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Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership

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Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership. Sharing in Leadership for Student Success. Hank Kepner Park City Mathematics Institute July, 2008. Mathematics Framework. Distributed Leadership. Teacher Learning Continuum. Student Learning Continuum. Mathematics Design Teams.

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milwaukee mathematics partnership

Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership

Sharing in Leadership for Student Success

Hank Kepner

Park City Mathematics Institute

July, 2008

mathematics framework
Mathematics Framework

Distributed Leadership

Teacher Learning Continuum

Student Learning Continuum

mathematics design teams
Mathematics Design Teams
  • Implement recommendations of the MET Report, to the extent possible within the ECE/MCEA program structure.
  • Develop mathematical knowledge needed for teaching.
  • Mathematics content tied to classroom practice.
design team philosophy for pre service courses
Design Team Philosophy for Pre-service Courses
  • Mathematics faculty provide rigorous mathematics content.
  • Mathematics education faculty focus on mathematical knowledge for teaching.
  • Classroom teachers (Teacher-in-residence) make connections to classroom practice.
design team courses and membership
Problem Solving

UWM Math Dept

Dr. Richard O’Malley

Dr. Kevin McLeod

TIR Sharonda Harris

Math Educator – Kelly Kaiser

Dr. Hank Kepner

Discrete Probability and Statistics

UWM Math Dept

Dr. Richard Stockbridge

Gary Luck

Math Educator

Dr. Hank Kepner

MATC Math Dept

Dave Ruszkiewicz

K-12 coordinator & Statistics Educator

Pat Hopfensperger


UWM Math Dept

Dr. Ric Ancel

Dr. Kevin McLeod

Math Educator

Dr. Hank Kepner

TIR Melissa Hedges

Algebraic Structures

UWM Math Dept

Dr. Craig Guilbault

Dr. Kevin McLeod

Middle School Teacher

Connie Laughlin

MPS classroom teacher

Nancy Jo Grochowwski

Mathematical Explorations for

Elementary Teachers I and II

UWM Math Dept & Coordinator Explorations I and II

Gary Luck, Bill Mandella

MATC Math Dept

Dave Ruszkiewicz

Dr. Tom Geil

Math Educator

Dr. Hank Kepner

MPS classroom teacher

Meghan Steinmeyer

Secondary Capstone Course

UWM Math Dept

Dr. Kevin McLeod

Math Educator

Dr. Hank Kepner

TIR Dan Lotesto

Design Team Courses and Membership
milwaukee public schools
Milwaukee Public Schools
  • 93,000 students in 218 schools
  • Largest school district in Wisconsin
  • 27th largest district in the nation
  • Nearly 6200 teachers
  • 87% minority student population: 58% African American, 20% Hispanic, 13% White, 5% Asian, 1% Native American
  • 75% receive free or reduced lunch
  • Student achievement is well below state averages; gaps persist for all subgroups

(Source: 2005-2006 MPS Report Card)


The Role of Mathematicians in the Preparation and Professional Development of Teachers: The UW-Milwaukee Perspective

Kevin McLeod (Mathematics, UWM)

Hank Kepner (Mathematics Education, UWM)

12th AMTE Annual Conference

Tulsa, Oklahoma

January 24-26, 2008

mathematical education of teachers met report
Mathematical Education of Teachers (MET) Report
  • Prospective teachers need mathematics courses that develop a deep understanding of the mathematics that they teach.
  • The mathematical education of teachers should be seen as a partnership between mathematics faculty and mathematics education faculty.
  • There needs to be more collaboration between mathematics faculty and school mathematics teachers.
examples of uwm mathematics faculty involvement
Examples of UWM Mathematics Faculty Involvement
  • Course design teams for pre-service, p.d.mathematics courses
  • Monthly Math Teacher Leader professional development meetings
  • Writing and validating district learning targets for grades K-12
  • Validating CABS for grades 2-8
  • Writing rubrics for selected CABS
  • Participating in state standards, item-writing
mathematics fellows offerings classroom teachers gaining mathematics recognition
Mathematics Fellows OfferingsClassroom teachers gaining mathematics recognition
  • MATH 275: Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • MATH 276: Algebraic Structures
  • MATH 277: Geometry
  • MATH 278: Discrete Probability and Statistics
  • MATH xxx: A calculus experience
monthly math teacher leader p d meetings
Monthly Math Teacher Leader p d meetings
  • Over 120 Math Teacher Leaders one from most MPS schools
  • Full day of professional development every month
  • 90-minute math content session, jointly planned by mathematicians, mathematics educators, and teachers-in-residence
classroom assessments based on standards cabs
Classroom Assessments Based on Standards (CABS)
  • Teacher committees write sample CABS for each content strand and each grade level
  • CABS are reviewed by mathematics faculty before distribution
sample wisconsin state test descriptors
Sample Wisconsin State Test Descriptors
  • (Beginning of 4th Grade) Use notation to represent mathematical thinking: letter or box (variable); operation symbols (+,-,=)
  • (Beginning of 7th grade) Represent problem situations with one or two-step equations or expressions.
what should a rubric look like for this cabs
What Should a Rubric Look Like for this CABS?

This year, the third grades at Lincoln Elementary want to treat the whole school to popcorn. They have 55 popcorn kits. Each kit makes 9 servings of popcorn. Will they have enough servings to give popcorn to 436 students and 17 teachers?

mathematics faculty involvement continued
Mathematics Faculty Involvement (Continued)
  • College placement test preparation materials
  • Online, self-grading, Early Mathematics Placement Test
  • MPS Transition to College Mathematics Pilot Committee
  • Summer bridge program
  • Accelerated/intensive sections of remedial college math courses