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HOME (sticky)
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  1. BIO/ABOUT HOME (sticky) Pretty simple, with contact info and links to (maybe) my twitter and (definitely) my LinkedIn. The home page is pretty simple, with both background and logo repeated on all pages. The logo serves as an easy means of navigation between pages (it links to each page, ala D. Nufer). It won’t be altered frequently, unlike the content specific pages, so any lulls in updating won’t be immediately noticed (like they would be with dated blog entries for example). GRAPHIC ART Divided into different media (traditional, digital, etc.) DESIGN Again, division is based on what is what (e.g. Web design, logos). BLOG Either the most or least updated page, pretty self-explanatory.


  3. The Rationale Behind My Schema I want a website that is easily molded and potentially multifunctional, should the need arise. My first intention is a combo. Professional/personal representation of myself, which is a balance I think I can strike with relative ease. A few notes: BLUE is indicative of elements unlikely to see consistent change, so the homepage and bio. page are going to be fairly static. RED is for those pages I expect will/should see regular updates, whether this is daily, weekly, or monthly, these are the pages whose content will be expanded upon and changed at a whim. GREEN , or the blog page, I am uncertain on, as far as updating is concerned. It will definitely not be consistent (ala the RED graphic/design pages ) but will likely see some form of update, even if sporadic. Something I am unsure of is whether to include a separate page solely dedicated to my contact information (twitter, LinkedIn, external sites, etc.), or to just embed that within the About/Bio page. I thought I’d wait for some feedback on what I have here so far before I make any executive decisions, as I am sure that there are bigger concerns at hand than that.