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P-B Nutrition

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P-B Nutrition
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P-B Nutrition

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  1. Mind Tactics Purpose "Find your Y" Code Recharge Primal Fitness P-B Nutrition Controlled Response “The Zone” Purpose “Y”

  2. PURPOSE… “What it comes down to is that success demands a singleness of purpose. Some call it mental toughness; I think it is singleness of purpose and, once you have agreed upon the price that you and your family must pay for success, it enables you to forget that price. It enables you to ignore the minor hurts, the opponent’s pressure and the temporary failures.” - Vince Lombardi

  3. Don’t forget…you have it… a PURPOSE “It’s what got you through basic training, combat school, etc.”

  4. On the battlefield… “Helps you to be courageous and overcome mental and physical fatigue”

  5. Groundhog day… “Helps you to overcome complacency”

  6. Out of job experience.... “Helps you to realize that every job matters”

  7. Separation... “Helps you to manage being separated from loved ones”

  8. Loss… “Helps you to recover from loss and drive forward”

  9. A Story of Courage – Lt Michael Murphy “Purpose = for his men”

  10. A Story of Courage – SFC Randall Shughart & MSG Gary Gordon “Purpose = for a fallen comrade”

  11. Purpose Courage A Commitment to something greater than yourself…

  12. A Commitment to serve….

  13. …and defend… …those who can’t defend themselves.

  14. …those that can’t defend themselves. For the cause…

  15. A Commitment to defend…. …our freedom.

  16. Being an American is a Privilege….

  17. …defend…. …our freedom.

  18. A Commitment to our families We fight and die…so our families don’t have to….

  19. We fight and die…so our families don’t have to…. U.S. Marine SSgt Christian Golczynski

  20. A Commitment to your faith…

  21. A Commitment to the person next to you…

  22. For the person next to you…. “A concept foreign to those who haven’t served”

  23. Purpose Tool Kit Find your “Y” Examine past challenges and successes Don’t get target locked on TASKS, find a PURPOSE…

  24. Purpose Tool Kit Find your “Y” Revisit your core values Find purpose…something to commit to…..

  25. Purpose Tool Kit Find your “Y” Choose the right model or mentor Find purpose…something to commit to…..

  26. Purpose Tool Kit Find your “Y” Don't lose sight of your goals... “Being deployed removes distracters…work on improving yourself…”

  27. Purpose Tool Kit Find your “Y” Combat will change you…remember who you are... “Never forget”

  28. Purpose Tool Kit Find your “Y” Mind Tactics Recharge Code Important: Best results when used in combination with …. Primal Fitness P-B Nutrition Find purpose…something to commit to….. Controlled Response “The Zone” Purpose “Y”

  29. Module Mastery Assessment (MMA) P