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Crime in Silicon Valley

Crime in Silicon Valley.

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Crime in Silicon Valley

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  1. Crime in Silicon Valley

  2. Silicon Valley is an area that is located on the San Francisco, California, peninsula, radiates from Stanford University between the cities of San Francisco and San Jose (the 'capital' of Silicon Valley).  Silicon Valley is contained by the San Francisco Bay on the east, the Santa Cruz Mountains on the west, and the Coast Range to the southeast.

  3. It contains cities such as Mountain View, Cupertino and Sunnyvale.  Silicon valley is home to world famous companies such as HP, Intel, Sun, Google, Yahoo!, eBay, Cisco, Apple Computers , Adobe and many, many more.

  4. Introduction: The morning of July 5 in Cupertino, California. You are working theft watch, day shift. As commander of the electronic theft division you have a team of experts, skilled in the collection of all types of evidence relating to theft of computers, software and other related electronics.

  5. At 9:50 a.m. you get a call that someone has attempted to steal an advanced chip from the Hewlett Packard Computer Company. You and your team respond immediately to the call. When you arrive, you find that the plant is sealed off and all the uniformed employees have been confined to a single room, the lounge.

  6. Within the hour, the missing chip is found in an envelope in a pile of mail. The envelope was addressed to Gordon Lidy, the security chief of a rival computer firm. A cassette tape was also found in the envelope.

  7. Keep this in mind… Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

  8. 1. Would you feel comfortable as ajury member making a conviction with the evidence presented? Remember you are affecting the life of a human being (or beings). 2. Is there reasonable doubt? Now do you see why juries become “hung”, or why people are acquitted when they seemingly did the crime? 3. What further evidence would you want?

  9. Further questions to ask… • Does the security guard have the code for the alarm? • Has coffee cart Doug been fingerprinted? • Do the custodians who clean the place have fingerprint on file? • Why is security guard Jim called “Hacker” look into his past…but don’t make a judgment on his nickname before you know why…

  10. More tests to do • Test DNA of horse hair found at the crime scene… if there is a root … but mitochondrial DNA can now be tested from the shaft • Test the type of Denim and its dye

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