuired b) ir ld tbc pu9o$s ol tle works '- )i,",,P*,,,"tr1, t7 Pvr' LrD, _'_ OEVELO\ERS PVI' LTD' Fd RAHEJA :.\ DEVELOPEFS

    20. PVT LTo OEVELOPEPS t4 Fo, RAHEJA siqnalory Aulhorised Tte *,tole of Ihe Wo*s sh.ll he complEted sirhin a tqiod of 24 Morlhs iion the dole of nolice ol cosmencemenl of w!k, Exiensior of Conpleiion Tine 'ftc Aurhonly may, in *ccptiodal circwencs, for conpletior of *dh $tje( to such hs ofnre Ardodiy h tnis 6pect vill be nml and binding d lhe p,ni.s if cotrsid*d appropiarq *tend lne iine and condirions !s it my dcem frt. The d@ision Wo*in! Hom md Wo*tuce 'fte *o* shall b. cdicd on olinlmllcdly conpli,ncc of labonr 1%islarion 0nd $e Developer sball dsuft availabiliry of requisite rvo* fdce for onDlerid of wo* vnhin rhe $ipulai€d pdiod. .nd il ii is neesary in muxiple shilb ensunng If for .ny rcNon (whi.h dos no! cnrite !h. D.veloptr any extmsion ol time), the mte ol prcsres ofde Work or iny setion is d any tide, in lhe opirion ord'e A ]]oriry, roo slow io conply Bi$ rhe Time of Complerioq the Aurhonry sh.ll notify rh. Developer of rbs snse aid rhe De€lopd sholl th@pon bke such stps as are oec*sry,:ubjecr to rhe consnt of t1E Auddiry, ro sxpcdnc rhc progr*s of lhe *ork so d io comply M$ r Complerio. rbereot 1lie Dereloper shall lot he endden b aiy addiridal palm€nt for 6king rcqun.d in this rcE$q lkc en8asinc lrbour, worknen etc. d nigbt dr o. locally Liquidared Danas* fdr Deliy rr rh. D*.rope. ts,l o romprv wi$ |nF { Drld on Eaaiing ro tinely compktion of$. trhoh of rhe Wo.k! d, r ,pp.i 3ol.i,nJ sadon -eaf, under tne Contict, rhd lhe D.wlop* shall b. liobl. to pry io dre Au&onty a snn .quivoleot ro 0.i% of ine Bid anounr v0lue lor every Donln of delay or pan lh*of subjecr ro naxifrud of 5% ol d,e roral conuct mlne. Tbe paynst df slch codpodsrion sh.ll not rclicv. tb. Dwcloper fton is obligdion to cmplere [E work. or 6on iny olntr oblisdioB md liahililies on ils pan bdd rb. Conhct. .] "..\r r e 'eletrr riDe p'esrbed Cmplerio. Ceninmie llld rhc vholc of rhc Wo* hs be6 @mplded md hG $iisfadodly ps$d all Te* on CoDplerid prcsdib.d b1 tb. Conhc! !h. Develop( Day sive a mric b 6it efect b de Anthoriq, aner L\e conpldion of Delect U$iliry Priod. Such notic. .nd unddahng sh.ll bc d.m.d to be o Equer by lnc D.vdoptr !o 6e Adndry b issue r CoDpletion CefrificaG in 6per of (he Work. The Autbority shall, s h,n 2l dals ofrbe dare of delivery of $ch notice, ei$s issue to de DereloFr, r Complerion Cdin.are statinE thc dar. on }hi.h, in ic opinid, inc Wolke lae conplcbd in rcordmce sif, the Conhcr, c give inddstion iD Midns to th. Ddelopa speciflng rll tbc vorks *htch, h $e Aurboiiys opinion ffi rcqnned ro be done by the D*eloper before $c ]ssuc ofsuch Ccnifrcatc DEFICTS LIABILITY Cospl.tion otoucranding work and Rem.ding Defecb To the *t6t lhd ih. Wotu sb.U, ar d !s soon d p$cricrble lan ore expindon of the Delecr Uabiliry P*iod, bs dcliv.rd !o ih. Aulhoniy in tle condiiion EquiEd by the Contad P']T' LIO' DEVELOPERs RAHEJA tn"'^'M

    21. BT {uil,0"."0 i (hn w! rld bd duiie the said Flod cxFectd), io dre saiisractotr of &. Au$oriiy, dE Compkb the wo& if anr oublandinc on dre date dated in Ihe conpletion C.dinelc as r@d .s pnctic.hl. .ft6 sucb dalc and Exsure all snct wo'& of mmdsmt, Eonshction aod Medins or o$d fodts, s $e Au$ority mat li. Delect Liability Psiod or wirhh 14 d.]5 anr ib dpidion, 6 a atlt of an imDetid nadc by prior b ns dpiratioo, iNhd lne Develops (o *sure. k) (b) defecb, shiDlase All so* ef.ft.d above shall b. excculed by lhc D*loper at its orn co$ il lhe nec$ary lle€ofis, in tbe opinion df the Anrbodiy dne ro : (a) $. usc of natqkh, or worknanship not i! ac@d$ce wih dre conkacr, or (b) wtse th. De@ldpd is Gponsibldfor the d6ign ofpdd of rhe Pemanent Wo*6, any hnlt in such desig4 or (c) rhc ne8led tr r,ilnr on rhe plrt of die Develop* ro conply dple$ed or inplnd, on lne D*dop*t tan undd the Contact. Derelo!* to Seaich Ifaoy defet, dcfec Li,bility Period, $. AuL\oriiy nay itrhd dn.cdods ofrb. aurhorny for ihe cau. rherol Il slch defer, shankas. for which rhc Derclopo tu lhbl., d. .Gt of th. wtrk clFi.d oui in se,rcbi$ I aforesaid sh0ll be bome by Ine D*elopcr atrd ft sn l in such cse remedy such defed, shrinkage or or dln{ fduh appem in rh. Wok d any rine pdor ro the expiry ol rhc lne Developr, b sdch mder tne J ALTERATIONS,A'DITIONSANDOMISSIONS 'ih. Aurhority may nok. any variorion in the lm thdof rhd tuy, in tu opinioo, b. ne.essry d appiopdar. rnd fd thar purpos n shall halc the adhonty Io itrhct the Dwelops to do !h. sd. lnd lhe D*.lopfi wnn lne sid insNctios ofde Adho lr md qlaliiy of i\c wtrks or any p,n shall in accordrn.e (b) (c) (d) (e) No $ch vdi.tion sb.ll i! dy wy vitiat., iNdidoe add/or in !@e rhe iobl cost of rhe chmgo the.hmd6 or qudity or *jnd otuny snch wdL, chdg! tbc lels, lin*, position dd dindsids of dy pan ofdE wotu, qde ddditiooal *o* ofatry kind o€6s&y for the €spl.don ofrhe Work, cboge uy sldified eqlsce d lidin8 otconshcti@ ofary pin of 6e Works. The Dwelops sball prwid€ at ib *pse like reqlicd for the p'!9q q6ulio! ol $e WodG. all Gbpotuy aec* rordr, bed srandidg! and tbc l'ne Cdbad sball nd be considffid a complecd btil a Defecr LiabiIny C.nificd. sig!.d by rh. Aurhoriry hrs bcm d.lirr.d, n.dng in. dalc on which &c Dereloper sh'n hare conplded ib obligntids to execlte aod coiDplct. l!. Wo*r dd medied ,ny defec6 lhqcin b $e Auddityt $rifadion. The D.ibd liabi|ny C.dificat sball bc givci by rbr A!$ori!y - 11s,jF:bFt"$pdtd br u" oeh, . ub..i y Pdod oI on" pr o ro''invybon. t9 ). F {^ !_

    22. PVI' DEVELOPERS RAHEIA wbjcheE n ldtr tr if diffcrht such peiods becone applhrble ro diflermr secriors or Pdb of thc Pmn n. sork, rhe expns d of rhe ld $ch psiod, or as soon rh*.fler m a.y Nostu$nding $e ksle of rhe Defsr Liabitiry Ceniiicde rh. Dcwlop* sla11 renrai! liabtc tur $e tulfillbd! of my obligation inmd bd* rhe sovisions ol rhe conrac. Drioi ro rbe &eu. of rh. Del€r l-iabilily ctrrifrcar. ehicb rtnaiG uoperlomed s h. rime such Detecr Liobifiy Cedificate is issed and for lhe pupos6 of ddmining rhe na!!c add eirmr of my $cl obligstio'\ the Conrd.! shall be de6ed ro tcmin in force berrem lne prnies to lhe TERMINATION OF COMRACT BY THE AUTHORITY Defiulr olDeveroDtr ln cAe re Dwelopq comirs any breach ol tbe tem rnd condnions conbined hmr, or of lny o$* doclndt fomiDs pd oluJs Conbcr, incllding $e follovins corlingcdcih: .) Repudiared rhc or wirhour reasoMble excus.lns tait.d ro comence 6?. e To pr@eed wirh 6e *ork oruny scrion rbq6l wirhiD 7 drys or rcc.ip! ot norice. Has lailed to mmply to lny notice within ? days ol meipr rhmot ll in rbe opinion of Audonry peBining or nagrridy, n*lccrirg ro conply widr aly of ib obligoriotu under dre Colttrcr Il!h. Dcvcloper fails ro cotler he *oruprolecr widin lne sipnlaral rime or {irhin rhe rimq il0ny, *rended by rhe Aurhoriry. fte aun\o ry nay rminarc rhis rsEmentconhacr isstrg 7 dryl rolicc dd *tn rh. wk to any olhcr wi$ $. Dev.lopd d any rine aattr peei d rhe .isk and con b be Valuarior ar Ddc ofTminalid 'fte A honty sholl, as soon as may b€ psctimblc anq any such cory ad rflinarin contad, frr and detemirc ex p€d, oi by or an6 ftfermce ro dre prniB or rna $ch invesriS0tid or enquiries tr it my rhint frr ro sake or in$nuG, md shrtt cdi& : (a) $hdr anount il a'y, ha4 ar rhe rime of such enrry and rtrnin,lion, bcsn k$nibly em.d by or \rculd r*omhly accne io &. Dcvclopc in Bpecr of volk drn 'ctually done by hii lDds rhe conhcr, md (b) rho vrluc of by of dre said us.d Derelopa's Equipmmt ond Tcnpo$ry Wdls. ot rh. or pdiauy Nd mrdsls, !s. of any of Il rbe Alrbdry remindB the Dev.lop*t Enplotmed unds iris ctolsc, n shrlt nor be tiable ro p8y oE Devcloper dy anount vhich mtry od.flisc bc pay"ble ro rhe Develops foi the uo*r acbally ddc in rtspd of iho covsor bril lle .rpiry of rhe Delect LiabiBy Pdiod .dd rbeRfts nntil dc cost! of.x.otio4 damases ror delsy in coipldion ind 311 oiher expeD*s itrcutrcd by rhe Arlndiry have been trcdained and ihe !ftount !i.Mf dined by rhe AudFrily. Thc Develops shan dren be mlitlcd ro re€irc only such sum vhich Mlld have ben par"ble ro nre Dcvetopq on due compldid by him, ans deduciry the said cons, dmrses sid cxpms6. If rh6e exceed rtre $n which uolld haw bd pilzble io $t Dev.lopq on duc complerion by hnn, dien UE Develops sball upon dmud, pay to dE Authority rhc anohr of such *ce$ dd n shall be defled o dcb! duc by rhe Deverop€r .o 6e Aurhodb, and shall be Eowrcd .ccodiosly. compldio and rercdins of.ny defeeb, PVT LTD For RANEJAIFIELOPERS "*)' ^.Ppl'- PV 20 DEVELOPERS FoI RAI1EJA *'-.&1;

    23. -@ @N'!---&( Fot BMEJA DEYELAPEBS PYl, LfD. Allhd sdd Asiglnenr of Bdefi t of aciemmr UorN ponibited by lov, nbe Dadold sball, il so insracr.d by rhc Aurhdiry eithin ? dqs of sch mby dd temiDatioq msig! ro the Auduity dr bdenr of any lor rhc $pply of oy s@dsi m didk or sdi.cs and/or ior fte *.cution of .ry rvork for rhe of rh. codtrct, *hich lne Develops may haw mtred into. If by rdson of my lccidhr of failue or othd d6r oesiDg ro, in, or b comectim of lne Wdk, d any pad rhereof, ennd dunDs 6e ei@ltion of the Wo*s or duriDg lne Deled Uabiliry Psiod, Dy rmedial or odd \rc* isi ir !E opinion oi lhc Aulhoar, lrgendy reqnircd lor ihe $fery of ljfc d Wokl d rhe adjoining popsty, rhe Auftonry iiy idnd rh. D*dop* b uke ur3at Enedial aciion in tnd rcgrd r tn. Dmloper is unable or uvilling at once ro do such work, lhe Aurhodty shlll b. dritled ro eBploy and pay orher !.sos ro c.nt our such work * rhe Aurhoiry bay odidd oe6sdy. if rhe m* or repan so dooe hy $e Authoriry is *o*, wticb in ib opinion, Ihe Developer w ll cdb cds4udt dermin.d by 6c Auhonty and day hc deducrcd by ir noh any inounb due or ro become due to the Develope. Povided thar dE Enplols shall. a smn rfler tlt ocmtr$ce ol uy entrsency * my be reasonabry prkticable, lotiry [,e DevetoDer rhereof. (rercon or incidcnrol thdro sh.ll be 12. Tminadon upd @curdce of a Foce Majeure Erenr: If my foEe najdre cinnnaoces is Joees io cranse 16.2 mdn , reaon0bly lons psiod (wherhei corlinnolsly or intemntedly), .ilF tlny oly rmjnac lhc Conl€ct by giung to lhc orh6 noti.e ro de $id .tfer. lbdpon tu Eqlipbdr 6 povided for under Clause 63.2 heredf. co inues tor a rh. Dewlop{ shall re'nove ?an{t Ifrh. Cdkac. & temiered as alor.*i4 the D.vclopd shill bE by lne Authont insofar s such amous s nay be found due dter deduction ofconDssation and d. co$ itrofted ly de Aun\oriry in geriq llle so* coDplered. Prcvidcd rbar asaio* atry pr)n.d duc fon the D*elopfi undd .his Sub-Chusn lhs Aufiorjq shdl be entided ro b ftditd with dny oubkndiig balances due 6om the Develops ri the d!r. ol ieEinaiion, which vd. by .he OMd nm rbc Dewlopd und* lne llm df the Conftcl Any $m palnble unds this Sub-Clause :hill be ddemined by lne omer Nho shall loiit de De@lops a@ordinslr vi i a @py ro the ovotr if Conftd Tminated 74, Rdowl ofDewlopa s !q!ipr6t If rhc Conhct is hinded resomtle dispdch, lmow frm rbe ttc .u Developd\ Equipm lnd shall ds .tr$re rhc sam. to bc doe bv its Sub-D*dM as {.11. on Tcmimdon udd the Fovi:io6 of tne Cmftd, de Develop* snall, wirh ,ll Al lne quali9! rd prcg€s Evid innlshc.ur. facilitics such r!, bids a conbl chEk otFfte-$le Hosi!8. eto.! a€ relored 6 rc{erlmcnt holsing and othd wi@s .k., DDA ddy nor hc p.ny in qudhy SETTLEMENI OF DISPUIES Ir tr dtspurc of My kind vhaEo*d lnsca b.tween rh. Au$odry cDmectid rvirh or arising out ol rhe Coohst or lbe execlrioo df $e $e execution of the wotu r and ih conplerion ind whdhd beloft DEVELOPERS \ ,"\T PVT' LID' RAHEIA 2l For RAHEIa DEVELoPERS"PV

    24. r F t'E tedindion of $e ConrFct, including eny dkput. s ro drv de.isim opinion, coos'nr' sD+son or s!.ra.ioo, ,pp o! j odemintro- or '!luc. 3c 'o1 o' :dm. ion of re A;donrv. r e mr'o .n d'pde ri l o. (td'o io h 'nC'o rhe Vke (hdm8- DDA SU'L rtfegc; shall sbc (nar it is 6ade NrDn( to tb& Clause No lard rhan 23 d.$ rner $e dav on which it reeiv.d such refeMce, rhe vice Channln ofthe Aurhontv sMll sive nori.e ol ic decision olrhe sahe !o the D*elope. Such decGion sb!l1 $de lnd ir h mtd. punudt (o rhls Clmse aDd the decisio. of!h. Vice Chailmr sha be nndl NOT!CES Al ccnincaks,;o @s, insrtucrioos ro be givm to (he D.velops bv rhc A'ftorirv under rhe rems of $. Contac( sball be smr by pon, ctble, ielet or ft.sinile tansni$id $e Developdt pircipal pla.c of bnsioes or sncb olnd addGs as tbe Develops shdl ro or lell d F Flr bv oo{ Anv nor !e ro be ;\en rc'l.e Aul o rvuida ne km\ o r coor s r',l t"* o, ri." -it. DbFo$D, INA VikB Sadd, Net Delhi. hr d b. sod ss o| omm'.\ oiB 'l I "i.. oni of rhis Conract shall be subjed 1o $e innsdiction of D.lhi ao'ns All dispur€ ,nrng Danis have se( lnen Brecrivc han&, wilh rhei ofici.l sal i' pEsen€ ;, ' =."4' , "..** In wirnes wteEofbo r $e of each o$* & in presenc -t nrh- d v%_ -eDdon.d -T -n.di'.n Audradty I Dwelopcr 2. PVI' LTD FOI MHEJA OEVELOPERS 'M 'ycb.nsc '' \4"ycb,nr on freebold d bsusud sr rordddr' r in\.^lD l bsF sLbi"r 'o rhech,nBf - N dlri6 ,9 Arlhorisod o- Feeno SL0rsld AGRfeMtN r VAIUE \To be$bmineJ qith $e Enancitlbid) 30. F!-1. (con*rr*r'".i€*r--a lTo r",r*uLnoeup.plfl LJ 22 tu \authoisedsisidory tN,"

    25. F.rI LTD Ell:l DEIILSPERS oH*""-'' For FAHEJA SPECIALCONDITIONS dsign to b. bsed on hlet ISLtsIS Codes wirb lrwisiotr lor e,ihqule Bisbt Strutul Si.acturd desis! to be sot appoved lron Eovemment bodies like ln, CBRI, SERC dc. Tb. aC@cy shall Dse all rhc sdenal b.onng ISrtsiS enincarion nalc In cAc IS'BIS ndred nrtcrial is not iuilable rh6 th. mrdirl 3hould b. ofEput.d brand. Amncened ofvater for conshcrion purposg tr *U ii for *ard rupply to rhe rlo. 16 ,frer conplerion ol tuc shtrll be mde by rhe Dewlopd .idr thrd8h bbc ftlh or thsugb DiB. For bding of tube wlk nc@sslry pmnsio sample bousd.dple bl@k shill be .obplered Mrbin 90 days ud got ,pproved fon DDA. Till aI tne hous6 re alloted/Dos$sion handed ovr. rb. w.rch .nd waid Mll be rhe Espo6ibility of th. Developer shall be obbined by rhe D*elop.a. The agercy shall be tu1ly Rpoositle for qutliry specincatiois, ftl*ant BIS .odes rnd dswings lrie Quahy control cell of DDA pqiodicolly. I-iability for rtctilicdior of defed. sil be cinicd ou(ill aU $e honses !r. handed ovd ro rhe dlohe6. Any subseque.r shctu"coshction ol Mrk d.curcd N pd p6dib.d Mrk snal be subjecr ro checkiDe by defecb shall also be recrifed by the plad of dhinage, sclvrige and *dft supply ro b. got lpprowd from MCD/DJ9 swic6 before sbn of 6e vo&. Till such rime 6e seflie..E lspdsibility io minhin the sflics shall rcs vfth rhe D*elopq. All $e bo!s6 d .ompletiod be *idy in all rcs!€cts io livc in, complcte vih avrilability of h.nd.d oler rhe MCD/DJB, rh€ suah s roaddnimgrlsewaase and wder supply etc. tuin wab HrlGtng Mssufts The Dddopd Mll provid.r'inplmdt watd h3ftsrinc Das€ chrE Groud war6 Bodd (c.G.w.B.). wa$e Wder rryling Slstem Tbe Davelope. wiu p@vide u6!er mrei Gcyrlirs slsrem in co.$ltariotr willl contad ) FoI RAIEJA DEVELOPEi I J ";N 2l golu

    26. e-r - - .i,Jno5 .j s',j i.j t*j .j..1 ..i sj J *l FJ G,I GJ sr LI FI T *J CJ JJt sl FTa tdrt 1 d slrdoE^lo vrlHvu rol '011 Ma S!ldo]3^lo vrlHv! {l La^4 Ltru do'diilloflt\ F:EIoJUE Ou? €uqeo4 - suDnfqs boururr lo p.!oJu!r Jo ,Dr$ prrJ'sds soqrsod u iudrt pur tu$I^ord stlln lno rc md gzjo uohJfod!,I8uh!q,ooqrrLt$d5 ubs !d Brl t.t Jo tm,?o urunlq qrh esnoq tr rj ()ui to u0! uro s.zt rrcr:d8s:uou pcp?r5 , :ouos r$no. z..urm5r tl,:7 t JJlo).,rtruuor5q,qsldo {rnoJlmraduso Imot :Pa.6te .tuF prpeEo I :pu6 asro, I trm& n?ra6tq auoF pal,3.€8 :pss rsPory dn +or tft -?uetrnqs l|usBuurrJJo pogrJ.d- ]o;rriuoi ru.@r) uo nsod JNlII{AC I' 8!rss'p soou r.pun puss lnnuir qrra qruqd u, por 3rq?pqosuor Suruua u9 l or di u,t pu8 r09 or dn pDL.3u,DE{ poB rotuuD ^q !{s p.ruod)p Ltr4 S L pt{oluo|qrdro. u, uroziuporb ro! lrrtu, srqrulr uL (llor BuLpntnr) qlu llethtrrF rnELu? tur ,l rJ suorrspmoJJo sptr.,{urtd I'osJo.p!biIv prssD ^trD! t|os pJrL,^.Irqo ,lpb . Tcsenp.E( r o dn ur pls o09 or dn pmL ,qft p:tr^erb Jo Fr@np r0 pnlr! (oEId uo absol s? LF{ rp ,nph !, rc qrd:p u, 0)0! 3u'p:: .) ? rllnurp^Hl s€rd thlusqdE & lore 3]b !r rbd rao sbo Fm?u / (rorhr;D q!e, I0l oluo^r'IIAb) SIV.M{IA UO! SNOIMIIIJIdS e.tirvrdtr:)Jv Ir.JnI,\[NII\t

    27. (9 PVT' LTD' FOI RAHEJA DEVELCDERS l:1.5:l (l! 1.5 codsc snd : I graded lone rsseg{e 5.31 ?roviding and hyins in posirion machine bdched, nachine mixed rnd macnine vibmrcd$ ,nir .cnc cooqere ot lpecified gndc ror reinfo(cd cemeDt connere }uk itrcluding punping of .oicrdc {o sirc of layrns bur excludiDs enrsing, shurenns, finkhiDg aDd reinaorcemeDr irchdins AdD'xru6 itr rsomeMed proponio$ s Dd Is 9t0l ro :c.elqrtc, lebd sclriiE of concrlc, impbve workrbilny sirhour impainng nrensd aDd dnabiliry s p( djredion of Enginedjn cliaice M 25 Brude reiifoncd caBmr concrere by sing410ksofccmd( pcrcumofconcrer. Arr $ork up ronoor V hvel I02 &e con ot cenreitrg rid sNrcnlg ircluding {udn& !rcpping erc. and Founddios, rootiigs, bs{ ofcolurns, slc. for m$s conrct€ Suspcided Lidcls, bcanr, ptinrh bems, sird$, brc$u,ne6 noo*,.oors, hrdidgs, balconiss and accss!larlonn Colums,pillan, pGa. abutmmb, pons,nd ntus I :oo Reinforcm.nt for R.C.C rvork includinc nralghieiing, .!(ing, bending, placing in posirion,nd binding! .oDptcrc. fhrmo mr(hrncJ y rcdedbJ, Bnck rork wirh I.P.S. bncks of cemc mons l:6 0 ccfrhr: 6 corse Bn* work wirh F.f.s. bricks of supe6rncM above plilrrr levcl uplo ccmcn' nonm l 6 (l cmLd: 6coiFe eod). rhlf bn.k n4oiry $ih FPS bricks of chs d$ielarion 75 itr supenrnduc.bovepl, rl*d upro floorv lcvel 6 13 2 cemm' nonar r:3 (lceDs'r rcome $nd) _ ' ^oceq PVl LTD oevaoPEx) rro.x ro, aereJA

    28. PlT LTD DEVELOPERS For RAHEJA cint.-. -,. -. -.nI, M.S. lt.3 C.ndl cood.o nftd4 l:2:4 0 cenent: 2 coaN sbd : 4 gddld $one a8gregare) finisled uith a noding cod ol @nst inclndinE ccnst dufty, bur *dudioS rhe c$l of nosios r,3 t 40mm 6ick vjth 20mm nomin.l size none aesesde Ext! for mlkin8 chequ.E ol approred p m on camst cordere ndo^, neps, laDdingi paremen$ er. .3 52 nn rhick cenetrr cotrftG noonng virh cdncreb hardend ropping n4dd hyo 40 nm rhick cere|t coNdc l:2:4 (l cd.nL 2 o.^e snd : 4 greded $ore aggrcgare 20 mn nominat size) and rop laFr 12 rm rhjc* cmd! hfderer consisting of mix l:2 (l cendr hardeiq nix : 2 gaded none aggregaro 6 nn romii,l sia) by rollm. harddioS conpoud is mix.d @ 2 lnre pd 50kg of cemmt or a per D,nnfaclurds sreifcdions This includs od ol cenenr slury, blr dcludins rhe m$ oi nosing lt.l3 joints of rftzo/ canenr Poyidjns .nd nri.g slls stips ll.13.l cemenr plxier skning (up ro 30 cm heigh0 wirh cened frond l:3 o cmenr : I coane sbd) nnisbed *iln a fioaring c@t of I t.6.1 [ora sionc slab l]ooring ord 20nn Gvmge) $ick base laid ok dd joidan wiln sei tetneft dnrry mixcd virh pigbenr to tuth rhe lhade or n\e slab including nbbing md polishing @dplerc wiih bs. of cdenr Bond l:4 (lcm4t 4 ease t1.26.1_. r DEVELOPinJ for RAHEJA 26

    29. ; 0-''@ Fcr RA|EJA DEVELOPEIs Providing ond nxins prt$ed n@l door FMs co.6ming 1o IS:4351 n.nlhc.urcd lm @mtrial mn rhickms ilcluding bing4 !nb, rquired aryle Lbr6hold of aild sreel ancle of s@tio! 50 x 2t m! or hs. lie of L25 Im se$.d nild sretl velded d ngidly ix.d rosether by m$hnis0l med, .djusloble lugs vidi sFlii 6d tail to eacnjan including sr41 bnt tjDa* 2.5 m lbick wih nodd sudds, lock slrike phie md shek absolbss as spsined .nd appling a cod of.ppro.d steel pr+|€aEddt of the srface as diEcred ty Engin.cF in clurse ProfrleB bild *cl sh*t of 1.25 loct janb, and if Pmviditrg md 6lin8 ISI nmked flnsh door shunns confomi.g ro Is:2202 (Pafr I) noldeoFrive rytE, core of block boad coshdion *i!h frane ol lst cli$ h.rd vood and well narchen connffiirl 3 ply ! uidr venical grains or do$ bands and flce rcnees d bolh f,c* orslnr(6 30m rhick in luding lsl mlked $ainles stcel bufl hingetMih 9.21.2 Proliding 'nd lixilg lsl nar*.d oxidised M.S. sliding dod bolb {i6 nuts and $reRs elc. coirl.t.. Proidin3 .nd fixing ISI naled oridised M.S. Iovs bdlts hhck fini,h (Darel t]?e) sirh iessry stre* crc. complelc, . 2Joxlolm Pbvidine srd nxing ISI ndk.d oxidi*d M.S. hlndla @ntoming to Is: 4992 *iln nec4lary sc6s 9rn conplet€ PVT LTD' t\) F9i RAHEJA OEVELOPERS PVT Fot FAHEIA DEVELOPERS +F 21

    30. PVT' LTO' FOI RAHEIA DEVELOPERS STEEI, IVORI( Pioviding and fixing factory madc ISI ndked $eel €taad doo6, windor* md vmtlotoG siddrdp/cenre Lug wi r bsdin8 md lll ftenbqs $ch as Kl I B aDd Kl2 B er.. conplere of sbndrrd rollrd ste.l 3cdioq joiob drrcd and flash bu( {elded ,nd ssh bds tdon.d dd rikred qjlh l5x3nm lus\ tocm lons, mhedded in cen4r conqcte blo.ks 15xl0xt0m of t:3:6 0 cenenr : I c@^. sbd : 6 Srdded nole rggEga@ 20nD mninat size) or sirh Moden pbgs aid scrcss or mwl pluss sDd $Ews or vi$ 6xing cliFs o! with bolrs .nd nuh as required, i'ctuding prot'lin8 ard nxins ol hinses, pirck, nod glas panes Mrh glazins clips aod speci,l frerd ssh puq of alprcEd nake Md a prinitrg coar ol apFrov.d ned Fim* exctudin8 rhe co$ ot merd b$'ling and othfl fiitings excep. treessry hing6 d pivob conplet. .s p{ rpproved dsigi 10.25 Skel wdk wolded cuting. hoistins, tiiilg in posnion and oropproved $el pimer using srucrunl in buih up s.dionv ROOIING Poviding aM raying inrcgBl canenr based w{ft prmling turDmr indudtig petddioo of surlace as rcqui€d tor rGlncnl of rooib, balconGs, lerrces erc. consisring of follo*iog op.rttions : (i) Applyi4 a sluny coar ol md em.nt lsing 2.?5 kg/ sqn, of emdl .dnixed wiln udtr poofirg .ompound conloming b IS: 26a5 ad rpporcd by{htr€e ovtr $e RCC slab irdudjng djoinidg wus ullo l00n heighi inchdina cleaning (ii) Llying bnck bar *nn notur using brokd brickt bick bar5 25m ro I15mn size xidr 50% ol ccmdr nona r I 0cm6r: 5come saro adsixed virh qder proofing componnd coiloming .o Is: 2645 .nd approred by E gired,in-charse old 20m rhick liFr of ceme nonlr ol nir l:5 (lcen@t: 5c@6e said) adnircd {irh coilotrins ro lS: 2645 and appbwd by engines-in{harse ro reqdfd slope add redins snnilrny dre ,d.joiring s.lh up ro 300nn hei8hr including muding of jundids ol mtls lnd mrer prcofin8 omDound P'lT' !10' DEV€LOPERS n**,o o"u"o . .-il 28

    31. 'i' ry 6ocT _-_ (iii) Anq No dalx of prcper cuinc rpplins 3 2Dd coar of cedot slunf using 2.?5ke/sqn df cement adnixed viih mrr pmfiog componnd confoming ro Is, 2645 and ,ppNvcd by (iv) Finisl ng rhc lurtace f,ond of mix l:,1 (lcedcd!: 4@rse sand) idmned virh vrcr proo6ng .onpound confmios ro IS: 2645 ind apprcved by ensiner-in-cb?rge inclnding layins stas ,ibs clorh of applovcd qurlity itr Iop lattr of dssrq ldd finally frDishing tho suftce sirh rdsel wnh near cme slury rnd mauns ol300xl00'nm rh 20sn thick joi 16r @meot (v) fte *hore rsace so fnished sh3l be nooded with \rare! for r miriou'n period of lwo $cek tor cunng !rd lor linal 16r. All xbove otqarions !o be dor. ir ordq lnd as diftcied a specified by lhe Engincd-ii-Chdsc. G) thickn$ ol120m and nininun thicktre$ rr frolidingrnd frxins on wll lace nnplasricised wdei pips (lr0 nm dirnertr) co.formios rors: 13592 TyDcA inchdins joinlitrg $irh sed lirC confonning 1oin gap ld thm.l crpansion.(i) Siogle sdckered pips. Risid Pvc reii ro IS: 5332 l.alins FINISHING 6s'n[ phlcr ol Fir: (CcilinB) 13.t6 l3.l l2nn.mhr rlr$d of fl ix.{INsrDE) l5hm cden! phs!* on p tuueh side of singlc d hrlf6.ick wall of ni (OUTSIDE) 9.01 13.2 w]rire wasnirg wirh lime to sirc d eve! shrde. G) N6v work (rhr@ d hore cob). t3_37.1 Wshedsb'e girplisterondt*iorvrllsof heigntuplo 10M above lewl in lro laFs, rodtr laFr 12 n'n cemeni plasrq l:1 (1 cement : 4 comsc sud) turowirg &c und* l.'€r wi$ ssachidg tool, .pplrrng cdhr Kg ofcemeni per squrre neter, top l,yer 15 mm cmed plaster llz:2 (l cereDr : l/2 cMrc:and : 2 srone chippins l0 on nohinal size) in Donch wnh Bioov. dl ronrd $ p€r lFprored pdbtr idcluding sctubbing ind $shin8, rhc top h)q wilh bruhes aDd mter to expose rhe none drippin$. complere as pe. spccincdio. lnd dnccdon ol €ngrnerin'CbsrEe (Payment for dury on lhc und6 liyd @ 2 Pw LTD DEVELoPERS ioi RAHEJA il' s1lmbrl Autho6ed 1 I 29

    32. ^',- /4. solrT-__-jr4r For RAHEJA DEVELoPERS 7,.,*,,',*".,' PVT, Lro. Fordins srooves sha be r?de separarely). 13.71 Foming gdove ofunifonn siz. in rhe rdp layer of rvashed $one 8it plai{ as ptr ,pprovcd pdrem using wooden ha&ns, nailed to rh. undfi hys includirs ftnowl of woodm barhs, rclln to rhe e{lge of pmet and linishing rhc gmove comptete 6 lEr specincaddns md dtston of rhe Ensineer-in chrsq \1.73.1 li nn side and 15 nn deep g@ve Exh lor rruhcd git plaier otr *l*ior walk of neishr more lhan l0 n ton gloud l*el for cvery additionrl heGht of 3 n Providing {nd nrins lsi qualny cqlmic slized ril* conlomins ro 13:15622 (nickne$ ro bc $ocined by L\e msnufacrue) ot appored nake in .ll coloa, shads, dsign dccpt blrgund, bo(l. gE.o, black ol0ny size A ippbved by dre Ensinc*-io charse in sknring, riscB ol seps aod drdo over l2mn rhick bed or cenen nontr l:3 Ocemenr: grey ened durry @ 3.3kg per sqD. including poinrins io whn. .emcnr rixcd with pigmeni ol mlrchirE shade complere l|l6 3corse sand) andjoinred vnb BUII,DINC NllkinB pljrlh protecrion 50mr tbick of cenen( .oocEre l:3:6 (lcemenr: lcodse s'd: 6eided ione.ssresar 20mm nomiml size) over 75n6 hcd ol dry brick ba11at 40rm nminal size well nrmed ,nd consolidded znd s@ured Mrh tide $nd includitrg finhhing rop smdo6. 10.02 Pbviding a laying wdq proofing @rnmt in $ltren ponion ol WCs, bail'M erc. by ippling cenent slMy nned viri wrt* proo6ns cemeni conpoud msi{ing of rpplins: (a) lst laye of slMy of ceddt @ 0 488ks/ Sqm. mix.d wirh var.1loonne menr compound @ 0.253k/ sqi. This lryq will b. allov.d b air flre for 4hou6. (b) 2nd hyer of slury or cemmt @ 0 2,12k/ sqn. nix.d virh MtdrbofiDg enenr compound @ 0.l26ks/ Sqm. This la)€r rvill be a110*ed ro air cue for 4hourse followed wiL\ vaiq PVT' LID' RAHEIA DEVELOPEFS The rore indudq Dftldfrion of drce, redmenr $d sali4 of rll join$, c0tu6, inctions or pip6 and ncosy with polymer - . 30 PvJ. LTD \* c- odHFrroEVELOPeRs

    33. FU RAHEJA DEVELOPERS PVI. LTD. Proiding ,rd fillins tunace cinds ii suolen ponioq undq noos ctc !r a[ noot leveh. (Conpaded vollse to be neNen INSTALLATIONS W.C. Pa! OE nunber white vireous Cbina,530 p.n*irh I0 lt. Iowlevel ?vC nuslingchlmof rppFved quliry/lsl mark. Oie No. while ,tsnq China not b3ck *dh hAin 550 x 450 ei6 on.CPbn$pilhrkp,ISI ntrk ofapprcved nm Orisi ?aned Wsh Bdin Miror (5 ]m hicD soil a rvsre Pipd Bevelled edge nimr 600 x 450 mn. singl. {.ck s$rm 100/75 ntunss d per apFoved plumbing dsi8n. Bick msotry wirh bdck of das desigldion ?5 dze 90 x 30 x 45 cm wi$ SFRC lig!. d.iy cover. ou.e nrnhok.-d swf El50 mdi' mm scl pip6 i/c 'll scl Inkm.lMmhoh P.p-ew- mn (l.cnal dia) PE-ALPE composirc Wdd Supply (Int6ol) 16/20125132 pr.$ni. Fipes & ndinss confomioE to ASTMI-1232- I995, as Fcr atproved desGt 16,40/X/32 lm (bbml dia) Pl-Al-Pl.mposic pe.urppr\&frins-.oofom groASTVr.l232- lm5, s odlpprovtr ol'cr wrl' 6 Tmno-i' 'lbo'e bftN le lc& neter ch,nbtr wirh c.r. Box ofrhicknss 6 mBv.llofsiz 33 x 33 x ll.5 cm. Redy n ired Drior o\e. . ed pdmo Anti colmircbitumi$icloiib ovsio.lp md. Ward Supply (ExieNl) . P!:trioAoru I p'pa (.1p'p"s a) Intedal ISI mrked Bn$ bibgocks r.d sopcoc*s - 15 trurDo ]m HDPE vare $ooge llnk of 50 0 ui caFciry io b€ spproved liom F.D,{ & rsred by cBRl, Rwkee & Pnblic Healdr lnBne*iry Depanddt fdr 6cb fld. Fittings ovtrhod T,* INTERNAI- DEITEI-OPMINT Ducrile iron pipe with nbh* joinb 100 nnl/150 mn. Du(.ercnLHe 6 s\ Pis lad ofaplrov.d quality, C.l. sluice $lve (rvirh dp) conplere Mrh bolB & Nis, dbbq ins.nior eic, I00 mtl50 mn ss per speilicdions. Pipe Pig lesd Slui.e ValveFi€ HFBnr and fixbres Chrrbm for l a) Sluiev,lue Bncknsonl chamb.6 60 x 60 r 75 $bocls of deisslio0 75 in cment nonii l:5 (l ceneot : s fine nd) with Crl. 3lrft.e box complere as pd specincdions. b) Iire Hydlant Thdsr Block D itrlRro0 .- odrFrA nFVELOPESS CC l:2:4 m per sp9incdions. 'oaaoo e .s or o'd(hinspo+d@ 0 5 L'!! /ll,- GONT.-. - -B' ^,1 FOI RANEJA iv ll FVT' LTD' ) "J DEVELOPERS

    34. coNT- - -.-0' PlT L B,t OEVELoPEFS For FAHEJA gatlirs ot wad & clctned Ni(h lissb \rdd wift nlnNum :l tines opc(lion rs p€r DJB .ondirions R.C C. UGR ofrequned caprciry rh boon'ns ainrgeneor including nscsary insrall.rion for suppl' of {aE s pd DJS noms including b bc prcvidc as F! 4proved rhmc, shich is 10 be got satrdby D G. SeL Thr is S&SNlrNIl RCC Pipe sft rubb{ nng joinu & hlline th.roid wnh cemm! non l:2(lclnsr:2limsnd).ol rcquted diameb incl$ins €$hs ofroinb as ptr Conuete oliix L4:3shall bcu*d asbotom& sid*, att round rhD pips fo. nomal ..ndftiotrs tbr dcplh le$ rhan 0.910 n & nore drar 4 57 fr For depih bore tun 0.910 fr & le$ tun 4 57 h co'creie shrll bcupro h'uDches, ill NptrDJB mms and !s rppoved specifi.d1otrs. Uiddsrbsoil rnrlcvcl wieE nlvdd leveJ of naihok n 1.22 ir or DDre belov sub{oilNdd lcyd,0ll5 diick cor! r:l!of l:2:4 (1 ccmmr:2 coises :4 giadedsonciSigreerte20mm' nonnnrl size) to bd Prcvded virh 15 n'n d'ick Rcc Shb l:z:4ca*ed momlirhic.llyvirh tlE cor orthe M m.dnole complct N ps rbe rpprotd desig! Mrinol* ofrcquircd dnmder is pq depdr wirh b.i.k !!ll in ccnent motuf l:4 sih roD.ddim $one aggtsg,te insidc &mot phner l:4 wirh flodilg cod or r osrcnen!, onbide cedd( phser t:4*irh SFRC ln sDbsDildadvrsc soiL..ondnions oflipes sh,ll be as pcr ! rcvedcmdle&$octuraldesgn ro avoi{t 3i nkinB & s t|leBdr or liievmaoholN. Omnge Colour sarety foor ts ol ni|nNn pla$ic in c.psularcd compldc spslS 10910 Ior dop moE drn 0.610 r dmp conn.criotr as p{ CPWD specilicdions to be povided r) matholes & encNing 6 mF rhick S&S,NPzNP3 RCC Pipe Nilh rubbdjoinb & cmed roidjoinr l:2 (l cmctri , 2 nne snd) ofreqdred dirndd 6 ti.r rpprovsd MCD mnns ind dnq G approul a) same s sc$mee 12.2 (a) b) $ne d 12 2 (b) rs l2.l CC l:5:10 N per 50 r4j x60cnsize virh bae coDcrclc .pprov.dfiicknes,bnckwlllircemmlmone lJ(r ce'Dmr : 5 fine Mnd) incnrding 500 x rl50 nm SFRC honzoihl smring *nh n,ne conpldc 6 pr nrnd.rd PE/LlD DEvELoPEFs For RAiIEJA tl ijo Foi RuEr^\qplrl

    35. ID' I.' DEVELOPGCT RCHE]A noN?---_El Tb. Nnbeing of size t00 lm in heighr shall be dDred on slazed ril* abore rhe enruce dod, in f6nr veraddih, balcony $oots gd.g* il$ on block ends sboving tnc houses in each row and blocts. Numb*ing d ovshead rdk, ' hfomarion Signbold/Guidc Made up ofrnglc iio'/C.l PiFc B9& rhc dnccdoi of EngineFin{hlrse od Bord is to prcvided d every enrry point wiln size 240 x 135 cms (ovaall eblndi.g odrs dneciiotinlorndion sisnboards every srcerroad ch. 6 pd loetios approved by lhe Engincq-in{hrec. Thir bo*d of sui rablc size be up of M.S. ingle and shed dc wil b. ploviden otr Numbftin8 of nds i. Thc iunbcri.! of nab shirll be done rvith slazed tiles 5 mm rhick 6xed vifi cemetrt mn&tr, scoortr gmges end bdcori6. 'nre dles d'an hrve pi'red iuDbcring oI sia 100 mn inhcighi.ThonumboirC done oi block ends indicarlig bouscs in pinicuh* or/block all conrlete as per dnedios of sh.llalso bd Nunbsins d other plac6l ii. The Nnbefing ol size 75 mm in h.ighr shall be \Bi(6 virh isl hdked dinel piinr o. ovenrcad onks, w!i$ mcb bor, crc. .onplcre .s pd diredions ofEngine*-in chdse. ANFOTMATOI'Y SIGNIOARD/6UIDESMA?S lhe bords shall b€ roblicared wi$ M.S. She! 16 giugc wilh fnme of an!l. i6r-10 x 40 r 5 sin sia snd di!8onal bracirg ol insle i'on welded. This Boiid shall be supponed on G.l. pipe 50 mm dione(er (Mcdiun Clr$) wirh ccs loodrg df aDgF notr size 40 cnbcddod ?5 .m below sround l*el in cenenr con*ere block l:3:6 of size 30 x 30 x 75 cn, Theboddsu.ccincludiD8aneles.shed&Pipsslrtrllbepropdlypnmeredandpainreds slnrheric enamel paint, r lltr prep(ing rh. surfrcc wi r nekl pu y ircludin8 lc(qi ne Mi ring & prep,nng &. guid. nlp conplele is pd dnsdon ofEngine{-i!-charge. Thc dir{iion boards shall bc n*1. ofansle lron 35 r 35 x 5 nh wilh M.S. Shed of I6 sause duly relded. nre ugl€, ion less shrll be edbedded in CC l:3:6 otbhck size 20 x 20 x 45 lm belov romarion paintd vith slhrhclic damd tlint & \eiring letr6 as pq sire Equremenr comple!. s pd dircdions of Engincd-in-cha4. h ]NIERNAI DI VFLOPMENT WORKS S?ECFICATIONS FOR WATER SU?PIY : SCOPE: l! include dcavdion for pi!a, liing of ductib non pipe virh nbber joinr viL\ necesary litioes, sluice vorvs, nre hydrulb, ,n vdves rilh nec$sary blick chmbm, joininc or pip$ 3nd fitrlngs, a..esod6, €nllng of teich6 atul resri4 for leakage disinfalion et. complcrc ro rhe sa(isfiction of N per alpoved rcheme in thB sDecilied boundrn/ma. The mrer line srr; shtrrr be laid rs p{ $c sched'e $plovcd by Dclhi Jat Boird. The ituice valv*, tuehydnn$ r'd ,n vaNs shlll be ISI nsrked. Any nodificdion in rhis schde approv.d by Engined-ir.chdge shill nor violdc ren ol the conracL Tne wd! shall be execured is per clwD specincarion ,996 vo1. r ro vr virh xplo dare coEedior slips r,ptd !er! 0id rhe r e$n lsr !odcqrbtlb( fo o"c r. 60ET- -- _-- l3

    36. .oNT____* EXCAVATION: Ile vo r includa excaurion in all t,?es of shd For propa joirting of pip6 rnd nline! rbe botron of rh. rdch & side at lne El*,nr ple6 should be sufiicieot lor doing pnpff lead mnlki.g ofjoirb. Tle top of lne pip6 woDld d lan clshion of 60 cns. fion rh. frnhhed slrfacc under rud bms and 1.2 M unds rm{G or d Dtr dirccriotr of Ducdle ircn pip6 duly appmkd by $e Ensinelin{hirg. colhljoimcdfl&sed/sockered fr! gs shall bc or h$vr clms. LAYING : The duciib n n pites shall br laid !t siE as ptr ,lisnmmr sbo$r in ine apprded dfteings. Ii .ase ir G .onsid6.d nece$ary by !h. EnEinecrin{buge to alrq rie rlig0mat ,s per site sibdions so as io aconmodde lains of orh* swice aiz. Stom wd* drain, sryemgq HoniculbE pipes end Elstic cables, no *ba claitr for de sane vtu1d be e.bnained. While laying rhe pips, n may be cnsurcd th.t rh4. Mlelsnlply pip$ ha'e a holizonral od velrjcol $pmltion ot 3 Dr6. rnd 0.50 nar. epectively f.on rhe selH pip6. The Naler linc should in no cNe ni below scv6 lini JOINTNC : Wder supply pipes, fidngs and sp€ials shu bc join.d to3cths wi$ rubbtr joinb or naoeed joinb where nece$ary m pn dns on of The pig l€d bro4ht a! sire shrll be got ree.d rros D.A, approved laboiarory md ody lound (o bc sdsfacrdy rhc same {o!ld be .llowed ro bc Bed itr dE vtrk oid sltrll in joi cunody. The dry ro day consunpr ion of lead shall be miinhincd by rhc ir. EtE cer md the $re *ould be sisned by tbe co.tncttr $ uell. The quaoriry of lead to te used in joitrh of pipes, 6(ines & spechk would be .s Fer CPWD speificriiotrrlsl codes. CHAMBERS : Suirable bdck chrmbeB for housing the fiE hlnns conshcted in bick msory vi$ bnck of clN: dcsigndidn ?5 in cdd bdc* clraDbe6 shall hlve leveliDg couree ofccr:5,t0. cemeor,bonarl:3,12nblhickvnh!noadnscoatolnotc.nenLThechambeBsh,ilhare RCC slib oD r@ *irh rtquiEd opding for opeftrion of valK3 s !$ sF.ciricdios M.S., indicdins phte sho*ins L\e positions of6re hlinnb and sluica tilv* sbdu ilso he prolided. Cme concftr. l:2,4, tbnn blo.ks shdl b. provided as ptr CPWD specincadoc for rhe vadous fi nings/icssdid. DISNFECTION,TESTING : Aner dE *ork has be! conplcGd lhe lins shall be flushed silh Mrer conrainiDg 6lezchios pover @ 0.5 Eft per lrr. ofsder.nd vater and the openrion repeated 3 rins till the sanple ol mter h rpprmd by Municipil rball b. Bed in thc so*. All d the resulk re 'nd slnice valves sh,ll be nonar l:5. Tlr the chambn shall be plansed wnn t3. clan.d \ei$ nesh Pips lrid shall be r6rcd ar .wicc rh. naxinum allouablc pic$uE ro check vaier riehtoss of th€ joints ind ro deet any han cmcks in lne pip*. And slisf.clory onplelion ol the wtr\ 5 seb of co'pletion plms sfioving fte ilignnent of lincs, loerion olair hlws, sluicc valv6, fiE hydEnrs alont wiU\ 6e senjce plan (in oiginal) ryprc€d hy D.tB. dldng wirh i6 foMrdide l.trr ro lhe Engind-in{htrge shall be slbnined lo rhe tosineFi.'cbaree hy lne T€ 'qrk may be inspEred by oEiciak of MCD, DJB or any orh{ ag.'cy dudng *ec!!ion. U.C.R. of rcquncd capaciry ui(n boslii8 amogsmt idbllalion for supply of ftrd in rhe holsd * ?d appoval accddcd by D.l,B. md Erigilc! in punp bouse tc nessary NOTE : The specific rcquncient as p* approval acdded by Dclhi hl Bolrd shru also be corplied SPICTFICATIONS 'fte sork shall be qsured 6 ptr appBvrl 'ccorded by sh.ll be final lod birdiig on ihe @nr.. FOR SEWIRACE: \ D.J B. in d6ign aod dn*id$ by conhdor and vill not be open to E.' 34

    37. PVT LTD' DEVELOPER5 /) W ./' ior RAHEJA .-*-a.l questioB. This work shlll includ. *cavarion in all rtara, l.ying nondare, RCC NPzNP3, S/S Pipes, conshctioi of ornhol€ povidin8 SF.R.C. Dabholc covc6, ftam6, he.vy du(y foot rsts wjrh necAsary bnck wo* in emeot tu, haunch.s and all trouid rh. pip6 vhever rquicd plader. bed cmmte rnd concrete wto L Thc sork will b. don. as p€r D.J.B.ATCD sbodards & in accordarce virh c.P.w.D. spe.incddoi 1996, Vol. I to Vl wiln up bn*e corection slips Bpetivcly vherewr The rcfcElce benchh$* shall hlly eirh G.T.S. b.nch nrk. CIRCUIAR MANHOIES : Mainok shall bepovided : ' ar$dinepointof..chline. (Gndienr, size ofthe pipe, djgmed9 ai an judioD points ol rwo or nd.lines. M.nholes sholld be spdced that eacn proDdly dischnrlps in rhe diedion of flov, r.d maximun cetuc to cqrre splciig of Mnholes vill b. m per FrevdlirE DJB bylaus. Fd Dcptb of Dinhole Beseen 0.914mtr. to 1.63 nh. Boror diamebr of manhol. i) (3 0" to J'6") l.63mri ro 1.63mtr. (j'6'ro7 6') Beend 2.23 M (rr0') l.220nt (410) it iii) I 20 sir. (5 0') fo! deplh lss than 0.914 dr recbngular nirndl6 ofia 90 r 30 cos. shall he pmviden. Tbe cjr.lld nanhole shall bs of mininun deprh of 0.914 r Th. delrh ol rh. iinnot shall be bk6 d rdiml disbnc beNeo lop l*cl ol SFRC .aE and inveit level olclBhet itr rhe nanhol.. Thc *ork include d.av.iion in.ll r}!es of$ s lbr conshdion of nanhols corpl.rc wirb @nge colou safery foor*r of mininuD 6 ]m ihick pltrstic cncrpsukied $ Fer IS.l09l0. All 'n&hole ro bc phsded borh icide md oubide wirh cemflr notur r:4 (1 co.6. $nd) vith r noating cod ofned cmmt inride. When sewr h beins liid uder snb{oil M&r 15 m rhick $on. soiling shall hick unda n,ihold, l. 4. 7, Heavy dury SIRC ma'nole Flnes aod @v6 J60 nm inhal 132 ks. ind to be te$ed a p6 15I?26 (Pd I) for b6vy dury lo.&. Thc 6ve6 shall be mbcscd DDA' wirh iE )€d of iinufatuc dd wked "SEWER" ad ISI Mrt..... dia vill b. pFvidcd $ciehing Dr@ comecrion : NoImuy, no sescr line shrll hlve ose. Wiseve.i Iie dlop is morc, a drop.omdion skerch id CPWD lpeifcdio. a d6p ofmoc lhan 0.610 nh in.ny amngddr, shall be povided a pd 1996. Pips : Lains ol seweEgc lircs shall in.lud. cxc.vrtion id all It96 of soih, providing and laing of RCC, S&S pips NP2.NI3 as sprcified with mbber nns joinrs, iesrins od efillinc erc. rhc conpledon ofjob to the sdkficrion ol lngine* itr{hr8e m d'e srs R.C.C., NP2 P3 Pips * p6 rquiEdbt/aplloved $heme lsl ndked vill be !s.d, airh nbbd nn8 & Menr mmbrjoinr. t PvT, ld&ET.- '-"-8i DEVELOPERS For RANEJA 35

    38. EDEa----{ b{4 effi,s'*,- s rdd bms dd grem b.lrs sd morc : 4 fi ne satrd : 8 gaded stone asis. ii) Pip6laidarad.p6lssrhan0.910nu rhan 4.j7 n :h l t€ mes.d wiln l:4:3 (l cddt 40 nn nominal siz.) cmsl concrcb 15 cm rhick on all sides idcluding bdc rhe Exh excavan oi of { lemi 0.23 n widrh in side will b. done lor pro!.! joinins ofpipd d rhe lo.arion of sockeB. No sewd line shall b€ laid uihin a dhhn6 of 3.2s M liom huilding liDc in cas. of roeds. lo cse ofsflic. laDetroa& rhe 3cwr shtll be loid 3t cetr@ ofdie laoes. Th. finimum size olpips ro be used sb.ll b€ s p€r amroved schde. In case rhe pires ac laid undq sub soil Mtr 1$el tne dc*dcot l:3:6 (l cement: 3 code Mnd: 6 gsdcd srone agg.40 nm nomiml si*) istad of C.C. l:4:8 (l cemat I a nne srd : 3 saded sone a$:40 nm loDinsl size) celrMt iii) iv) v) vi) shall be don. viih ln o rer cdes 0.15 M bed encasmenr wirh l:4:3 (l ce$ent : 4 ire smd , 8 sFded sonc oge. a0 fm) cneni concrere upro haunches ol pip.s sboll be provided rl'e ione b3lla( rhall bc of 40 nn lonii,l sir ld bed condde add 20 mn noninll 3iD for an rouod mcsmenr of pi!€. \vhft .ncsemenr olpipc witlr srme nix ui1l be dooe. WhcE rhe inwd l*el of lhe mnhoh is 1.22 m or norc belorv Ihc subsoil Natq lcvel 0.I l5 m dick coE of li2:4 cmenr cmderc (l c.m.n! : 2 cmse smd : 4 smded ione bdhs 20 nrn m'niml size) shall be provid.d in the-allsolrhe manlole upro 0.61 ne abole subsoil vd level in ordr io seve noh rhe .id6 of rhe s{nhole sh.ll te pFvided virh 15 cn tbick 1:2:4 (1 cmcnr : 2 come end : 4 sone ass 20 nm nomin,l sia) RCC sl'b nonolitbicauy vitt $e cdc ol rhe sall ol &e mnhole lan cooseG of l:5: l0 (l M.nt : 5 nne erd : t 0 gFded ronc aCg. a0 mm iminal siz.) of0.075m rhick stall be provided udq the slab. Tqb : The s€lq line laid Mll b. $bjst h followirg thfte rsh : smoke re$: io check Iha tishh4s ofjoin$ b) Mimr : to sftiglt alisnneor ofpipe c) Disc. Te* : Ths dh. e! Lvill be cdduckd b see d,at liod a€ ne of ded/$. ldn.rcr. nonr orb.' b,akogfs ,dr -- vii) . cushion is ks L\an 0.90 M, all.roDd iii) innkialion ol3ubsoil uier lflel 10. ! ") h,o 'ie m.B.isl t line from m.ohoi'ro TLe connactor rvill subnit td Eogine*-in.chorgc 5 sec ot compldion plas of s*rage stE..m hid sbosins position of manhol*, witb its cdtrc b care disrmce dia ol1in6, sadim6, l@arion of dop com.ctio6, cdtrectide point, wilh eFund lsvek ind inven Lvels d erch point wirhin l0 da't ot.onplerior ol rhe sereuse so*. n. sflice plan {i. ongiEl) rpproved by local body/DJB rloog sitb their fonrdins lenn te also subnirted ro rhc Enginetr-ir charge. 11. ]re lollowins slopes shall b€ nrin(rined ehilc l,ln8 the pips : l). Dh of Pip€ Slope L Dud ng .xccu ri on rlE rork mry b. inspecEd by ofi. ials of MCD/DJEL/D\E a lso. Crcsins over Dal lah: shall be done by Cl pipe vilh ,eces,ry snppod. rt- ord'on\'-|o-o' -,ppoasLhreofDJB htl b. folloacd iOFT- -; -" - lo o\r E.a D-r' 'oPEPS I 3 I 4 rj ji r y oVL rD. l6 pir. t fD, -_ RAiIJA OrVrLopEcS

    39. PVT' LTD' ]!L']I OE\TELOPERS . I {s t- F Aulhodsadsig&bry FOR STORNI WAIER DRAINAGE u p'p.N-*'e',rr' * . r'p .- . sp' o oe oi.'d it..' e on SPECIfICATIONS L"i.eor-*eo ".j,,ai". *a ; i""o .lz ." t;"" '-."e - irrc -'." a .. -. "t s- r !rn'c0 pn .pp o\'lor \a' D D B o pLlrin;'l'ob ro (he edshcrion or dre E4in.( in chrge Fouowins specificdions Nill bo used lor pnviding nnder gtound pipe dnnr8e 'n he Jc""riing'n_ ry?c or'oil r 1ob. nn6 'rd n" ' -ne D \ 'niol6 lbrbm Ds rine 4 5r"- ". The wo* will be erouted as ps rhe dsign and lr}lur rppblcd b! rhe McD/DJa RCC N!2,NPI pipe lsl ndked S&S Pipe shrll be used Minibln di'm;r; ol dt pipc uscd will be as per .pproved schene bv MCD/DJB n,;.r,..,,"," s -, *" u" 'n r'o ^ai ' bo m B '.on 'e nr' bc " I (- e..'[,'; ;d l^ sr",le,l 'n-" " ol...e:LD arra;:, r"- .,,h ',"" . | tr d '- oo\!0n. -\D--.nd doe'"r-.PwD sDcciflcdionsvol vj 1996 lne ch.mbs shall bc prcvided a the nirring poini, juncrions and iurns Io ft rl'8nhcd A well as a( ev.ry 20 mt inEnil i;;; ;pp....ri. sLb.''r -n' 1.oe:ern.:os' d€l io'Jlg a014- Dorind icr i" "ri.,r'", , ." 0..: u *a m " ,ron'.ee. jo n{ aom'tu 1ch'n *ufi, *r *" *.",*i"t cissmenr or DiDe vill be dooe sith abore Blx RCC pipe diai;s sh.ll b. poided d bodr sides or rcds for easv c'lledio Nraooio\rl nldd€d bvMCD/DIE i.,.1,r.*."rrc-;*,,qe o\e^o ;; D;ovided d boih sid* or oads ar sunabk intdok and coniecEd 10 'hc main pip' dnin slhRcL NF2oiD6,sFRr "r, i."rru..i'l--"a s w '.,. r'110 {or. 'peL,eiu md o n rl e B 'ck \o 'f _5\lro((v ' j tn..q h 'Ll._menr'I oie i 'ncr: i]r ie "nd ,-;:,io nd q h!0od'1c oior'ed'"n' h r6 gt' o' 'd )"emenr. "be 4ln'snd 3 s-d'd e ot Pp- rL_ll de D ovidtd onflfl" p'o b u o' brl o-crcr! d r0n r oaoJ'i? ro' obr '0 mr no 'o- i/ Jpip". wt'"* -,ittut" mrhion is les rhln 90 cd or I 2 M tidtr rods all'round o,of\rP' -J v-b.mbc- hJrl .oho.r.bdr l"srryo-y(o- & 3ntu .n-ll b' D o. L!.d 'o lre mn\oLL Thc n,nhole shall te coNrocted in bnck ndmrv slinnd! ol main linc ai spacing no. exceedidg 20 meen' St olmaonolB wir' dcpt\oftbepile dninvillbeN follovs: ll. 9!!!4$!!9 152 m Belond 223 n snail bc ninimum O 9l4 M dcpfi. The deFdr oflhc tnd$ole slra11 ;cnical dhhncc ldwed roD level dl SFRC covd $d invd kvel of ch3nml in (hc manholc' wi* i.*'i i"*r .t,t'. .t"l"t" ';; ,h.r.oro*rLr.".m o'*{ be o'oiorJ .re-Jriol|nemxhohuD.ooblnh Dr'ved infilrotion ol subsil *atr fron &e sids of ln. n'trhole d pd MCD/DJB noru' h"hotronof rbemrrhol.sballbeprovided*ilboItnt """a,,ict;d.d """" "ec m.t l6ir. iii) be rak'n d sbn --;.is t 1 22 mm or more bllov 6e subsoil r%rs level 0 tlt 0 i oneoJrriJ b..F ubso'lurdl't"l i o L-o o 'r'L-7'\'\rr 0r' (l amdt:2cudc with rhc core of lhickl:2:4 Rcc srrb laid nonolirbic'llv "dql a1size) oEvELoPERlql tTo l7 F., RAHETA

    40. PVT' LTO' FIHEJA DEVELOPERS si!.irdy ao!I3'jr--" lhewallofrhenanhole.l.anconmrcoll:5:10(lcmdr:56nesand:t0c$d.d$one,10 nm mni$l siz) of 0.075 nh dicktrss shalt be provided uder $c atab. wlldo bdnch drain neeb lne mdd drais & drcp ls no€ rhan 0.61n a dlop comectid as pd CPWD spsitictriols 96 Vol. M, shrl be prcvided. Dunie executiod the work nay be iDspeled by offr.ilh of MCD/DJB rlso. Tho coihcror vill subnir ro ''gn1M-in-cbief 5 seb of completion planrs of druinaee work shown€ g€die01; posnion.r chmbs, n0inole , wfth ceirft io cd.e disrdce l€dion of dtap tu@ti6, dia otlin* wi6in IA dats af conpletiaD otddinaqe va&. The s*ice tka (in dg,oal) approved by hell body/MCD alons qi r ns tbnvrding I.(* shatl bc au6htucd ro tbe Enginerin chdep by the Co 'lbc slole ii rbiols 'lhbets ol pipe, No!1d be as neniloned itr slb\ead seshge 15. SP'C]fiCATION FOR ROAD PARKINC & ?ATI'IS : I 6 I Preprsion rid @soli deljon or snb eFde *itb postr roa d rcller of3 ro 12 ronDc ty and cxca vdirg canh b in ivslgc of 22.5 cm. depih, drssi',g ol crmbtr ard.oosolidaling rotl$ imlnding nakins good the u olatios erc. and re rclling dr sub gnde ond dispGd of surylus .adr kad up ro 500 metes with rcad Exta for codpdion of cd{h tro* oprinun moGhre conditions ro grve 'mxinun dry densi,y (rnc,or densty) Slppling and drckjry at site. 63 m to 45 Im lize none aggcglr. 5r mm to 22.4 mm sia $one aeeiesaG Laring sgeading and compacrios stone asgregde df specifi.d size io WBM speilications includins spodins in ndfom thickn.s, had pickidg, rollirg $rh 3 wheled msdhibriory .olld 3-]0 tode in srE6 to pbper er.ds and cambq, alplyinE and boonins iequisire !!. ol scEnirs / bindins mddd to frU up intmrics of.d& iSgrsgdc rvacnng lrd conplctins to rhe Ptuvidi4 .nd applyins bck cd! using ho1 $riight nn biNm.n ol snd. 80/lOO indudins heariDs tl,e tibren, birunen wi.h frechaiically opq,ted spry nnir lited on bitunen boild, clcining ind pRlinng rhc qisrin8 road surface 6 p.r *'ffiT-----"r ' For RAIIEJA spnyinc dre l8

    41. For MHEJA DEVELoPERS PVT. LTo, a lhdrei srnto,y 'oN? On W.A.M. @ 0.?5 Kt / sqm. 2.5 cn pfmix carpd surfacing virh 2.25 dm rnd l.l2 cud of no!€ cnippin$ of 13.2 nn and ll.2 n'n si& retecriwly ptr 100 sqb. aod 52 kC, and 56 *g of hot biiDno pd cun ol stonc chippirss of 132 m md 11.2 Im siu Bpdively irduding. bck cost vnn hor sb.ighr rur bitonen iocludine consoliddion vid' @d 6lld of 6 ro t ionne mpecily .to. cmplae (hct md t6.33.1 witb pavins Asphalr 30/100 beded 'nd rhen nixed wirh solvdr ar lie nte of70 gftns Per kg of asplalt Providin! rnd layin8 sed coa! of prcmixed nne asrgrcgllo (pssing 2.36 mn !!d €tain.d on 130 nidon sieve) Mrb bituneo uinA 123 kg of bitoBm of gnde 80 / 100 and hlindins sudrca wiih 0.90 cuD ofslone ,Egrgore of 6.? lm size (PNsing ll.2 Iu sieve an rehinld on 2.36 nn iev.) pfl 100 sqtu of roid $rface including Dllin8 and iinkhirg wi$ powd bad c, WATIR SU?PIY MANACEMINI: SCOPE OF WORK : Thc Mrd supply,Imgenmr of rhe bousing poctd consists of the followitrg iru i!.luding iNlallarioq te$irg and cmissioning ofalt equipnenrs. P6vidirg udasomd rd( ofthe cryrcity calfllded in acsd.n.e ro guidelims of 2. Providi4 bo6b pump ho6e of sunabh 3ia inctuding bod*er pnnpiog s.ts alons uith pbvision of 100% $ndby aftnlmcnt d1h all allied ace$oi6 and irds such s rluico ulve, c.l. ilxngcd t}!e pip., flaosed !?e bmd, raDd and puddle pipe Prdidins D.C. set ofsuiiabl. c.paciry widr acou<ic edoN. Prdidin8 Nmbq of rube selk includins sulDqiblc pumFs as pd dda rvrilabte rnd lrov ing obicle tyF LT. P.nd Bdardsunahle for oFmtioo of boosrex pmp stsi subb*ible punps and D.C. set. Prdidirc suitlllc sia ofleprate @ons lor D.C. ser. Provjding wdd lwel indi@ror (.t.cbonic rype). Obrainirg sefli€ onnecriod in ihe oane ofEE, DDA iom D\B .nd conpteting the colmmial lomliliB of D\B inclxding paFrar of sflicc comedion cnarges. 3. Fift Extiostrish4, rubbd nd and exniui irn. 2. WATER SIT'PPLY ARIANGEMENT SIIAII- BE CAI{RIED OUI AS SPECIFICATIONS CIVEN BELOW : l. fie bsts pumF 6et sball be deiened s !q i]| t.bnical dara amiloble, i.c dis.harg. and heid calfllared on rh. baris ofachil Mrr requiftmdr Th. mod.t and make of rhe pump rnd moror shdl b. based m rhe Dsfmdce cufle and duiis of *,"0*^**'3iii$El'-9ne9;"-'$:fl 4., PER - q rrD l9 oEvELoPERS For RAHETA %

    42. g' PVT' LTD' FOI R'J]EJA DEVELOPERS s@8f A"rhdsd 2. Subncdiblc lump sba11 developed at sit.. 100% shdby subnesi6le pump*r for €ch rubs we sha1l be 0mgpd. C.l. p1!€, bend, tee, puddle pip€ erc shrll be ol ddble fl0nBd !y!e.In case of sbmc*ibl. puhp set, howevd, O.L ?ipo and nuings wirh double flanced slrall bc be desiAncd ar on rhc bsis of rhe iechnicrl dird ol rhe bor. 3. all siz6 dfsluice valw, c.l/c.I. pipe, b{d, Te, hps, and plddlc pipc rcquiftd at site shan be N pd BIS sp.ci5cdioos anended W tGdrre. ]re wo& of povidin8 licht Foinc, f3! poinls, light plug poinr, pisno q?e swieh.s/socket mdd in lhe punp roon. 'Ihc 6tiE s,3tm shzll be tesied to rhe sarirhcdo! ofrngin@Fin ch4e Tat snal bc prlomed in the lresmce of €nginceFin-charge or his iD 'I!e.orhrctor iit shdl ,lovidc au labod, equipnenr md nderial Equncd for 'flre iNrallarioD shill be 6Ered by lne condiiion Dr !h. *hot. ineatldion or 3ny pan drMf found defsiive ui$in rhe guosnrced period shall be repl&ed by ric conbactor hee of chtrE. in a redonabl. ride he guarante shdl .ovd rhe Qualitn sterBn and pqfomoncc of rh. m.rdial dd equipmenr Ned. Srlc elcdncrl dd nsbanical sftng$ ofan p,rE of rbc equitherb uoder all sp.ci6ed €Ddiiios of opmrion / sarisfa.tdy! Prompt seic. duin8 guartdlc. p.dod. Ariending ro cons.qldriil dana8es in (he eqnipmenrs snpplied.nd insdled p*iod of I2 honths shrll h. couned fton th. dde ofbandhg ovcr of rbc Glitute i' .r 1itr ro ' tr dcpr@r ditrsrd. fzdoq 'srinsod omm.$ronrnb 3. a) Pumps: Th. c.nti6]3.1 p0np shall be of ca$ no! body conshring of s€l shrft and brlmced C.L imlelld. nE punp sball b. capable of developine rhe rcquirtd rdbl he0d ofralcd capaciry. Pldps lhall m smooih wilhou! unduc noisc rnd vibrdid. Pumps shall be nrnhhed complere wift t*ible coupling alone ei0r ourling surd Baeplare for punp and moror shill b. condon. Suibble hols shall be prctded for !odl----B'I ro, n*ern

    43. PVT' LTD' DEVELOPERS Ar' B.t Fd RAHEJA aoET---- Thc foudadoo bolt shll b€ cmplecd wirb Nh md Mshe6. D6ign rcqunem : TIe motor shall g6eftl1y confom ro r.S.i 321. Addiliomtln lne sprciic requimenr nentioed in dre lollowing cl se shall aho b. ner. n'e guorarted perfomance of ilc notor shall be ncr {iln rolmnce spe.ined !s .dnGsible md ib niltmun dndscy shall be 35%. ii) Theootor shall be *ound uidr Chss B' insularid .nd sh.ll be of coniimous iaring 'Ihe horor shall be capatle of sivjog €led ou.pur virbour redudion in lne expecrd Iile4pad *en vhen opemted conrinuousty vide rhe fotlowitrg suppty conditiors: '') a) b) c) vsriarid in rlpply volta€e 1 l0% Variation i. supply fiequcdcy I 5% comb ined vo lbsi dd liequency lariar ion 1 r 0% v) Tl'e moroi onshcrion shrll be suilablc lor .dy dksdblins ard Emsembtiry lnd gEsing shit be po$ible [irholt any dibhrling openrion. Dieset GmeniirS sct (wirh acousric enclsure): The geEmlin8 scr sDch ro getrd!. 415 / 440 roxs ar 0.3 PF (hg) s!i6bt. for 50 HZ, ssrd PnLift J Jllbf qd- oo.rd. hi6l 4 stuke nulti cylindq deign ro nn onriNous d 1500 RPM. . ) l nJe'. ete-bic rrn Alrmaio. Self *cned, selfrsulaie4 lnr.. !has.,50 CrS,1500 dripproof cdfomingro rs : 47t2l2613. Edbina: As pd r.s.:3040 193? (amendedup ro-date). PVT' LTD' DEVELOPERS @da____a'L orv;uleet; P[,trD' -.. \ o/' a'l

    44. PVI' L'" .CI !AI];JA DEVELOPERS Al 'oNr----!r'i @ 9L _ airhdised s!!rdolv B.SBIE!II!BI]dAA{! Sp€cifi c ion: for Hddi.llture Works rre sork wi1lbe unied mr as perCfWD 1996 vol I tovl w'$ lFro datd I AII liabitiris of the labou the rsponsibihy of rhe contdor Dd nor &d of DDd 50 nos. o I Tre6, I 000 ros of shrubs, 2 5 00 sronnd cover, 2500 nos. of hedgc pkns, cieep* erc. vill beDh .d /He.. (lisr enclc.d) Ar leNt 75frm rhick good edh will bc pmvided by rhe conhctor lor laM irei .od 6m .o\v Ar lcm! one rube vell np io 3 Acre virh pump house wilh irigdion s'.tm foi la\h 4er and plantss etc. rhc n*inun dirarce ol the hydEnr or 20nm size will be 25 mr. OF.d .rc! will be bouded by I nder high bo.rdary s?11 from adjoiniig plrh / rod ,trd I meter hilb diling oed (his Nalt. P4h in seetr rter willbeRED BAIRI PATHaspddnccrio$ olhnilslpc,icbit.ct The ieency sh.ll bc ttunsc his o\h T & P requned ror developrent .s w Tre plrnb Nlll bc Ptoreded by tee gxads. Mixins eanh and sludgc d frlnur in poDonion 2:1 rnd to be laid in rhick ss of 31 nm. 11. SpEidingofcowdnnBnmufttr/a cood ernh in rqund 6ickne$. Gnsin! wilh Doob grNs including *dcdng and minrenrnce ol ibe hm ti11 $e srffis lom r thick lawo, lrcc lrm eeeds ,nd fir aor oovi',9 indudins supplyins good e.ih if needed. Cms tobe plantd in ros 7 5 cm. apan in eirh*dtcdion, r3 Prepddoi or bens ror tedging rDd shtubs by *caudng 60 cm deep aid tdching rhe excauted bffie, to . tunher depth of l0 cm, reliUins rtre *cavared errtb rner hreiking clods nd nixins wid co* du8 manure in lne nrio of 3: I (3 Frls olsb&.d volme of eanh aner rcducrion by 20% : I pd ol shcked volmc of cov dutrs n.nuF aner rcduclion by 3%) floodins with *der, fillio! wirh €dh ifneesary, vatering ad 6naly nne dre*ing, ld.ling dc. itrcludi4 nrcking and disposl of ndcdals declared u,*flicable sp{oding lrd levelirC 6 direded, si$in a lead ol50 m fin up ro L5 m conplete and sulllus eanh by Dissing hols in odinry soil aDd rliuidg rhe su. vith De excrvaied eanh mixed {ilh nanur. of sludg. in rhe mrio' 2:l by volune (2 prb of $ackcd volune or *nh 3ftq reducrion by 20%: I psn of stacked volune of cow dung nanurc anq rcdudion by 3%) fimdins wiln Mtd drssing including Moval ol rubbish and snalus eanh if any vilh all le,ds ,nd lifts GGi of manure sludge or *tn smd eiirh if ne.ded is ro be provided uirhoot i) Holes0.9m llole.; diaaod 0.90n deop d 60 "mdeeo naFn.-,.-B.F 42

    45. PVT'Lr0. DEVELOPERS RATIEIA aoN!_-- s|pplyins ben qu.lity groM halrhy rF* in pob of 90'120 cm heigh ofspsies is sprcificd. 15. Supplying bsi qualiiy p.b sroM hqlrhy clinb( plants, wiln minimn 90 cm sn lenSrh of slecies specified! inclusive of prePrdion ard dlrivatiot. All phlb ro be app@ved berore Snppling l*r qualiiy p.b ercm be.l$y shrub plans, B sp.cifie4 inclxsire ofprepantion ind culti€tion ofshrob beds $ specilied A1l planb 10 be approv.d befor. pl4!in8 by Dir (Hod.) minimum Srpplyilg and applyins ctemical eduhion ol lpFoled qu iiy in sealed conbinen for tmits 50 nl. pd sq.n. includine delivery as specihed. Pbvididg aid nxins or ivl.S. Cncubr Treesurd ,10 ci. intmal di! *ith ovtr'll heierrt of 1.32n franesorSnos of knioldghnon:ize25x25x3nmwirhT5mn,slirredborom ends, welded tullin Lenerh d heeringloirb *itlr 3 nos. M S. Fbt Riols Bidc of25frn x 3 nm idcludins weldins rd fixnis neel rne mesb labn. of l.l0 m heiglt & l0 S.w sruee of 5 cn x ?.5 on size wire nesh induding printio8 wilh reidy dircd plinr of 3pproved ed m.nufictuE ofFquiEd shidc ovr. prinlis coar ol Erdy n;ed zinc yellov pri'ntr conpLeie'D.ll rcspect bnnd All da frd.nals sh,ll b. hdlihy, sound icoros, nee fion phi!, inses, IsB, or $eir eg€s, and shall hNc herlrhy, *cll.dry.loped rooi sFiens. All plitrb shall bc hlrd under dimdic coMitioN siDila io dose in rhe locali(y ol rhe Fojed Plrnt supplied sh.lLonfom m rlE i!n* llstdor bo$ de plao and $eplinr lisl No pl!n! Dudial willbe accepred bnnch* lrc damlccd oi broker 20. . ir All mdriil mui be prorercd from rh. snn and $earlrer uril plrnr.d. All nusery $ock sbtrll b. tupecred and approed by thc Dn.cbr L spsined i! ihe plrnt 1Gt. A[ pbnb shrll confom io rhe reluiEdds TO?SOIL : (Good canh) pH $oge 6.5 io 7 5 Topsoil or sood sdh shall be d ftiable loan tt?icrl. Ir snal beneeofsubsoil sone,6dh clods, srickl, roois or odrer objectionable extmeous naxer tr d.bris. d.rdial. No lopsoil shrll be ddivtred in tr nuddy condirion. Thc pH vohe or rhe soil d'onld fERTILISER: D.y fam yard manure nee non *aanous maftr, h.mtul baddi., iticcts or chenicah, ROOT SYSTEM: hrnsphntation. wherc nccesary the ooi or orher suftble mdenal On soik rvhde shall bc .onduaive !o sDc.estul s.rued by snppoi {idr Hesis 43 \";l rrDPss----.E'! PV-. Pf Lro DEVELoPEFS RAHtuA .L,i**" .'*"o

    46. {'}9 aot{l'--- - drmion of a good ball is oor p.sible, thc @b should be suirable / prorecred in sone orhtr way {hich should nor c,nse .ny dadrse io (he toob. E !u&s!.q l--: hdl b! l$'b ! "b€ld \q'h Lfe following or '-, rna -o. o. e! h bd-dt .p*,m. IlEEi4rUq ii*it'oJi-EJipdi"a .d b b" *dicd ;i i-frcdhclv, ialleJ plob shourd be placed check ro 'hek Dd thc blrl .ov.fd niln sand to Eevent drvjng our' Baf-rooledplanbdb'heekdinbvplacinsrb' roots id a prepared ;ndr rnd ;vding lnem with ezih shich should bc waieEd it, ro avoid in pockeb round the roob. *irr' ua.qude p.oredio! is approved aner d.liv'rv, ifphiiing is !!4I!!!q No tE Dits shall be d03 sril final teo positions bNe been pegged our d iDprovrr' crc shill be r'ken thd rhe plant s.pli4 when pknted is nor bnned deeper !ha' nr rhe nuaerv' d in $e pd / polnhm. blgl Plan6s ihonld no! bc canied ou( in wt{- loesed soil is rn indic'rioi or rhis Plan$ / tees al rh. onEinal soil depth $iih $e soil sdr*s on ihe id iirsholldbe miiiblned or rhe inished level, allovins ior siiins orrhe soil anerpldrine All plaiic .nd odrer imptashable cdniaiien should be rcmoved beloc planling Any broketr or drnaced rooN should be cut back ro :ound glo*lh IEEj]!I4}II l;;:;! uinbl +5ll \e cdicd r o/ dool (,io- or(hTnl n\PK\ d''/d @' Orssnic well-roned dry fadyard nonurc 0 05 cm n I tasra Urs 25 Cm All shobs {hich are suolied poi glom shall be *ell s@ked pdor ro pbntine h wdedng in a subseqlst n'equenr watdins of su'm* planied coobinn sroM dob h lhe .h.nce of nin, it $e Monsoon tlle laM shall bc valded vii\ spdnkles 'v'ry d'te dals soxking rhe soil rhsnglr to a deprh ofrt ledr 20 cn. D.nag!,lailure or dyns back of gns dne !o har erc shau be thc rsponsibilirv oflne (oMPLCrlo\ Cl R llnc.\rE: B' 60Er'- .- ) ;,r LTo tu RAHETiREVELbPERS.PIT a

    47. PvT LTD' For RAuEIA DEVELoPERS Thc \Mls shall b. deemed ro bed coDplded in ,ll (hrige..n'fi.s jh,r,h. uorkl h:ve bem so lorpl.Gd in ovsrbecompkred \o*q ard issues a cdi6(de ro $ar vill nzrt non (he said dde ofconplerion / handljrg oE rdpecb o rhe day rhe EneiDetr-ir! ac.ordance wlh rhis conrad, bkes eFecr. The Delsr Li.bility P.nod l. 2. 3. Adnocelhalus cadbba Alsroniischotrris Azadinchr! iDdicr 42. 43. latophpanduifott, J4ninum sondinosm ?. 3. 9. l0 Callisremonbncot.. choresir sFcjosa Cdlvillea nemos' Cnpe$us sempennds 43. 4e. Hibisosrdssineisit Ndiu/oteadder(v ga.a) 12. l3 Euseniaop4utda Ficusbcnjiminr 51. PseudciinrLemundicoltrbs 15 16 17. I ri. lt. osillearobu$a Llge roemia fls rsjiic Lividotria chinsis Millcria ovalifoli! Minwops elengi 53. Slnchsia nobilh vadgab 56. Cldodendronsphndens , 2t Peltopl$nm 23. I.minalirbott*ica 60. 61. 52. AspomgDs 64. 6s. Alremlnlh*a Ged) Alrem.nrhm Alrmmrha!(variesared) spmgeri Ca&qanrhus rcscus cftsula ais.!!c. (.rade) {seen) 63. 23. ll. Dunnra plunerei (vrigarr) 74. Tsdscanii! zebnne poenduh aoNT- , - --E.t SPEC]FICAT]ONS OF WOR(: " .\,J r"lnenrlo ,' A/ oeveLonqns pv" evr/Lfll

    48. I {fT:-d r^Lirrory l0 MAINIEI'IANCE FOR WORK OF LAwNs DooB GRASS (CITNODON DECTYLON) The sns in larhs sh.ll b€ cguldly dt with glrdetr svords ind noEd uirl lsBi no$.n. 'nre ihic*nc$ of rhe gns shan .ot be lllo{ed io incEtre heyond 60no Thc ninimun rhi.kn6s of sns shall b. m.inbined as 5 0 nm. The dickne$ shd I be Desured fro m rop of rhe so'l snrrace The g!$ shall also be kepr free fioD lll *inds olseeds 'nre Srds hMs shall be kepr cod$anlly 6lkd ro srve dshioniDg etrd ro the sns. Mrnu ng of the sns lalE shall also be done Ggubny so as ro k..p rhe e!* srem nmunns ol rhe krn sh.ll be sDread i| re rodrs ot DECEMBIR & JANITARy or s diEred by rh. Enginq - in chrse, 'fhe FOR MAINTENANCE OF CURIINC FOR FIRE CONTROI IITEASURES wirh grden ssords 3id noved virh laNn Droses a oxed ro incrqse beyond 60nm. The niiimun 50 m m. Thickne$ shrll be neaurcd iiohrop of lne fiee frcn all kind of The sras in ara sliall rtgDhrlybe cur Tbe rhicknes ol rhc g!$ shiLl noi be rhicknss of eiass shall be mainbined as $idsu ace. The gras dDll also be kept t2 nre exisritrg Thc $rapped mdenat sh'rr be dhDosed dlt d converGd p.rd ro bc dsided by (he Eigincg-in{hIge,Thercatel,l|rcaHyi11besun]uyfloodedvilh fonnieht lor nes 8la$ ro cone np grNs slnllbe snpped, il ioquncd, d ss diEded by rbe charse. Mmunig of rhe grNs rer shlll rho be sprerd in rhe monrhs or D.ccnber / Jinuiry or d dneGd by t1re Ensi'ieerin.charge. FOR WORK OF TREE ILANTS AND TRTES The area amund rhe rec ptanh upro a DinimnD ot nvo teer !o0dd to p1.nb shall b. kepr i.c fton sms and s kinds of wc.ds. Hoeing of$is am rrouid dr. rees shal be donc regubny. fte plDs 3h, 3iso be wdcred resbrrny 4 rt+ned aid as dneded by rhe EiSn@Fio chree. Hoeid8 shall aho be done aner every vardng s pd rhe dirdiois of Engineerin chdge For ptups lpkeep olrle rrts, nnwlnrd bnDcbs ofihe rccv ree prrnk sh3l bc iemoved d resul inrnals !s €qund .nd .s diEcred by lhe Enginelin cbaEe Th. hec planrs/ bes shan sho b€ kcpr fiec of i.y diserses, insecb d p*t by reglldly spftyins inseciicides as €quiicd. The conplde aos wheic lhc ree planb / rrts ft pkicd in opd field sha1l be kepr tre iilm sras and ,ll kinds ofweds througbout &. ttsr FOR WORI< OF IIEDCES. The dea around heds* pranrs \ rl'c !16 rourd hedEe phnb sbtl be done regulrrly as rcquif(l .nd s dnecred by dr Ensine* in ch.igc Thc hcdle plars sls be vartre,l rcguhny is required. .rodr- - - *B.t ,"1*+.,I shall bc kepr free lion a1l kinds orsr$ rnd !eds. Hoeiosof

    49. PvT LTo DEVELoPERS toi RAHEJA Ptunins i.d rinmine aE rhe speci,l ca. and a(ieltion shdl nost im9onin! irem lor prcptr shapitrg ol hedges, rhcrefore, be piid to pnne od cur rhe hedse as requiFn. FOR WORJ( OF FIOWER BEDS 'nr .otrfrcror vill nainkin sesonel aowd bcds ind rcse beds iicludins prepanrion of bed, slpplyors.ds snd seeding chemicaki cow dung maour, sderingj inb dtNnne er as per dnsbods !f rhe Ensined in{hlrge so rhd mdinum he.t$y nowes / ptarh are avaihitc ltmnghou rh. yed for llov* beds as ptr rlr rquimenl phnr dn. 10 negligen c or poor mainrenince by rhe Cotrtldor occm, ihe sne yill be replaced by a heolrhy .nd accepdble pl.or. hrcaseodycsualryorflow.. OTHER SPECIFICATIONS: Tbe follosing ylrd*icks shorld bc follo*ed for nain.oaicc ofHoricutrtrrc works. MIN]MUMONE MALT FOR ONE ACRf Of LAWN. B. MINIMUM ONE MAL] FOR 250 NOS OF ROAD SIDE TR€€S / P]-ANTS, MIN\l voN\'tdJ top J000FLN\ \cvt.tLsot a tDccs PV LIO, For RAHEJA OEVELOPERS *r,---4' \*^ a' PVI' LTD' OEVELOPERS FOI RANEJA