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September 23 rd to 26 th , 2008 Buenos Aires, Argentina Costa Salguero Exhibition Center

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September 23 rd to 26 th , 2008 Buenos Aires, Argentina Costa Salguero Exhibition Center - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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9 th International Food Technology, Additives and Ingredients Exhibition. September 23 rd to 26 th , 2008 Buenos Aires, Argentina Costa Salguero Exhibition Center. The South American market. South America is the driving force for the growth of meat from all species.

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9th International Food Technology, Additives and Ingredients Exhibition

September 23rd to 26th, 2008

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Costa Salguero Exhibition Center


The South American market

  • South America is the driving force for the growth of meat from all species.
  • The increase of premium quality cuts in South America is a key trend.
  • Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay have all joined this trend with two-digit increased exports over the past two years.
  • Household consumption in those countries has gone up as well.
  • Due to its culture, infrastructure and language, Argentina is the gateway to Mercosur.



Cattle production has traditionally been one of the major industries in Uruguayan agriculture.

In the last 15 years Uruguayan beef exports have grown systematically.

Uruguay’s meat industry plays a major role in the country’s economy. Meat exports represent some 18 % of the total volume.

In international markets Uruguay has a high profile as a red meat exporting country. Its current exports amount to approximately 520,000 tons of beef per annum (2006 – carcass weight), aimed at more than 60 countries worldwide, (1993 - 105 ton).

Per-capita beef consumption in Uruguay is one of the highest in the world.

Its growth is higher than that of the Brazilian market for its dynamics.


Year 2005 shows Paraguay’s highest meat export numbers in its history. 

In July this year, Paraguay will be in a condition to implement all the recommendations of the European Union (UE) to be reinstated in the meat market.




Brazil is more competitive than Europe, but needs to overcome some weaknesses. The environmental, health, typification and traceability areas are still deficient and need to be straightened out for the country to become the food supplier European consumers demand.

Brazil would have a 27-per cent share in the world meat market. Cattle stocks are estimated to reach 207 million heads in 2007. Slaughtering will reach 45 million cattle heads, thus producing 9.2 million tons.

Last year the number of cattle heads in confinement grew by 17 per cent, as a consequence of the profitability achieved in the period between the sugar cane harvest and the use of grasslands for other crops, especially sugar cane, associated to the bio-diesel boom. The estimates reach 1.77 million cattle heads, but by the end of 2007 these numbers could be exceeded.

Beef export projections are deemed to grow by almost 13 per cent, thus consolidating its role as the world’s first beef exporter in 2007. This growth will be possible despite the restrictions placed by Russia, Chile and the European Union, thanks to the market diversification mainly aimed at the Middle East and the North of Africa.




It is among the main producing countries in the world.In our case, the projections for the last year were revised, with a sizable decrease: exports had been calculated to be 600 thousand tons, but the current forecast is 500 thousand tons of carcass weight – everything indicates that this number could also be higher than what proves to be the final figure.

Despite some government restrictions aimed at supplying the domestic market, it remains within the group of major exporting countries. Part of the volume not exported by the country has been absorbed by MERCOSUR fellow members, especially by Uruguay and Paraguay.

After having managed to get the foot-and-mouth disease under control, the country is going through historic times, with the obvious implications in international trade.

The per-capita consumption of beef is the highest in the world.


TECNO FIDTA 2008 - General Information

23 - 26 September 2008


Costa Salguero Trade Center


1, 2, 3, 4, 5 y 6


Opening Hours:

2 pm to 9 pm.

Raw Space: USD 180 + VAT (21%).

Equipped: USD 220 + VAT (21%).

Values per Sqm:


Only for Professional Visitors. Free of charge with invitation.

Exhibition Space:

19.000 sqm gross


320 (estimated - 2008)


16.500 (estimated - 2008)


Product Groups

  • Processing
  • Food Packaging and Beverage Bottling
  • Additives
  • Ingredients and raw material
  • Refrigeration
  • Laboratories and quality control
  • Automation and control
  • Accessories and peripherals
  • Industry Services

Academic Activities and Special Shows 2006

  • “Tecno Fidta Meat Processing Experience”: The Live Staging of the Meat World
  • AATA - Technical and Scientific Training Sessions
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Business Meetings (AL Invest - AMEC)

Tecno Fidta per edition









320 (estimated)





16.500 (estimated)

Gross Surface

7.500 sqm

13.100 sqm

19.000 sqm

19.000 sqm

Net Surface

6.450 sqm

8.200 sqm

8.500 sqm(estimated)

2.612 sqm


Clear Sales Point of the Brand

  • This event cuts across the whole food industry.It encompasses the different product groups that supply this industry.
  • Tecno Fidta is focused on: The Food Industry in General; The Fishing Industry and Byproducts; The Dairy Industry and Byproducts; The Fruits and Vegetables Industry; The Beverage Industry; The Grains Industry and Byproducts.
  • The machinery exhibited is fully operational.
  • 2006 edition grew by 30% vis á vis 2004, and the trend holds.
  • Edition after edition, the number of countries represented by the attendance of both exhibitors and visitors is growing noticeably. Edition 2006: Exhibitors from Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands and the United States of America were present.
  • Tecno Fidta has become the reference venue for businessmen looking for new technologies, training from benchmark organizations and agencies and both local and international businesses (Partnerships)
  • Tecno Fidta is the most important event in the region and the only one with this cross-cutting approach.

Core items

After 2001 crisis, Argentina started to go back to its baselines…

It is again engaged in technology development (but does not yet have the required investment to meet the domestic demand, both in volume and sophistication)

Exports technology at low costs when compared to other markets.

During the 2006 edition, some highlights were based on:

Technology and Additives for the following processes:

• Non Traditional Meat (Capybara – South American Ostrich – Llama Buffalo – Rabbit – Pork –Poultry)

• Grain – Soybean – Sunflower seed

• Fruits and Vegetables

• Fishing

• Wine

d. For 2008, a remarkable growth is expected in the following areas: Biotechnology; Traceability & Quality Standards


Official Supporters - Edition 2006

Declared of National Interest by the Government General Secretariat

Argentine Chamber of Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers (CAFCCO)

Cold Storage Chamber of Santa Fe (CAFRISA)

Chamber of Food Products Industrialists (CIPA)

Argentine Chamber of Meat Industry and Commerce (CICCRA)

Agriculture, Stockbreeding, Fishing and Foods Secretariat – Ministry of Economy and Production

Argentine Association of Food Industry Engineers (AAIIA)

Argentine Celiac Disease Association

Argentine Fats and Oils Association (ASAGA)

Argentine Food Technologists Association (AATA)

Argentine Industrial Union (UIA)

Argentine Meat Industry Union

Argentine Regional Cold Storage Industries Federation (FIFRA)

Argentine Soya Chain Association (ACSOJA)

Argentine Sunflower Association (ASAGIR)

Association of Cold Storage and Meat Industrialists (AFIC)


Official Supporters - Edition 2006

Cold Storage Industries Association of Entre Ríos (AIFRIER)

Coordinator for the Food Products Industries (COPAL)

Food Industry Vendors Association (ADEPIA)

General Department of Industry, Services and Foreign Trade - Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

Honorable National Senate

Industry and Commerce Committee of the Honorable National Senate

Institute for Beef Meat Promotion (IPCVA)

Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE)

Latin American and Caribbean Association of Food Science and Technology (ALACCTA)

Milk Industry Center (CIL)

National Health and Agroalimentary Quality Service (SENASA)

National Institute for Agricultural Technology (INTA)

National Institute for Industrial Technology (INTI)

National Vinegrowing and Production Institute (INV)

SRII - The Paraná Delta Buffalo Comission - Village La Filiberto

Embassy of Uruguay

German Embassy

Trade Commission of Mexico


9th International Food Technology, Additives and Ingredients Exhibition

¡Thanks for your kind attention!

September 23rd to 26th, 2008

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Costa Salguero Exhibition Center