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Navigating MAP-21

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Navigating MAP-21 . Walter Brooks Executive Director Regional Planning Commission November 2, 2012. Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21 st . Century Act Map-21. (October 1, 2012 thru December 31, 2014). U.S. DOT Priorities . PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT APPROACH

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Presentation Transcript
navigating map 21

Navigating MAP-21

Walter Brooks

Executive Director

Regional Planning Commission

November 2, 2012

moving ahead for progress in the 21 st century act map 21

Moving Ahead for Progressin the 21st. Century ActMap-21

  • (October 1, 2012 thru December 31, 2014)
u s dot priorities

U.S. DOT Priorities

  • Identifies National Goals (23 USC 150 (b))
      • Safety
      • Infrastructure Conditions
      • Congestion Reduction
      • System Reliability
      • Freight Movement and Economic Vitality
      • Environmental Sustainability
      • Reduced Project Delivery Delays
metropolitan transportation planning

Metropolitan Transportation Planning

Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) ((23 U.S.C. 134(i)(2)(A)(i))

  • “Shall include identification of transportation facilities (including major roadways, transit, multimodal and intermodal facilities, nonmotorized transportation facilities, and intermodal connectors) that should function as an integrated metropolitan transportation system, giving emphasis to those facilities that serve important national and regional transportation functions.”
map 21


  • Performance – Based Federal Program
  • Emphasis on Multimodal Investments (Retain “Flexing” Provision)
  • Corridor Planning with Environmental Linkages
roles responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities

  • US DOT Establishes Performance Standards and Measures (13 hwy. and 2 transit areas)
  • State DOT’s and MPO’s set Measurable Targets for each Performance Measure
  • Conduct Sound Multimodal Planning Process
  • Develop Plans and Programs and Select Projects to Demonstrate Target Acheivement
  • US DOT to Track State and MPO Progress in Achieving Performance Targets (7/6/17)
rpc as the metropolitan planning organization

RPC as the Metropolitan Planning Organization

Long Range

Transportation Plan (MTP)

Short Range

Transportation Pan (TIP)

transportation investments

Average Annual Investments

  • 1999 – Current $239M/year
    • 2040 Plan
      • System Preservation 42%
      • Safety & Operations 27%
      • Bike/Ped 10%
      • New Capacity 21%
      • Transit
      • Discretionary $ Competitive Pot
      • New Starts 50% Local Share
      • Operating Cost TMAs 100% Local
      • Small Urbans 50/50%
      • Inter-City Rail FRA (not FTA)

Transportation Investments

transportation investments fy 10

Transportation Investments – FY-10

Total Investments $203M - 87 Projects

how we make decisions

RPC Transportation Policy Committee

How We Make Decisions

RPC Staff

  • Advisory Councils
  • Complete Streets Advisory Council
  • Transit Advisory Council
  • Freight Advisory Council
  • Regional Livability Advisory Council
  • Technical Advisory Committee
  • Parish & Planning Directors
  • Parish Department of Public Works
  • Parish & City Chief Administrative Officers
  • Local Transit Operators
  • Louisiana DOTD
  • New Orleans Public Belt Railroad
  • Port of New Orleans
  • LA Motor Transport Association
  • Louisiana Airport Authority
  • National Safety Council
  • Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission
  • Crescent City Connection Commission
  • U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
  • Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

RPC Staff

The General Public

rpc s pedestrian and bicycle program has trained

RPC’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Program Has Trained

250+Engineers and Planners

40+ Police in 8 Jurisdictions

rpc s pedestrian and bicycle program effectiveness

RPC’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Program Effectiveness

Bicycle fatalities are27%

Pedestrian fatalities 15%

harrison avenue

Harrison Avenue

Harrison Avenue


Harrison Ave – Land Use and Transportation Success

  • Road overlay & ADA access improvements through Submerged Roads Program
  • String of commercial enterprises reopened, led by banks and followed by restaurants including Reginelli's, Lakeview Deli, the Steak Knife, Lakeview Harbor and Mondo (Susan Spicer)

Fat City: Strategic Plan Vision

  • Enhancement of existing development patterns
  • Vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood with a stable residential base
  • Pedestrian-oriented core centered on 18th Street
    • Compatible transitions between the mixed-use core, residential areas, and heavier commercial areas at the periphery
pedestrian core at 18 th st

Pedestrian Core at 18th St.

Walkable mixed-use

18th Street as ‘Main Street’ of Fat City

Upper floor: mix of office, lodging, and residences

Street level: restaurants, specialty retail, and entertainment uses

65’ height max


French Quarter Streets Project

  • Under construction
  • Overlay 8 streets
  • Installation of ADA compliant ramps
  • Sidewalk replacement-in-kind where needed
  • Improved signage and striping for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Construction cost: $13.5M
  • Work complete before Super Bowl

Ada Access Improvements

  • 5000+ ADA ramps installed through Submerged Roads
  • New Orleans CBD improvements on high volume ped/transit routes
  • Jefferson Parish ADA Transition Plan to identify barriers to accessibility and create a schedule for making improvements

Bike and pedestrian

  • Awarded Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community by League of American Bicyclists
  • Lane striping coordinated with Bike Master Plan
  • Bike-on-bus Coordination
  • Complete Streets policy
  • Training Workshops

Magnolia Bridge

  • 150+ yrs old & pedestrian only
  • Address civil & structural needs in addition to architectural rehabilitation
  • Aligns with CNO priorities of public safety, sustainable communities, and promoting family recreation areas
  • $1.1M cost

West End Master Plan

  • RPC initiated a market analysis and feasibility study based on community vision
  • Army Corps of Engineers announced its intentions to locate a permanent pump station in the West End vicinity
  • 1st Public Meeting held Jan 2012, 2nd Public Meeting held July
thank you

Thank you

Walter R. Brooks, Executive Director

Regional Planning Commission

November 2, 2012