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Medier og kommunikation

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Medier og kommunikation. 2. oktober: Mobil kommunikation og SMS-sprog. ”Jeg vil hellere dø end miste mine kontakter på MSN!”. Program. Mobil teknologi: Hvad er det? Brug af mobil teknologi i netværkssamfundet Konkrete anvendelser og eksempler. Udviklingen mod mobil kommunikation.

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Medier og kommunikation

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medier og kommunikation

Medier og kommunikation

2. oktober: Mobil kommunikation og SMS-sprog

”Jeg vil hellere dø end miste mine kontakter på MSN!”

  • Mobil teknologi: Hvad er det?
  • Brug af mobil teknologi i netværkssamfundet
  • Konkrete anvendelser og eksempler
udviklingen mod mobil kommunikation
Udviklingen mod mobil kommunikation
  • Indtil telegrafen var transport og kommunikation synonyme; eks:
    • Lerkonvolutten
    • Folkeeventyr
    • Beredne budbringere
    • Postvæsenet

Fortunati, L. (2001). The Mobile Phone: An Identity on the Move. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 5(2), 85-98.

de station re mediers tid
De stationære mediers tid?
  • Efter telegrafen, men før mobile medier var transport og [elektronisk] kommunikation indbyrdes uforenelige; eks:
    • TV
    • Telefon
    • Telefax
  • Men andre medier kunne man sagtens medbringe, feks:
    • Bogen
    • Ugebladet
    • Kameraet

Kodak Brownie bokskamera, 1900

de mobile mediers tid
De mobile mediers tid?
  • Som regel omtales mobile medier, som om fænomenet er af nyere dato; eks:
    • Walkman
    • Mobiltelefon
    • Bærbar computer
  • Men i al ubemærkethed blev visse af de stationære medier mobile for længe siden, feks:
    • Radioen (især i bilen)
    • Kassettebåndoptageren
    • Bærbare pladespillere
mobile medier og miniaturisering
Mobile medier og miniaturisering
  • Miniaturiseringen tager for alvor fart med opfindelsen af transistoren (1947)

NVIDIA GeForce 8800: 681mio transistorer

nokia mobira cityman 1987
(Nokia) Mobira Cityman (1987)

Mobira Senator, Mobira Talkman 450, Mobira Cityman 900

motorola startac 1997
Motorola StarTAC (1997)
  • Første clamshell
nokia 3210 1999
Nokia 3210 (1999)
  • Første fashion phone
behov for mobil teknologi
Behov for mobil teknologi

”Technologies, all technologies, diffuse only to the extent that they resonate with pre-existing social structures and cultural values. However, once a given culture uses a powerful technology that fits into its pattern, it grows and embraces an always greater proportion of its group of reference, in this case the youth.”

Castells et al. p. 154

Rogers, E. M. (2003). Diffusion of Innovations (5th). New York, NY: Simon & Schuster International. ISBN: 0743222091

hvad kan en mobil egentlig
Hvad kan en mobil egentlig?
  • Telefon
  • SMS
  • E-mail
  • Ur
  • Adressebog
  • Kalender
  • Fax (i kombination med bærbar)
  • Kamera m. still og video
  • Spil
  • Lydoptager
  • Peer-to-peer samtale via Bluetooth
  • MP3-afspiller
  • FM-Radio
  • GPS
  • Mobilt tv (DVB-T)
aldersbestemte forventninger til mobilen
Aldersbestemte forventninger til mobilen
  • Sikkerhed (ældre brugere)
  • Koordinering (midaldrende brugere)
  • Identitetens udfoldelse (unge brugere)

Ling, R., & Yttri, B. (2002). Hyper-coordination via mobile phones in Norway. In J. E. Katz & M. A. Aakhus (Eds.), Perpetual contact mobile communication, private talk, public performance (pp. 139-169). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

hvorfor mobilen er s vigtig for netop unge
Hvorfor mobilen er så vigtig for netop unge

”The telephone is a logical tool for teens because they are in a situation in which they desire access to peers and yet wish to distance themselves, to a certain degree, from their parents ”

(Ling & Yttri p. 166).

samspil b rn for ldre
Samspil børn - forældre

”The crisis of the patriarchal family leads to the weakening of traditional forms of parental authority and to the early psychological and social emancipation of the youth. At the same time, the family continues to be an essential source of security and support for the youth, both in functional terms (safety, income) and in psychological terms (guidance, emotional support). […] Children become the primary source of emotional reward. But this comes at the price of relinquishing authority in exchange for companionship”

(Castells et al. p. 157).

ungdomskulturens opst en
Ungdomskulturens opståen

”The consolidation of the peer groups around shared values and codes of meaning for the members of the group leads to the emergence of collective identity. Youth culture(s) are signaled by the presence of these codes. For instance, a shared language, like in the practice of texting in wireless communication, as well as in the adoption of new forms of expression of the written language. […] Communication is crucial in the formation and maintenance of youth’s collective identity”

(Castells et al. p. 158-9).

individualism networked sociability
Individualism → Networked sociability

”The culture of individualism does not lead to isolation, but it changes the patterns of sociability in terms of increasingly selective, and self-directed contacts. Thus, the new trend is the emergence of networked sociability”

(Castells et al. p. 158).

networked sociability i praksis
Networked sociability i praksis
  • Mikrokoordination
    • Løbende koordinering individer imellem
    • ”Blødgøring” af tiden
  • Hyperkoordination
    • Individuel præsentation
    • Gruppevis koordinering af normer for individuel præsentation
sms sprog
SMS sprog
  • Ling & Yttri nævner særlig tre kendetegn:
    • homophones
    • cognates
    • abbreviations

Ling, R., & Yttri, B. (2002). Hyper-coordination via mobile phones in Norway, p 162.

  • n. Philol. (Usually in pl.) Applied to words having the same sound, but differing in meaning or derivation; also to different symbols denoting the same sound or group of sounds

Oxford English Dictionary

  • adj. Coming naturally from the same root, or representing the same original word, with differences due to subsequent separate phonetic development; thus, Eng. five, L. quinque, Gr. πέντε, are cognate words, representing a primitive *pénke

Oxford English Dictionary

sms haiku
SMS haiku
  • En sms kan maksimalt være 160 karakterer lang… hvilket gør den specielt velegnet til meget korte prosagenrer!
  • Det inspirerede i 2001 The Guardian til en SMS-poesi-konkurrence

txtin iz messin, mi headn'me englis, try2rite essays, they all come out txtis. gran not plsed w/letters shes getn, swears i wrote better b4 comin2uni. &she's african

Hetty Hughes


Pls, stop sendg msgs2ths no, i am not linda, I hv not slept w/yr sis, +i wd nvr call any1's ma a slag. Gd luk w/viag. Luv, yr wrong no. xxx

Charlotte Fortune

special prize of 250 for the most creative use of sms shorthand in a poem
Special prize of £250 for the most creative use of SMS 'shorthand' in a poem

14: a txt msg pom. his is r bunsn brnr bl%, his hair lyk fe filings W/ac/dc going thru. I sit by him in kemistry, it splits my @oms wen he :-)s @ me.

Julia Bird 30, Poetry Book Society

mobile behavior humphreys
Mobile behavior (Humphreys)
  • Goffman’s roller i det offentlige rum
    • ’Singles’(people who are alone)
    • ’Withs’ (people who are with others)
    • ’Cross talk’
  • Listening in
  • Dual front stage interaction
  • Three-way interaction
caller hegemony
Caller hegemony
  • The caller acts, the answerer must react
    • Look at caller ID, then answer
    • Look at caller ID, no answer
    • Answer (and ignore caller ID)
    • Answer, then look at caller ID