role of school college education in road safety n.
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Role of School/College Education in Road Safety PowerPoint Presentation
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Role of School/College Education in Road Safety

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Role of School/College Education in Road Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Role of School/College Education in Road Safety
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  1. Role of School/College Education inRoad Safety By DHRUVA TRIVEDY Country Head HUBERT EBNER (INDIA) PVT. LTD.

  2. The formative years – a few questions • What level of imprinting your beliefs along with your own societies’ views should be handed down to your own children? • Do we believe that this is a critical investment in a child’s well being as they grow and mature to handle societies’ challenges from a group perspective.

  3. The next few questions • Are we as parents conscious of this or are we still unconsciously influenced and get carried away by our traditional value systems? • Fanaticism because of sectarianism • Aggressiveness and reactive attitude because of regional influences • Competitiveness because of materialism (baby boomers)

  4. What kind of education are we looking forward to, for our children? • Are we conscious or even aware? • Even if we are, are we proactive? • Do schools and colleges rise to the occasion? • Prioritise education or business? • If education, then confine to mainstream conventional subjects? • Principles of universal (business) values [Rushworth Kidder – Camden, Maine, USA] that rise above caste, community, creed, religion and nationality

  5. Universal Ethics • love • truth • fairness • freedom • unity • tolerance • responsibility • respect for life This is what schools/colleges need to reinforce and rise above traditional values that negate harmony! ...And this is the beginning of Road Safety awareness !!

  6. How to ensure such an education 1 • Start mobilising opinion • Have conventions and conferences in different regions through educational institutions • Publicise through media • Have government dignitaries from the education sector to participate • Have events organised such as assessment of risks on highways and display how rudimentary values help in areas not exposed to road safety through school children and college students • Gather attention through media • Have Road Transport , Highway Authority representatives to participate

  7. How to ensure such an education 2 • Move the parliamentarians and legislators • Invite them to all road safety events • Build rapport with them to convince the need • Invite media attention • Demand Road Safety legislation as part of mandatory education in Schools and Colleges. • Categorise the education to be imparted at different levels so that repeats are not done but reinforcement becomes robust

  8. Values of HE • Self discipline • Compassion • Perceptiveness

  9. References • Values, Education and Human Rights: Challenges and suggestions – DipankarBiswas • Indian mythology and ‘GarbhSanskar’ – • Ronald Inglehart and Christian Welzel, Modernization, Culture Change and Democracy: The Human Development Sequence, NY: Cambridge university Press, 2005

  10. THANK YOU!!