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Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone National Park. By: Gerald 5 th grade. Main Menu. Facts: history & culture. Facts: Geology. Nature & Science. Facts: Wildlife. Things to do. Times of Operation: Entrance. Facts: General. Times of Operation. Map of Yellowstone National Park. Resources.

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yellowstone national park

Yellowstone National Park

By: Gerald

5th grade

main menu
Main Menu

Facts: history & culture

Facts: Geology

Nature & Science

Facts: Wildlife

Things to do

Times of Operation:


Facts: General

Times of Operation

Map of





facts history culture
Facts: History & Culture

The human history of the Yellowstone region goes back more than 11,000 years.

11,000 years ago, many groups of Native Americans used the park as their homes, hunting grounds, and transportation routes. These traditional uses of Yellowstone lands continued until a little over 200 years ago, when the first European people found their way into the park. In 1872, a country that had hasn,t seen its first centennial established Yellowstone as theFirst National Park in the world. This new concept was born and a new way for people to preserve and protect the best of what they had for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.

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Yellowstone History Electronic Field Trip

nature science

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Nature & Science





Microbes are 1 of the animals in Yellowstone.

things to do
Things to do

Yellowstone is really known for its hot springs.

  • You can do the following:
  • Fish:
  • Eat:
  • Camp/hike:


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Main menu

Things to do

Microbes were found in the Hot springs.

  • Bicycling:
  • Picnicking:
  • Services:
  • For more information about Yellowstone National Park. Just go to
facts general
Facts: General

Yellowstone National Park…

  • Has a designated World Heritage Site.
  • Has a designated Biosphere Reserve Site.
  • Has 3,472 square miles or 8,987 square km.
  • Has 2,219,789 acres or 898,317 ectares.
  • Has 63 air miles north to south (102 km).
  • Has 54 air miles east to west 87 km).

96 % of the park is in Wyoming.

3 % of the park is in Montana.

1 % of the park is in Idaho.

facts geology

Here are the Geology Facts for Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone has…

  • An active volcano
  • Approximately 1,000–3,000 earthquakes annually
  • Approximately 10,000 thermal features
  • More than 300 geysers
  • One of the world’s largest calderas, measuring 45 by 30 miles (72 by 48 km)
  • One of the world's largest petrified forests
  • Approximately 290 waterfalls, 15 ft. or higher, flowing year-round
  • Tallest waterfall: Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River at 308 ft. (94 m)
facts wildlife
Facts: Wildlife
  • 7 species of native ungulates
  • 2 species of bears
  • Approximately 67 species of other mammals
  • 322 recorded species of birds (148 nesting species)
  • 16 species of fish (5 non-native)
  • 6 species of reptiles
  • 4 species of amphibians
  • 1 threatened species: Canada lynx
  • 1 endangered species: gray wolf
  • (designated an experimental and non-essential population in Yellowstone National Park;
  • proposed for delisting in 2008)
  • In Yellowstone National Park, We Have …
times of operation entrance
Times of Operation: Entrance

The North Entrance to Northeast Entrance at Silver Gate and Cooke City, Montana is open all year. This road is closed to east/west travel just east of Cooke City from late fall to early spring.

Once an Entrance or Road opens, it is open 24 hours a day. The only exceptions are caused by road construction and weather-related restrictions.Here are the Times of operations for Spring.

On April 18, West side roads open to motor vehicles, Mammoth to Norris Junction to Madison Junction to Old Faithful, Madison Junction to West Entrance & Norris Junction to Canyon

On May 2, Canyon to Lake & Lake to East Entrance

On May 9, Tower to Tower Fall, Lake to West Thumb,West Thumb to Old Faithful & South to Old Faithful. (These roads may open as early as the first Friday in May if snow and plow conditions allow) Cooke City via Colter Pass to the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway intersection to the Long Lake gate shall be open very early.On May 23 (if snow and plow conditions allow): Tower Falls to Canyon via Dunraven Pass & Long Lake Gate to Red Lodge via Beartooth Pass.

times of operation
Times of Operation
  • For more update on the Times of operations, go to the hyper link on the bottom.

Opening and Closing Dates for Facilities

  • Wyoming. By Sawn Hackle

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