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Engaging Members Through Engagement Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Engaging Members Through Engagement Marketing

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Engaging Members Through Engagement Marketing
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Engaging Members Through Engagement Marketing

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  1. Engaging Members Through Engagement Marketing May 11, 2010

  2. Agenda • Evolution of marketing communications • Engagement Marketing defined • AMA case study/work in progress • 9 Rules of Engagement Marketing

  3. Evolution of communications • Earned media • Advertising • Direct marketing • Websites • Social media • Engagement marketing

  4. Earned media • Build awareness, motivate action • Publicity or “earned media” in print, broadcast & online • Press release, VNR, press conference, participatory event • Message and audience determine type of media to target • Pros: Relatively inexpensive; credible; timely • Cons: One-way communication; lack of control; difficult to break through the clutter; fleeting impact

  5. Advertising • Build image, awareness & preference; motivate action • Print, broadcast, out-of-home, online, mobile • Pros: Control of message, media, reach & frequency • Cons: One way; expensive; time to execute; cluttered environment; requires sustained effort; difficult to track, measure ROI

  6. Direct marketing • Targeted communications to motivate action, build loyalty • White mail, print & broadcast advertising, events, e-mail • Pros: Two-way; targeted; testable; expandable; trackable • Cons: Cost; time to execute

  7. Websites • Build image, understanding of complex messages, promote action • Pros: Two-way; 24/7; controllable; expansive, flexible, multi-media, instantaneous • Cons: Need to drive traffic; technical expertise; not inexpensive; cluttered environment

  8. Social media • Build awareness, establish and promote dialogue, engage participants, build community • Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Sermo, etc. • Pros: 24/7; relatively low out-of-pocket expense; instantaneous; viral • Cons: 24/7; manage, don’t control; viral

  9. Engagement marketing defined • Engagement marketing uses every available medium to connect the dots • Goal is to create relationships that benefit members as much or more than the marketers themselves • Consumers are in control • Buying decisions are based on information, education and influential communities

  10. Engagement marketing defined • A nation engaged • 13 million email addresses collected • Over 1 billion emails sent • Obama blogged • Obama Tweeted • Obama “friended” more than 3 million people • Obama empowered a nation to get involved

  11. Physician Engagement AMA Case Study/Work in Progress

  12. Objectives • Build direct communication with all physicians and physicians-in-training • Expand awareness and understanding of AMA mission and business activities among the primary target audience • Enhance physicians’ perceptions of the value of the AMA brand

  13. Strategy • Expand direct channels of communication with all physicians and physicians-in-training • Provide opportunities to engage with content/information that demonstrates the relevance and value of the AMA to their professional life • Timely • Actionable • Measurable

  14. Our plan • Utilize social media to support distribution of messages • Enhance websites with Web 2.0 features • Maintain consistent, coordinated experience with all facets of the AMA

  15. Social Media

  16. Social media • Build on early success of social media activities to drive target to the AMA website • Coordinate social media presence to ensure consistency of brand and messaging, monitoring, tracking and reporting • Expand participation in physician and/or subject-specific blogs, e.g., KevinMD.com

  17. Fan page created in August 2009 More than 3,600 Facebook fans Terms of use posted Monitored conversation

  18. Twitter page created in April 2009 29,000 followers 1,600 “tweets”

  19. KevinMD.com—a medical blog by Kevin Pho, MD KevinMD hosts AMA guest blogs on a monthly basis 12 posts

  20. Web 2.0

  21. What’s Web 2.0? “The Web as a Platform“ + “You Control Your Data” Core Concepts- Services, not packaged software- Architecture of Participation- Cost-effective scalability - Remixable data source - Software above a single device- Harnessing collective intelligence Examples Source: O'Reilly Media, September 30, 2005 http://oreilly.com/web2/archive/what-is-web-20.html

  22. Tactics Build awareness among physicians andphysicians-in-training and drive them to the AMA website • Search engine marketing • Physician-focused website promotion • Graphics-enabled e-mail • Broadcast faxes • Iconic links for state & specialty websites and other relevant, approved sites, e.g., KevinMD

  23. Tactics • Expand functionality of AMA corporate website and microsites to support Web 2.0 engagement and capture contact information • Add videos to sites, YouTube and Doctor’s Channel.com • Enhance search capabilities • Incorporate interactive tools • Blogs, straw polls, commenting, message boards, content ratings and reviews

  24. Improving search • Implemented new site search engine to make it easier to find content for corporate and American Medical News sites • Using search engine optimization (SEO) to drive more search engine traffic to the AMA’s website Early Success:In Google's 2009 Zeitgeist Report, AMA was identified as a top 10 search query associated with "health system reform."

  25. Google search Achieved #1 ranking for “health system reform” and “health reform” on Google

  26. HSR microsite

  27. What are people saying about Health System Reform?

  28. 90 AMA YouTube videos posted Nearly 29,000 views on AMA YouTube Channel

  29. The Doctor’s Channel • Presented HSR Bulletins in video format • Average of 5,000 views per video

  30. On the Road with Dr. Rohack • Increase awareness of AMA positions on key topics facing physicians • First post: 8/24/2009 • Average of 4,500 unique visits per month • Referenced in major media reporting

  31. In your opinion, what is the most important item that should be included in the HSR Bill? In your opinion, what is the most important item that should be included in the HSR Bill? Results Straw polls

  32. Comments Ratings News & Events Incoming president Dr. Rohackmeets with President Obama.    Avg. rating, 10 Comments

  33. What do you thinkabout health system reform? Take the survey See the Results What’s the most important HSR issue to physicians? Patient safety standardsMedicare reimbursementMedicaid reimbursementHIT standardsMedical liability reform Quality improvement standards

  34. 9 Rules of Engagement Marketing • The most important interaction takes place in person. • The experience matters. • Its not about you. • Don’t drive sales, influence them. • Engagement is more important after the sale.

  35. 9 Rules of Engagement Marketing • Engagement is an ongoing conversation. Listen and participate. • Mobility brings the conversation full circle • What brands do offline echoes online. • Measurement is critical to continuous improvement & ongoing success.