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Finding Federal Employment: PowerPoint Presentation
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Finding Federal Employment:

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Finding Federal Employment: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Finding Federal Employment:. UNITED STATES OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT. Message from the President . “Public service is not simply a noble profession, it is an honorable life. Your service to your country makes the ideal of America a daily, living reality.” President George W. Bush.

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Finding Federal Employment:



Message from the President

“Public service is not simply a noble profession, it is an honorable life. Your service to your country makes the ideal of America a daily, living reality.”

President George W. Bush

federal employment facts
Federal Employment Facts
  • The Federal government employs 1.84 million workers
  • 41.9 percent of Federal employees have a bachelor's degree or higher
  • Men comprise 55.5 percent of the Federal workforce
  • Minorities represent 31.4 percent of the Federal workforce
  • 6.9 percent of Federal employees have disabilities
  • 22.4 percent of Federal employees have veterans preference
  • 70.8 percent of Federal employees are under the General Schedule
  • The average Federal employee ranks a 9.7 on the General Schedule
why public service
Why Public Service?
  • Numerous Federal career paths and locations
      • 84% positions outside DC
  • Unparalleled career opportunities
      • Average Age of Federal Employee: 45.6
  • Great benefits and work-life balance
  • Service to country
  • You truly make a difference!

What mission critical occupations are projected to have a recruitment emphasis over the next few years?

Number of employees as of September 2005.

federal compensation package
Federal Compensation Package
  • Competitive Salary
  • Annual and Sick Leave
  • Multiple Health Insurance Options
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-term Care Insurance
  • Thrift Savings Plan (401K) (pre-tax $)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (pre-tax $)
  • Public Transit Subsidy (non-taxable)
government speak in hiring
“Government Speak” in Hiring
  • Job (Vacancy) Announcement
  • Competitive Service – Excepted Service
  • Job Series
  • KSAs
  • Career ladder
  • Hiring Certificate (‘the cert’ or ‘BQ’)
  • Veterans’ Preference
  • Career Status and Reinstatement
general advice when applying
General Advice When Applying
  • Apply only for positions and job levels for which you already have the required experience and skills
  • Answer questions fully
  • Tailor application to document specific knowledge, skills and abilities requested
  • Pay attention to security clearance
  • Submit all documents, as requested
usajobs cont d
USAJOBS cont’d

Search Features

  • Flexible and user-friendly
  • Tailor your search to your specific needs:
    • Location
    • Agency
    • Occupation
    • Advanced
    • Keyword
student educational employment program
Student Educational Employment Program
  • Provides paid work experience while still in school
  • Must be enrolled or accepted as a degree student in an accredited institution taking at least a ½ time course load
  • Appointments are year round, may work full or part time

Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP):

  • Positions are for entire student career
  • Doesn’t have to be related to academic field being pursued
  • Eligible for annual and sick leave
student educational employment cont d
Student Educational Employment, cont’d

Student Career Experience Program (SCEP):

  • Directly related to their academic field of study
  • Provides formal periods of work/study while in school
  • Requires a commitment by you, your school, and the employing Federal agency (formal contract)
  • Eligible for annual and sick leave, retirement, TSP
  • May be eligible for health and life insurance coverage
  • After meeting all requirements of the program, may be non-competitively converted to career appointment
scep cont d
SCEP, cont’d

Requirements for Conversion:

  • Complete 640 hrs employment prior to degree.
  • Recommended by employing Agency to be converted.
  • Converted to academic related position.
career intern program
Career Intern Program
  • Students who have completed or will complete their Bachelor’s or Graduate degree from an accredited college or university within six months are eligible for participation
  • May gain eligibility for conversion to a permanent Federal position at the end of a successful internship
  • Career Interns are hired on a full-time, 2-year appointment to an excepted service position that may be extended
  • Career Interns are paid at the current rate. Pay charts are available at
career interns cont d
Career Interns, cont’d
  • Eligible for vacation and sick leave, Health and Life Insurance, Federal Employees Retirement, 401K, Promotion, Public Transit Subsidy and Flexible Work Hours
  • Interns will experience challenging opportunities that will include formal classroom and on-line training, as well as structured on-the-job developmental assignments
studentjobs gov features Features
  • Student job search
  • Resume builder
  • MyStudentJobs account
  • Agency information gateway
  • E-Scholar
e scholar
  • Lists educational opportunities offered by the Federal government
    • Cooperative education
    • Fellowships
    • Grants
    • Internships
    • Scholarships
  • Over 350 programs valued at hundreds of millions of dollars
additional resources
Additional Resources
  • FirstGov Agency Gateway

  • Library of Congress Agency dictionary

  • U.S. Government Manual

additional resources1
Additional Resources
  • Qualifications Standards

  • Classification Standards

writing ksas and competencies
Writing KSAs and Competencies
  • Address the breadth and scope of your experience
  • Be specific
    • Dates
    • Coursework levels
    • Length of time
    • Results of efforts
  • Be accurate and truthful
message from the 26 th president
Message from the 26th President
  • “Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Civil Service Commissioner
  • 1889 - 1895