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Radiant pay online banking transfer solutions in london PowerPoint Presentation
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Radiant pay online banking transfer solutions in london

Radiant pay online banking transfer solutions in london

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Radiant pay online banking transfer solutions in london

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  1. Internet banking, online banking, virtual banking and e-payments are not the innovation of recent technology. It begins in 1995 those early internet days and brings revolution in the monetary sector. Today online banking and e-payments are broadly popular. The transaction is done with great speed and security saving time and money. Online banking is like having a branch opened 27*7 with satisfied customer’s service.

  2. Reasons for choosing Online Banking Payment: • Time Saving - The most important reason why people choose Online banking Payment is it saves Time. You can easily manage your daily transaction, cash flow and other stuff to provide you full time for other material. Controlling payables and receivables and getting alerts on the payment due and pending payments get notified instantly. Filing returns, remitting tax payments is time-consuming. Internet bank solutions give to complete information and schedule the payments according to the due date and avoid late fee charges. • Mobility – Internet banking is supported now on mobiles. Many advanced applications and technology are improving e-payments and increase the capability to use mobile devices for transactions and e-payments. You can update your account automatically from anywhere at any time and transfer of funds from one account to another is also been done automatically via electronic transfer. Many banks do not charge any cost for unlimited transfer of funds. Automatic bill payments, direct deposits, and withdrawals are done easily with great mobility.

  3. Better Rates – Online banks charge better interest rates on saving accounts. When transacting online bank indicates lesser physical efforts from their end. Many overheads and administration cost significantly reduce and making it financially beneficial to the banks. Many banks offer No deposit fees for online banking and lower penalties on early withdrawals of fixed deposits. • Account management and Organizing – You can excellently manage your business by organizing funds and transaction and helps to avoid late payments that can give you bad credit tag. Some advanced features like automatic bill payments, real time processing, instant notification, scheduling recurring and fixed payments etc. are some services offered by online banks.

  4. Radiant Pay offers you a streamlined process to effectively manage your online banking payments. Our ranges of online banking payment processing services authorize customers to make payments even if they do not own a card. This, in turn, raises the rate of conversion and the level of customer satisfaction, since this mode of payment allows online buyers to pay appropriately (via bank transfer) through just a couple of clicks. Contact Us +44 2081330322