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Go Green Critter Project

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Go Green Critter Project. By: Alexis Carr And SherMena Pannell . What Exactly Is “Going Green”.

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go green critter project

Go Green Critter Project

By: Alexis Carr


SherMena Pannell

what exactly is going green
What Exactly Is “Going Green”
  • Going Green means to pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations
examples of going green
Examples Of Going Green
  • Working From Home- reduces work commute, saving fuel, and reducing vehicle emissions.
  • Enroll In Paperless Billing-save paper which means reducing tree cut downs, and save fuel since the need to deliver bills by mail will end.
  • Apparel Conservation-organizing clothing swap with friends.
pictures of rh going green
Pictures Of RH Going Green!

RH reuses the same tree

We have recycling bins and carpentry makes recycling bins

rh going green cont
RH Going Green Cont.

Make posters to promote recycling

RH Compost Pile

what going green means to others
What Going Green Means to Others
  • “ Going Green means having a healthier environment without the pollution of plastic, glass, and paper, and also by recycling these items will help” –Mrs. Shuford
  • “Going Green means saving the environment and recycling” –Jasmin Davis
  • “Going Green mean saving the earth and keeping the environment clean” –Angel Scott
other ways rh goes green
Other Ways RH Goes Green
  • Locker Clean Out At The End Of The Year
    • 96% of the things coming out of people’s lockers get recycled

Ecology Club

New Blue Bags were bought

Recycle Bins in each classroom

ways for rh to improve going green
Ways For RH To Improve Going Green
  • Get new windows to keep in heat
  • Energy efficient light bulbs
  • Unplug electronics not in use
other high schools going green
Other High Schools Going Green
  • Albany High School Going Green:
fossil ridge high school
Fossil Ridge High School

Runs on wind and solar power.

chicago public schools
Chicago public schools

Bright Ideas:

Oversize windows and scuff-proof reflective floors made of recycled glass, plus a sensor system to reduce the need for artificial light, reduce the school's power use.