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Radhia Chaouch France Native

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Radhia Chaouch France Native - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Radhia Chaouch is a French native that has been learning how to handle the language and business of the United States.

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Radhia Chaouch

France Native

Radhia Chaouch is a French native that has been learning how to handle the language and business of the United States. She has a rich heritage and history that has helped her grow into the person and professional that she is today. Her strong French influences have helped her in her career path in the real estate world. She has good social skills and a polite and cordial attitude that people can appreciate.


Radhia Chaouch

Property Manager

Radhia Chaouch is a professional property manager that has been helping to keep together 55 different apartments. She helps own and maintain these properties and talks to the tenants to help accommodate their needs. She also helps to file reports and do maintenance wherever it is necessary throughout her multiple properties. The duties of a property manager are never really done, as there is always more to do.


Radhia Chaouch

Social Skills

Radhia Chaouch has been crafting her social skills and abilities to talk to people for many years now. It is a necessary trait for her profession, as she is a property manager and the owner of several apartments in New Jersey. Part of her job is to regularly interact with tenants and make sure that all of their needs are being fulfilled. This is something that takes patience, warmth, and a caring attitude.


Radhia Chaouch


Radhia Chaouch is a businesswoman and entrepreneur of sorts that owns 55 different apartments along the Riverside and Cinnaminson area in New Jersey. One of her many duties is making sure that every tenant has a good rental insurance policy. She does this so that the renter’s property is insured in the event of a natural disaster, fire, or other issues that could be costly to the tenant.



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