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Words 150 to 180

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Words 150 to 180 . Grueling: Demanding or exhausting. This is a grueling experience . Serenity: A period of calm and quiet during which you might listen to some relaxing music or swap emails with friends.

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Grueling: Demanding or exhausting. This is a grueling experience.

  • Serenity: A period of calm and quiet during which you might listen to some relaxing music or swap emails with friends.
  • Multitude: Refers to a large number such as a multitude of followers, multitude of phone calls, multitude of options.
  • Solicitor: One who solicitsor asks for one thing or another - Solicit means to seek by formal application or to incite to action by wrong action. No solicitation allowed in this building.
  • Resolve: Verb - to come to a good decision. I have resolved that I shall dedicate my life to the poor. Noun – He has a lot of resolve/determination.

Assure: Is to guarantee or promise. Self assurance means to be confident in one’s abilities.

  • Monotonous: Repetitive, lacking in variety, boring. This class can get monotonous so we have to create some fun activities.
  • Pursuit: The chase, hunt, or the act of pursuing.
  • Conclude: Means to endor to finish or resolve.
  • Infer: Similar to second meaning of conclude but it means to reason or to logically think or deduce.

Benevolent: Expressing good will or charity. Bill Gates is a very benevolent person.

  • Resume: Is to continue what you are doing. Resume also means a brief account of qualifications.
  • Brash: Over confident, hasty, rash, and impetuous. Someone who acts too quickly without thinking.
  • Dwindle: Means to decrease in size or amount. His fortune dwindled away.
  • Miser: Someone who doesn’tlike to part with his money. A selfish person. A Scrooge.
165 180
165 – 180
  • Cliché: Expression that has been overused. Koreans love Northface. It is raining like cats and dogs!
  • Predecessor: Is one who comes before, especially in an office or position. Can be used for something other than a person. The new Spider Man statute is more tasteful than its predecessor.
  • Agile: Is one who can move swiftly and nimbly.
  • Wizardry: Refers to magic. Also used to express expertise. He is a wizard at cooking. He is a wizard on the tennis court.
  • Vigorous: Energetic and dynamic. Characterized by vigor.

Disclose: Means to reveal or to make known. Financial disclosure.

  • Ensue: Means to follow. Every time they meet, a fight ensues. Unless the politicians act fast, more damage could ensue.
  • Distraught: To be upset. He was distraught over his grade.
  • Embark: Means to board a ship or begin a quest or journey. I want to embark on a career in journalism.
  • Scour: To scour pots and pans and remove grease; to scour and search all over the place.

1. Avail: To be of use for profit or advantage. I asked for his mercy, but to no avail. I hope to avail myself to students who are looking for a job.

  • 2. Morbid: Unhealthy attitude, gloomy, or characteristic of disease. Morbid obesity is the number one killer in the U.S.A. I have morbid thoughts from my time in Iraq.
  • 3. Diagnose: To recognize and identify a problem. I need to get a engine diagnosis to identify the problem. Have a medical diagnosis to see what is causing your allergy.
  • 4. Immune: To be protected from. Immune system, immune from criminal charges, etc. To develop a medicine for HIV immunity will be very expensive to develop.
  • 5. Recurrence: Refers to a reappearance of a particular event.