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All about our school

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All about our school . Hope you like it, peter this is meadowhead juniors playground. Traversing walls .

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all about our school

All about our school

Hope you like it, peter this is meadowhead juniors playground.

traversing walls
Traversing walls

On the tiering, exiting playground we have something new and its called a traversing wall as you can see on the tittle. They are absolutely amazing, they are good because it makes you healthy and fit. It is popular because it will give them a chance to experience everything . It has improved the hole playground , it use to be dull and boring. Now we have the best playground in blackburn.I new it was going to be fun the first time I saw it.

trim trail
Trim trail

Well, were should I start?

This is the most amazing thing ever I didn't relies it was this good until I played on it!

Did they have all of this stuff in America?

I cant really explain how much I like the trim trail. The children use to have a frown but then they turned it upside down when the trim trail came. We have a rota to tell us what zone we are in.


Tyre park.

This is the best bit!

It was designed by the school council. Peter don’t worry, if you play on it you will not fall of because it has a soft surface. If you go on the tyre park you will love it! I mean it you will.


These are a couple of photos of our playground. The first photo shows

Mr. Whalley officially opening the red zone.The second photo shows the blue zone you will problly see this photo again. These photos will be wrote about soon. You will probbly coming on our playground and whatching us play on the equiptment so maybe you have already seen these zones.

Well have you seen these zones?

blue zone
Blue Zone

This is the fun bit in the blue zone hope you enjoy it peter. The play leaders organise small team games and they make shore nobody gets left out . I’m shore you won’t get left out!

red zone
Red zone

There is big team games with the playleaders.

There is football , basket ball, handball , dodgeball ,netball, tagrugby,

top playground
Top playground

Thers tabels to play games on. There is grass to lie and chill on. Near the top playground there are scarecrows what people have made in our school. In the flower beds there are plants.


In our classroom we have friendly people an amazing teacher, Mrs Cottam. A great display by Mrs horman. On Tuesdays we go to swimming in dawen. You will like our classroom I think you like it anyway.

You don’t even want to go in your own house you prefer to sleep in my tray! By the way you left your top and your toothbrush and a mug. Hope you have some clothes on

As you can see we are making your house but we have not finished it yet. Now we have finished, you don’t even think it is comftable.

what is in our classroom
What is in our classroom.
  • Trays with our things in
  • We have tabels to work on
  • Mrs Cottam’s big whiteboard
  • Book shelf