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Cooperative Extension Volunteer Program Background Reviews. Objectives To Discuss. Policy Who is Required? Volunteer Background Check Package Instructions to Request Background Review Disclosure and Consent Form Process Information Evaluation Record Retention. Did You Know?.

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Objectives to discuss
Objectives To Discuss


Who is Required?

Volunteer Background Check Package

Instructions to Request Background Review

Disclosure and Consent Form


Information Evaluation

Record Retention

Did you know
Did You Know?

  • 52% of background checks find resume inconsistencies.

  • 37.6% of surveyed college students admit to a history of criminal acts.

  • 34% of application forms contain lies about experience, education, and ability to perform essential functions of the job.

  • 33% of all applicants admit to being tempted to steal from an employer.

  • 31% of background checks find one or more driving violations or convictions.

    The cost of recruiting, hiring, training, and then terminating ONE employee can exceed $10,000.

Usnh policy statement
USNH Policy Statement

A pre-employment review of a candidate for employment is done to comply with pertinent laws, promote a safe work environment, and to protect the University’s assets, including its employees, students, property, and information.

USNH developed a policy for pre-screening background reviews on July 1, 2007.

Purpose of the policy
Purpose of the Policy

To establish consistent and non-discriminatory guidelines for pre-employment background reviews, as part of the selection process.

Background investigations confirm the candidate’s qualifications, credentials, and suitability relative to the requirements of the position for which candidate is being considered.

Who is required
Who is Required?

This policy applies to all new hires:

Budgeted Positions

Faculty and Adjunct Faculty (commencing July 1,2010)

Graduate Students (commencing July 1, 2008)

Adjunct Staff (full time 75% or more and part time of short duration whose duties include performing security or safety sensitive functions)

Current employees who transfer, are promoted, or otherwise assigned to a position that requires higher review

Rehired Employees (when more than one year has passed since termination)

Security or safety sensitive positions
Security or Safety-Sensitive Positions

Security or Safety-Sensitive Duties

Possession of master keys/codes to living or work spaces

Responsibility for the care, safety and security of people or property

Direct responsibility for care, safety, security of children/minors or other vulnerable populations

Access to confidential or sensitive data or information

Access or control over cash, checks, or other financial resources

Access to personal information which might enable identity theft

Access to controlled substances or hazardous materials

Responsibility for operating University-owned vehicles

Volunteer program background check package
Volunteer Program Background Check Package

The background check package for volunteers consists of:

Criminal Felony & Misdemeanor Search

County Court Records Search

Current County of Residence Only

National Criminal Search

National Criminal Court Records Database

Includes State Sex Offender Registries

Verification of Identity

Social Security Trace

Supplies the address history of the applicant

Social Security Verification

Verifies with the Social Security Administration that the social security number belongs to the applicant

Instructions to request background review
Instructions to Request Background Review

Step 1: Download the Volunteer Consent/Request form

Step 2: Have the volunteer applicant fill out the bottom section of the Consent/Request form and give the applicant a copy of

Summary of Rights according to FCRA:

Step 3: Hiring department completes top section indicating Program, Supervisor and County.

Step 4: Hiring department sends completed Consent/Request form to UNH Office of Human Resources.

Send via email as PDF attachment to:

Send via fax to: 862-3939

Mail to Human Resources: 2 Leavitt Lane Durham NH 03824

Disclosure and consent form

Disclosure and Consent Form

The supervisor is to complete the top section of the form:

Program (ex. 4-H)


County (ex. Strafford)

The applicant/volunteer is to complete all areas of the bottom section.

The completed forms are submitted to UNH Office of Human Resources to be processed.

Consent form hiring department responsibilities

Consent Form: Hiring Department Responsibilities

The supervisor requesting the background check review needs to complete ONLY the following areas:

Program: Enter the program the volunteer will be working in.

Supervisor: Name of the person requesting the review ; this is also the point person for the main contact to discuss results with.

County: Enter the county in which the program is located.

Consent form applicant responsibilities

Consent Form:Applicant Responsibilities

The volunteer applicant must complete ALL areas of the consent form and sign the completed form.

Please have the applicant print legibly.

Illegible information can lead to errors in the results and can delay the review process.


HR will initiate the background review upon receiving a completed Consent/Request form.

HR will coordinate with third party vendor (Hire Right) regarding all background verifications.

Upon completion, the third party vendor will send HR a summary report to the Cooperative Extension main contact.

The main contact will discuss the results with the requesting supervisor.

Turnaround times average ten to fifteen business days.

What may cause delays?

Process continued

All background reviews are recorded in an Access Data Base at Human Resources. We track:

  • Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial

  • RC Unit

  • Department

  • Position Number and Position Title

  • Type of Review

  • Total Cost

  • Discrepancy (Yes or No)

  • Date Submitted and Date Completed

Information evaluation
Information Evaluation

Discrepancies are handled between the Cooperative Extension main contact and hiring supervisor. Factors assessed may include:

The relevance of the criminal conviction to job duties

The date of the most recent offense

The nature of the offense(s) including its severity

The relative threat to the security of the program or its employees, volunteers or participants.

The accuracy of the information the individual provided

Other relevant considerations

Record retention
Record Retention

Human Resources will maintain records from background reviews in confidential files.

Volunteer background check consent/disclosure forms along with the full results report will be kept on file at HR for a period of one year.


Thank you for your attendance today.