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Tylease & Pavlove. Cobble Hill High School 2O12. Table Of Contents. Introduction How pollution affects the environment Ways to reduce pollution Summary Bibliography. POLLUTION.

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tylease pavlove

Tylease & Pavlove

Cobble Hill High School


table of contents
Table Of Contents
  • Introduction
  • How pollution affects the environment
  • Ways to reduce pollution
  • Summary
  • Bibliography
  • Pollution is the introduction of a contaminant into the environment. It is created mostly by human actions, but can also be a result of natural disasters. Pollution has a detrimental effect on any living organism in an environment, making it virtually impossible to sustain life according greenstudentu.com
how pollution affects the environment
How pollution affects the environment
  • Pollution affects the environment in many different ways . It has different effects on man ,plants ,animals ,buildings . For man it can effect the breathing disease can spread .For Plants Leaves find it difficult to manufacture food in polluted air . For animals Oil spills in the seas and oceans result in birds and animals .for buildings Air pollution discolors and corrodes buildings and statues .
ways to reduce pollution
Ways to reduce pollution
  • Recycle Garbage
  • Plants trees
  • Wash your clothes in cold water
  • Check Conserve energy (turning off lights)
  • your house for radon
  • Choose not to smoke in your home
  • But energy efficient appliances
  • Choose more products which reusable packaging
summary of pollution

Pollution takes a huge toil on our environment and our living , however what people don’t understand is pollution comes from our way of living . Some facts about our living is U.S. vehicle emissions contribute 45% to global warming . The average adult consumes 3,000 gallons of polluted air every day . This is what affects our breathing and also the reason Every year 335,000 Americans die of lung cancer .

  • http://www.greenstudentu.com/encyclopedia/pollution