new york state talent development consortium dsp competency project update n.
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New York State Talent Development Consortium: DSP Competency Project Update

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New York State Talent Development Consortium: DSP Competency Project Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New York State Talent Development Consortium: DSP Competency Project Update. A Collaborative Approach for Improved Outcomes. Goal of the Consortium.

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new york state talent development consortium dsp competency project update

New York State Talent Development Consortium:DSP Competency Project Update

A Collaborative Approach for Improved Outcomes

goal of the consortium
Goal of the Consortium

Design, implement and maintain a consistent, enterprise wide outcome focused approach to developing and sustaining talent in the field of developmental disabilities and thereby provide consistent, high quality supports and services to all individuals we support.

priority project for the consortium
Priority Project for the Consortium
  • Develop a standardized set of competencies for Direct Support Professionals (DSP)
  • Create a training plan that outlines resources to master DSP competencies
  • Develop evaluation tools for use by supervisors and others
  • Establish evaluation methods focused on person-centered outcomes
progress on dsp competency development
Progress on DSP Competency Development

Researched DSP competencies currently in place and identified best practices

Developed competencies targeted to NYS DD System and vetted the competences with stakeholder groups and national experts

Developed evaluation tools for use by supervisors and others and vetted evaluation tools with stakeholder groups and national experts

Currently identifying and compiling a list of learning resources to support the competencies

Piloting DSP Competencies within Workgroup agencies

  • Aligned with the mission, vision, and goals of our system. Based on Strategic Framework.
  • Encompasses 7 Goal Areas
  • Includes a Code of Ethics
  • Leads to improved quality of life for people with developmental disabilities.
competency structure
Competency Structure
  • Goal Statement
    • Competency Areas
      • Skill Statements
        • Tasks
goal 1 putting people first
Goal 1: Putting People First
  • Supporting a person’s unique capacities, personality and potential
  • Getting to know the person through assessment and discovery
  • Advocacy
  • Facilitating personal growth and development
  • Facilitation of services
goal 2 building and maintaining positive relationships
Goal 2: Building and Maintaining Positive Relationships
  • Building and maintaining positive relationships
  • Meaningful communication
goal 3 demonstrating professionalism
Goal 3: Demonstrating Professionalism
  • Professional relationships
  • Professional behavior
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Documentation
  • Education, training and self-development
  • Organizational participation
  • Ethics
goal 4 supporting good health
Goal 4: Supporting Good Health
  • Promoting positive behavior and supports
  • Supporting health and wellness
  • Recognizing, preventing and reporting abuse
goal 5 supporting safety
Goal 5: Supporting Safety
  • Safety first
  • Supporting crisis prevention, intervention and resolution
  • Ensures safety of individuals during environmental emergencies
goal 6 having a home
Goal 6: Having a Home
  • Supporting people to live in the home of their choice
goal 7 being active and productive in society
Goal 7: Being Active and Productive in Society
  • Active participation in the community
  • Employment, educational and career goal attainment
code of ethics
Code of Ethics

The DSP Workgroup recommended and the Steering Committee adopted, the NADSP Code of Ethics for DSP’s in the NYS DD System.

The NADSP Code of Ethics has been added to the Core Competencies document.

Implementation of the Code will be integrated into the plan for the competencies as well.

talent development plan for skill attainment
Talent Development Plan for Skill Attainment
  • DSP Workgroup in process of identifying learning resources to support competencies
  • Goal is to create an online learning resource library that includes development opportunities for attainment of skills specific to the competencies
evaluation assessment tools
Evaluation/Assessment Tools
  • DSP Workgroup has developed evaluation/assessment tools, which are currently being field tested for feedback
  • Evaluation/Assessment tools include:
    • DSP Evaluation (to be completed by supervisor)
    • DSP Self Assessment (to be completed by DSP)
    • DSP Evaluation (to be completed by individual receiving services, family, or other advocates)
align performance management systems
Align PerformanceManagement Systems
  • DSP Performance will be measured by their ability to demonstrate the new competencies
  • Supervisory training and resources are being identified/developed to support supervisors’ ability to evaluate skills using the new tools
develop outcome measures
Develop Outcome Measures
  • DSP Workgroup has met with OPWDD Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement staff
  • Outcome measures encompassing both the technical skills and the value-based skills in the new competencies will be applied to determine the effect on the desired outcomes
next steps for dsp competencies
Next Steps for DSP Competencies
  • Develop/Identify supervisory training and resources to support the use of the new tools
  • Create an online learning resource library
  • Expand pilot to Steering Committee agencies
next steps for dsp competencies con t
Next Steps for DSP Competencies-con’t.
  • Begin regional roll out of the new competencies and supporting tools
  • Consortium members are making themselves available to share information on the competencies at association meetings and/or professional conferences
next project for the consortium
Next Project for the Consortium
  • Develop Supervisory Competencies
  • Assemble a diverse team to adopt supervisory competencies for the NYS Developmental Disabilities System.
table talk
Table Talk
  • With the people at your table, discuss the following points:
      • What are the benefits to having established core competencies that you can see?
      • Consider how you currently learn the skills you use daily. Can you think of other ways and resources to develop the new skills represented in the core competencies?
      • Based on the goal statements and competency areas, in what skill areas might you personally need to build your skills?
      • Do you know of any good resources we should encourage trainers to use to develop these skills in new DSPs?
thank you questions and answers
Thank you!Questions and Answers

Additional feedback, questions, and/or concerns can be sent to:

Karen Galarneau at

Jeremiah Coleman at

Perry Samowitz at

Barbara Pettengill at