electronic dem delivery data n.
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Electronic DEM delivery (data) PowerPoint Presentation
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Electronic DEM delivery (data)

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Electronic DEM delivery (data) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Electronic DEM delivery (data) . an all text no pictures presentation less than 9 slides. Dayne Broderson dayne@alaska.edu http://www.alaskamapped.org/. DEM DELIVERY OPTIONS  We've got questions.. . What do you have? How did you get it? What do you want? How do you want to get it?.

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electronic dem delivery data

Electronic DEM delivery(data)

an all text no pictures presentation less than 9 slides

Dayne Broderson



dem delivery options we ve got questions
DEM DELIVERY OPTIONS We've got questions..

What do you have?

How did you get it?

What do you want?

How do you want to get it?

delivering data now
Delivering data now

 SDMI Options available now:

    Web Mapping Services (WMS)

    Data extracts (Make Map)

    Download of DATA bundles (Scraps)


Web Mapping Service 

    - Bring the data automagically into GIS desktops

        - ArcGIS (layer file)

        - Google Earth (KML file)

        - SwathViewer

        - UDig

        - Many other common desktop GIS tools

    - or server clients

        - DNR's AlaskaMapper

        - SDMI's AlaskaMapped browse site

        - ArcIMS

data extracts
Data Extracts

Very simple interface for general public

  • Find an AOI 
  • Click 'Make Map' 
  • You've got a map! (basic jpeg + .wld or GeoTIFF)
download of data bundles scraps
Download of DATA bundles (Scraps)
  • Select AOI
  • Show Available Data
  • Select a particular data piece
  • Download a bundle containing:

    - original data (RAW)

    - provided metadata

    - additional products generated to make it usable

        - masks/footprints

        - ingested image

            - color balanced?

            - reprojected?

            - value added processing (we hope - but you get what

              we got plus more so you can fix it up to your needs)

dem delivery options
DEM Delivery Options

SDMI Browse Bundle download (show available data)

pro/con user gets the raw/original data      

 ... which is not a unified/standardized format/product   

not a service you can integrate into your desktop clients

WCS (Web Coverage Service)

Would hope for similar benefits of WFS although it doesn't appear to be as widely supported/standardized as we would hope(?)  - Who is using this yet?  What clients/software can ingest it?


Other Options....

got dem
    Got DEM?

What do you want?

        RAW, WCS, Grid, Other...

How do you want it?

        Seamless style, Browse Bundle, WCS, Other...

What are future delivery methods we should be considering?

  • Make DEM - AOI extraction
  • Offering reprojection, reformating and reassembling chipped data
  • Web Service for value added products
    • Derivative products
    • Contours
    • Shadow layers

Fairy dust delivery options --- any ideas?

we ve got a survey
We've got a survey

Take it - Available online


(go right there)


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