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Theme Park

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Theme Park. By Ana Colon, Tamara Jones, Bridgett Watkins, Jasmine Barksdale and Niesha Freeman. Where does it go ?. Theme Park. Size Justifications.

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Theme Park

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    1. Theme Park By Ana Colon, Tamara Jones, Bridgett Watkins, Jasmine Barksdale and Niesha Freeman

    2. Where does it go ? Theme Park

    3. Size Justifications • City Hall- The length and width, is 316. The reason that city hall, is so big, is because the people believe that a justice system is important to their lives. • Cemetery-The length and width 245 all the around. The reason that the cemetery is large, is because the population, is a balance between elderly, and young people. • Gas Station-The length is 250, and the width is 200. The reason that gas station, is the size it is, is because there a lot of people in Euclid , and most of the people own cars.

    4. Size justifications • Theme park- 400 length for all three sides. The reason that the park, is so big, is because we have a big variety of rides, and the majority of the community has more than one child so they are very active. • Police station- Length is 250, and upper width is 250, and lower width, is 200. The reason that the police station is so big, is because the town of Euclid, has a large population, for a town. • Hospital- The length of the hospital, is 300 ft., and the width, is 125. The reason, that the hospital, is longer than wider, is because the rooms, are very long, rather than wide

    5. Size continued • Greenhouse- The diameter, of the greenhouse is 100, and the circumference, is 314. The reason that the greenhouse, is so big is because vegetation is important to the people of Euclid. • Stadium- The length of stadium, is 250 ft., and the width is 75. The reason that the stadium, is the size it is, is because the people are not very sports related, and more interested in education. • Animal Shelter- The length is 85, and the width, is 60. The reason that the animal shelter, is so long, is because the people in the town, do not own, nor do a lot of animals show up in the town. The need for an animal shelter is extremely low.

    6. Putt Putt or Carnival Games

    7. Resize of Cable Car • We resized the cable car, so that the cable could take you from side to side of the park. We resized it from 1,000m, to 200. The line is were the cable car goes from.

    8. Justification of ticket price • Senior citizens and infants to the age of 3 are free. ( We do not think that they should have to pay because they will probably not get on rides.) • $ 5.00- 4 to 12 years old • $ 10.00- 13 to 17 years old • $15.00- 18 to 59 years old • Perhaps it is raining, we will either shut down some rides and charge you half price or we will allow you to come on your own will, and you just pay full price. It depends on the condition of the rain.

    9. Carnival Report • The title of our game is celeb match-up. The object of the game is to find your selected celebrity. The rules and directions are very simple. The first thing you do is pay 2 tokens to begin the game. Now you choose a celebrity from the list that we provided for you. We are given you 2 chances to find that celebrity that you chose. To choose a celebrity that you think is the one you picked, simply flip over the pictures provided. If it is the incorrect celebrity flip the picture back down and try again. You still have a second chance. If you don’t find the celebrity on this chance you will not receive any tokens. If you find your particular celebrity on the first chance you will receive 3 tokens. If you so happen to find your celebrity on the second chance, you will only get 2 tokens. The more tokens the bigger and better the prize. First you should know the definition of Theoretical and experimental probability. Theoretical probability is the likeliness of an event happening based on all of the possible outcomes. Our theoretical probability is 1 out of 210 because we give two chances to find your celebrity out of 15 celebrities, and if you multiple both chances together, you get 1 out of 210. Experimental probability of an event is the ratio of the number of times the event occurs to the total number of trials. We wanted to test our game, so we decided to play the game 5 times to see our chance of winning. So, our experimental was the number of times we won over the number of times we played. The ratio is 1 out of 5. • We chose this game because we thought it would be very creative and most of all because it would be eye catching, appealing, and just interesting to the players. We also and mainly chose this game is to make a profit. We already knew that it would be hard for a player to win this game and when experimented it, we definitely knew. We wanted a game where we would make money rather than the players almost, always winning, and that is what we created.