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Louis Armstrong

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Louis Armstrong. By: Decorian Ross. Louis Armstrong Early Life.

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louis armstrong

Louis Armstrong

By: Decorian Ross

louis armstrong early life

Louis Armstrong Early Life

Louis Armstrong was born on august 4,1901,in new Orleans, in a poor part of the city. Battlefield." Armstrong had a difficult childhood. His father was a factory worker and abandoned the family soon after Louis's birth and his mother left him with his grandmother. He obligated to leave school in fifth grade to work. A Jewish family gave him a job of collecting trash and delivering coal. They often encouraged him to sing and often invited him to their house to eat meals

louis armstrong adult life

Louis Armstrong Adult Life

By the end of his teens, Armstrong had grown up fast. In1918 he married daisy parker .during this time he adopted a three-year-old boy named Clarence. Clarence, who had become mentally disabled from a head injury he had suffered at an early age, was taken care of by Armstrong his entire life. In 1918, he replaced Oliver in kid Ory’s band, then the most popular band in New Orleans. In the summer of 1922, he received a call from king Oliver to come from Chicago and join his Creole band on second cornet. From 1925 to1928, Armstrong made more than 60 records with the Hot Five and, later the Hot Seven. Today, these are generally regarded as the most important and influential recordings in jazz history. By 1932 Armstrong had begun appearing in movies and made his first tour in England. He died in on July 6, 1971 at the age of 69

louis armstrong job
Louis Armstrong job

Louis Armstrong job was a full time trumpet player

what was he known for
What was he known for

He was known for playing the trumpet, singing and coming up with great songs

louis armstrong s song

Louis Armstrong's song

1955  When The Saints Go Marchin' In

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