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Raised hand Pumps. Traditional. Flood resilient- contemporary. Flood impact on water sources. In rural Assam, hand pumps and wells are the only sources of drinking water. Submergence during flood. The affected communities face acute shortage of drinking water.

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Raised hand pumps
Raised hand Pumps


Flood resilient- contemporary

Flood impact on water sources
Flood impact on water sources

  • In rural Assam, hand pumps and wells are the only sources of drinking water.

  • Submergence during flood.

  • The affected communities face acute shortage of drinking water.

  • Posing health hazard to both human and animals

  • Additional burden to family kitty

Do we have the solution
Do we have the solution?

  • Yes, we do have a solution which is Simple

  • To raise the height of the hand pumps above the highest flood water level mark in the area observed by the community.

  • Raised hand-pump with concrete platform as demos that could be replicated in other flood prone areas of the state.

The process
The Process

  • Series of consultations, interactions and capacity building workshops with all the stakeholders, CRS, the flood-hit community representatives, our own public health team members, Block and Panchayat officials in the process of designing, site selection, and installation of raised hand pumps.

  • A lot of experimentation has gone into design and modification of both the raised hand pumps in the course of implementation of the project. The heights of the hand pumps had to be decided taking into account the past highest flood water level mark in the respective locations.

Structure and technical details
Structure and Technical details

  • Based on common sense and does not require special technical expertise.

  • Raising hand pump to a reasonable height above the flood water level by adding additional pipe to the pump set.

  • Stable platform from where they can take out water.

  • The platform can be easily accessed through a set of stairs built with the raised structure. Villagers can come by boat or makeshift raft, climb up the steps and collect water from a secure platform.  

Contd structure and technical details
Contd. Structure and Technical details

  • This is not an original concept, but it’s a smart thinking. The concept of raised structure is borrowed from the indigenous Mishing tribal houses built on bamboo stilts to stay dry and safe during the flooding.

  • Initially, the raised concrete platforms for hand pumps or latrines were square-shaped.

  • The platform structure was changed into a cylindrical shape.

  • Height difficult for women to negotiate and platform was reduced from 12 inches to eight inches.

Impact and way forward
Impact and way forward

  • Availability of adequate and safe drinking water within the flood-affected villages were addressed to a large extent.

  • Promotes hygiene and reduces health hazards.

  • At least three to five raised hand pumps have been installed in each project village, considering its population, demographic features, patterns of settlement and accessibility.

  • It’s a community asset and a key facility during the flood.