happy paulinian appreciation day n.
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Happy Paulinian Appreciation Day! PowerPoint Presentation
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Happy Paulinian Appreciation Day!

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Happy Paulinian Appreciation Day! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Happy Paulinian Appreciation Day!. Doxology. Ina de Luna, Aika Rey, Ida Siasoco , Angela Tibi , Denise Uson , and Nats Varela. Introduction of Guests. Aika Rey, Bea Tañada , and Isa Tan- Palanca. Opening Remarks. Jenina Raymundo. Longest Breath. It’s game time!. Charades.

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Ina de Luna, Aika Rey, Ida Siasoco, Angela Tibi, Denise Uson, and Nats Varela

introduction of guests
Introduction of Guests

Aika Rey, Bea Tañada, and Isa Tan-Palanca

opening remarks
Opening Remarks


longest breath
Longest Breath

It’s game time!


It’s game time!

intermission number
Intermission Number

K-Pop Mash-Up

  • Jade Bae, Abby, Cancio, Nikki Gomez, Lily Kim, Ria Min, Joanna Reyes, and Bea Tañada
trip to jerusalem
Trip to Jerusalem

It’s game time!

intermission number1
Intermission Number

“Hero” by Mariah Carey

Ina de Luna, Aika Rey, Ida Siasoco, Angela Tibi, Denise Uson, and Nats Varela

intermission number2
Intermission Number

“I Turn To You” by Christina Aguilera


giving of tokens
Giving of Tokens

Liaa Navarro, Jenny Ocana, Therese Onagan, Celina Pablo, and Denise Uson

closing remarks
Closing Remarks


closing prayer
Closing Prayer