Whose line is it anyway
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Whose Line is it Anyway?. “Party Quirks”. Round #1. Wants control over everything. Constantly misunderstands things. Starts an argument at every opportunity. Scared of everything. Round #2. Tries to “one-up” everyone (extremely competitive).

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Whose line is it anyway
Whose Line is it Anyway?

“Party Quirks”

Wants control over everything

Round #1

Wants control over everything

Tries to one up everyone extremely competitive

Round #2

Tries to “one-up” everyone (extremely competitive)

Unit 10 war and conflict

Unit 10: American customs)War and Conflict

Sources of conflict
Sources of conflict American customs)

  • Goals: struggle for control, power

  • Interests: economic, social, political, personal

  • Opinions: arguments, hostility

  • Competition: jealousy, disappointment, anger

  • Misunderstanding: failure to communicate

  • Behavior: irritation, fear, triggers

  • Culture: prejudice, fear, competitive culture

  • Pride: personal and national

Responses to conflict
Responses to conflict American customs)

  • Fight (with fists or armies)

  • Flight (run away or ignore the issue)

  • Compromise (both agree to settle)

  • Negotiation (one person tries to get an advantage over the other)

  • Litigation (go to court)

  • Mediation (third party)

Why do people go to war
Why do people go to war? American customs)

  • To better their way of life

    • Persia invaded Greece in the battle of Thermopylae for more territory, food, and resources.

  • To protect their way of life

    • Greece fought back against the Persians to resist becoming another part of the Persian Empire.

The crusades
The Crusades American customs)

  • A series of eight military expeditions to capture the Holy Land

  • Christians believed they were fighting the Crusades to take back Jerusalem from infidels.

  • Muslims believed they were defending land that was theirs. From their perspective, Christians were brutal invaders.

The first crusade
The First Crusade American customs)

1095 - Byzantine Emperor Alexius I contacts Pope Urban II

1096 - Pope Urban II calls for a crusade against the Muslim Turks prompting armies of Western Europe crusaders to travel to Constantinople the next spring.

1099 - Crusaders take Jerusalem after a long and costly siege with casualties estimated at 100,000.

The mongols
The Mongols American customs)