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Value for Money Regulation: Measuring and Benchmarking Our Effectiveness as Regulators Usman Saadat , Chief Executive Officer 8 th Annual OOCUR Conference. Scope. About URCA Why Measure Performance Comparability Types of KPIs Proposal to OOCUR Members. About URCA and its Remit.

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Value for Money Regulation: Measuring and Benchmarking Our Effectiveness as RegulatorsUsmanSaadat, Chief Executive Officer8th Annual OOCUR Conference

  • About URCA
  • Why Measure Performance
  • Comparability
  • Types of KPIs
  • Proposal to OOCUR Members
about urca and its remit
About URCA and its Remit
  • New Communications Regime established in The Bahamas in 2009
  • Introduction of independent, multi-sector utility (URCA Act ), with competition powers, replacing the PUC and the TV Authority
  • Communication Act covers all electronic communications services
    • Telecoms, Cable TV, Broadcasting, Spectrum Management, Competition Authority
    • Creation of level regulatory playing field for all operators
    • Funded by licence fees (URCA Fees) from industry to promote independence
  • Creation of a specialised “ad hoc” appeals tribunal – Utility Appeals Tribunal (UAT)
why measure performance
Why Measure Performance
  • Understand how outputs we are delivering contribute to the achievement of outcomes
  • Chart progress, make adjustments when needed, report on progress
  • Track effectiveness of initiatives and programmes over time
  • Make informed decisions on what service delivery, policy priorities, capability investments & resource allocation to focus on
  • Annual Plan published in advance of forthcoming year:
    • Budgets (Licence Fees)
    • KPIs
  • Value for Money Audit

Value for money is measured by assessing changes in outcomes

the challenge comparability
The Challenge – Comparability
  • Varied remits, staffing and org. structures
  • Forward-Look Annual Plans
  • Annual Reports
  • Operational (Internal) KPIs
  • Published vs unpublished data
  • No consistent capture and analysis of performance measurement regionally
call to action oocur members
Call to Action - OOCUR Members
  • Compare measurements and organisations to inform our own effectiveness and understand differences – value for money regulation
  • Share & Collaborate information to our collective benefit:
    • Identify Project Lead regionally
    • Phase 1:
      • Collate all current internal and external benchmarks (e.g. confidential website)
      • Review definitions
      • Identify commonalties and differences
      • Analyse and Benchmark
      • Share
    • Phase 2:
      • Revisit definitions & metrics
      • Check feasibility for measuring, and identify potential challenges
      • Harmonise for consistency (where possible)
      • Track over time