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Turnaround Leaders: Competencies for Success PowerPoint Presentation
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Turnaround Leaders: Competencies for Success

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Turnaround Leaders: Competencies for Success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Turnaround Leaders: Competencies for Success
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  1. Marybeth Flachbart, Ed.D. Deputy Superintendent mbflachbart@sde.idaho.gov Turnaround Leaders:Competencies for Success

  2. What is a competency? How is a competency different from actions? What is the benefit of using competencies for selection Why is the combination of actions and competencies so powerful? How can competency be built? Competency Theory

  3. #1 Driving for Results Concentrate on big, fast payoffs in year 1 Implement practices even if it requires deviation Require all staff to change Make necessary staff replacements Focus on successful tactics: halt others Do not tout progress as ultimate success

  4. #2 Influencing Inside and Outside Organization Communicate a positive vision Help staff personally feel the problems Gain support of key “influencers” Silence critics with speedy success

  5. #3 Ability to Problem Solve Analytical thinking Conceptual thinking Measure and report progress frequently Ability to change direction if necessary

  6. #4 Showing Confidence to Lead Self-confidence Stay visibly focused Committed and self-assured High expectations for self and others Mission, vision, understanding of the ultimate goal

  7. “You can probably teach a turkey, but it might be easier to hire a monkey” Ensure they see the vision Use every encounter as an opportunity to evaluate, coach and build self-confidence Exude positive energy Establish trust through candor, transparency and credit

  8. Building Capacity Model the process and strategies of making unpopular decisions Demonstrate curiosity by asking probing questions Inspire risk taking by setting the example Celebrate at every opportunity Jack Welch, Winning

  9. Marybeth Flachbart, Ed.D. Deputy Superintendent Student Achievement and School Improvement mbflachbart@sde.idaho.gov (208) 332-6954 Contact Us